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A positively primed mind is one that goes the distance with you in your life. It helps you navigate a fast paced world where change and uncertainty have become the daily norm.

Positive Prime is a proven-method to successfully achieve anything you want. We will teach you how to manifest and attract things that you want in your life by using this amazing tool

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If luxury is what you’d like to experience, then SO BE IT!

2022 Abundant Achievements – MegaMix Package

Year 2022 must be THE best ever imagined – be open to possibilties unfolding miraculously by making the most out of Positive Prime!
Get the boost from watching a Megamix session that contain 11 powerful sessions.
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2022 Megamix A by Kim Serafini ($22)

  • Success Is Inevitable by Kim Serafini
  • Fulfilled Forgiveness by Kim Serafini
  • Positive Prime for Confidence by Kim Serafini
  • i am gr8ful
  • Exquisite Flow by Kim Serafini
  • Fabulously Fit by Kim Serafini
  • Calm Down, Relax & Enjoy by Kim Serafini
  • Financial Success and Freedom
  • Romance and Intimacy
  • Super Sales by Kim Serafini
  • Astonishing Actions by Kim Serafini

2022 Megamix B by Kim Serafini ($22)

  • Wonderful Wellness by Kim Serafini
  • Mastering Magic by Kim Serafini
  • Achieving Goals by Kim Serafini
  • Absolute Abundance by Kim Serafini
  • Surrendering & Letting Go by Kim Serafini
  • Patience by Kim Serafini
  • Explosive Energy by Kim Serafini
  • Powerful Prosperity & Profitability by Kim Serafini
  • Increasing Income by Kim Serafini
  • Nutritional Nurturing by Kim Serafini
  • Procrastination Transformed Proactivity by Kim Serafin

2022 Megamix Ultimate Bundle ($44)

  • Megamix A
  • Megamix B
  • Access to the Special bonus
    (Concierge service valued at $299)


Important note: After your purchase, please allow our team 24 hours to process your order as we need to add this sesssion to your account manually. thank you for your patience

So, as it’s the holiday season, and we’re about to do what we ordinarily do at the end of the year, as it comes to a close, we’re reflecting on what were the great accomplishments of the last year or of the last decade? What indeed did we learn? Where were the insights that are going to help us to create an even brighter future. And as we reflect during and pondering, hopefully, you’re thinking about how on earth do I make sure that 2022 is my very best yet.

Imagine feeling like your mind is actually your friend, your thoughts are beneficial, the way that you think is advantageous to you and your future. Would you like that? I’d like that for you. And would you like to be able to manifest magnificently? Would you like to be able to do that with ease and with grace? And would you like to be able to accelerate on the journey so that the path that you’re on actually leads you to what it is that you want

Special Bonus

Bonus #1 Concierge Service valued @ $299

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This bonus applies to those who purchase the 2022 Megamix Ultimate Bundle ($44)

Our Positive Prime team will upload & personalize one Session for you within your first 30 days.
This is something that’s time-consuming for our team and we rarely do it. And because I believe
this will help you excel and reach your goals and move you past your stress and fears faster,
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Bonus #2 2022 Abundant Achievements Workshop

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By purchasing any of the 2022 Abundant Achievements – MegaMix Package, get access to a
free workshop on January 11, 2022 where you can seize the chance to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, for the right purposes… and we’ll have a wonderful time in
an intimate group. Get an opportunity to spend some time wiht Kim Serafini, CEO of Positive Prime. Kim can actually help you to refine your goals, so that you actually get to achieve those goals in a more meaningful and significant way. In this bonus workshopm Kim will help you unlock some of the  greatest secrets in how do you actually get what you truly want, so that it’s easier and more fun. Sounds like it could be too good to be true!

It’s the PERFECT GIFT TO YOURSELF this holiday season!


This is an extraordinary tool for mental health & wellness.


This enables you as you help everyone get the results they want and need.


This facilitates & supports you, so that others “feel” your passion…


The process of assisting others to edit a Session with a private collection of photos provides opportunities to further clarify the potential & possibilities for clients.

Feel calmer & more relaxed.

By taking time out to focus on your goals and aspirations, you are taking control of your life, which helps improve mood, reduce stress, and just feel better overall.

Stop the negative spiral.

Replacing negative thought patterns with positive affirmations turns around your mindset and stops the negativity from spiralling out of control.


You’ll feel even more fantastic, as you dramatically and powerfully change people’s lives for the better.

What You Visualize, you materialize

If you look back at the careers of successful people, you will find that almost every one of them first visualized who they want to be… long before they actually achieved success.

Albert Einstein

(Theoretical physicist)

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Abraham Hicks

American inspirational speaker

“You are more productive by doing 15 minutes of visualization, than from 16 hours of hard labor.”


Will Smith

American actor

“Our thoughts, our feelings, our dreams, our ideas are physical in the universe. That if we dream something, if we picture something, it adds a physical thrust towards the realization that we can put into the Universe.”

What do you want?

True love?

Tremendous opportunities?

Create a legacy?

Make an enduring & positive impact?

Your dream home?

A laptop lifestyle that gives you location independence?

Olympic medals?

A best-selling book?

Breaking-News endorsements or sponsorship deals

Find out about how you can leverage positive psychology and neuroscience and position yourself at the frontier of this new wave in our industry.

 PLUS… you will learn about health, happiness and resiliency benefits of volunteering.

PLUS… you will discover the new technology that has been Oprah approved!

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Kim Serafini’s Positive Priming Sessions are featured on Oprah’s 21 Days to a Happier Life series with Shawn Achor

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2022, is your year to shine! Be more creative, more resilient, more cheerful… healthier… Make this happen now!

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If you’re committed to making this the year that you finally train your brain and get rid of all the obstacles that are in your way to creating a happier, healthier, and more abundant life, I can’t wait to help you get there faster.

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