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Exponential Dream Board. Personalize individual Sessions by uploading and integrating your own photos from your own private collection. Editing each program transforms these Sessions into powerful exercises for your Vision and Gratitude practices.

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Membership includes ALL of the following:

Positive Prime Full Access

  • Access to all 100+ Positive Prime Sessions created by world class coaches, including Lisa Barnett, Dana Wilde and Joe Vitale
  • New Sessions added weekly on topics like finding wealth, beating anxiety and discovering daily happiness
  • Personalise your experience by uploading & integrating your own photos into your Sessions

Exclusive Extras

  • A Brand New SuperMix Session added every month – SuperMixes combine multiple sessions for supercharging visual hypnosis and discovering a deeper state of Positive Priming.
  • Bonus Session Support E-Guides: including empowerment Flash Cards

Bonus Gifts

  • Positive Prime Exclusive 7 Magnificent Days of Think and Grow Rich Mini-Course
  • 6x Positive Prime Bonus Gifts from our community of coaches to empower you to have a happier and healthier life both at home and in the workplace. And more to come!

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Family & Friends Sharing - Celebrate Together

Help each other be accountable.

For your Family, Friends, and Clients: Gift a full (equal) subscription to Positive Prime by inviting up to 4 other people.

Whilst the primary account holder continues with an active subscription, those who are invited to share will have full access (ie. a free account that is a gift) therefore, there’s no charge for the 4 others related to the main account.

Activate the invitations & send to your four favourite people from within your account, even during your first 10-days on your free trial. You can all try at the same time!

Support, Education & Guidance

  • Monthly group mentoring calls with founder and creator of Positive Prime – Kim Serafini
  • Weekly micro-lessons via email – Sharing wisdom, inspiration and the most effective ways to get the best out of your Positive Prime Sessions.
  • 100s of exceptional resources to support your journey and much more.

Scientifically researched at the Brain Computer Interface lab, within the School of Engineering
at the University of Technology (UTS) in 2022.

Limited Time Offer

10-day Free Trial

then US$19 billed monthly,
cancel anytime

Limited Time Offer

10-day Free Trial

then US$199 billed annually,
cancel anytime

Mega Bonus:
7 Magnificent Days of Think & Grow Rich for Real People, with Real Lives who want Real Abundance NOW

Your first bonus is from the Positive Prime team and is our exclusive ‘Think and Grow Rich’ in 7 Magnificent Days.

Many say Napoleon Hill’s classic is the greatest business book of all time, with tens of millions of copies sold worldwide. Now you can experience it like never before as our Positive Prime technology amplifies the attraction of wealth and prosperity DIRECT to your other-than-conscious mind.

Go at your own pace with one session a week or one each day (if you get really excited).

Then, like the power of your mind has been turbo-charged, you will observe your money blocks melting away, creating space to manifest financial abundance into your life.

Join Positive Prime’s world-class educators and coaches Kim Serafini and Pattie Craumer as they guide you on this journey of alchemising limiting beliefs into a life of health, wealth and sublime positivity.

Day 1:

Desire: The Starting Point of All Achievements

Day 2:

Faith: Visualization of, Belief in Attainment of Desire

Day 3:

Auto-suggestion and Specialized Knowledge

Day 4:

Imagination,  Organized Planning and Decisions

Day 5:

Decision: The Mastery of

Day 6:

How to Outwit the
Six Ghosts of Fear

Day 7:

Question and Answer Session

From the Community Bonuses

These bonuses come from the wonderful people in our Community who love Positive Prime so much, they wanted to share some of their own personal magic with you all.

They encompass a range of topics, so please select one or more that will help you on your journey to manifest the life you’ve always wanted.

These will be available to you for the time that you hold a subscription. Please find them below:

Audrey Weidman

A 10 day challenge to get into the regular habit of conscious breathing, relieving stress and improving your sleep hygiene along the way.

Nani Chesire

Free resources for understanding the basics of Human Design and essential oils.

Laura A. Davis

The Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ assessment and training program

Dr. Kymn Harvin

An insight in how ‘The Soul of America Speaks’.

A short burst of positive inspiration for embracing a Sacred Life.

Dr Margaret Evanow

Quantum Healing with Sacred Geometry – Wellness colouring book. 

A wellness Colouring book that Explores Quantum Healing through Sacred Geometry.

Dr. Irena Kay M.D

7 Top tactics of high achieving CEOs. 

Learn the SEVEN top Tactics of High Achieving CEOs.