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You have the power to help people in your life become more positive, brighter, happier, and more successful. What if, by sharing Positive Prime, you could share a way for them to achieve their greatest desires? As you support others in becoming happier, you will be gifting them a tool that they’ll feel fortunate to have discovered.
You’re offering others a resource that is truly beneficial.
Let’s all EXPANDthe people we are impacting, and know that the ripple effect is monumental.

Become a valuable member of our fast-growing community change makers

Learn how to have a greater positive impact & influence and enjoy prosperity too!

Imagine helping others to triple the sales volume in their organisations and quadruple their person income
(we already have one amazing person who’s done that)

Super Support for Success

Perfect Complement

Ideal Supplement

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The quality & longevity of our Positive Prime program relies on our Affiliates, who are like Ambassadors spreading the positivity with their integrity, honesty, servant-leadership & pure brilliance.



It’s all very simple to become an Affiliate. You just need to be a paying member of Positive Prime, either with a monthly or annual membership.
With that, you are given your own unique Affiliate Code and are ready to share Positive Prime to anyone.


You must also be a Professional Leader in order to be qualified for earning commissions on Commercial / Business / Professional products & services.


You appreciate that it is your responsibility to keep up to date with all communications regarding this Affiliate program, our Policies & the Terms, plus Conditions of your Involvement.


You must maintain your subscription in order to receive Affiliate commissions. You will be asked to accept the terms & conditions of payment via our selected payment gateway, Paypal. Please note that you will cover the costs associated with pay out.


You understand that you will be paid 45 days after the end of the month of the Affiliate sale. You must have $100 in the “balance” before we pay out.


You confirm your commitment to the official agreement available below and submit it to us

Please accept a the LINK you were given by the person who recommended Positive Prime to you. It’s important that you click their “link” and or use their “Referral Code”.

Once you have started your 10 day trial membership, you are ready to begin sharing Positive Prime and your own Affiliate code.

How To Get Started

Use your referral code & encourage people to create their own 10 day trial membership. Like you, they will have havefull access to Positive Prime sessions and personalization for 10 days.

You can find your referral code on the Dashboard. Scroll down to Upgrade Account $$, click and then open the Referral/ Affiliate tab.


Support your own new affiliates as you help them choose a $19.00 monthly / $199 yearly Signature membership of their own.

See below:


“Teach” and inspire them how to personalise their Sessions (alongside our natural onboarding & educating).

Additional Video Resources

The “intention” is to uplift & inspire your audience to click Upgrade Account & then SUBSCRIBE as a Signature Member. 

Please watch this video to gain greater understanding of Positive Prime.

AND, if you’d like, here is an additional masterclass that gives you a different perspective about Positive Prime.

Accelerated Learning & Positive Change is made possible & “real” when we personalise Positive Prime.

Watch this very short piece, edited from a Masterclass with Dr Diane Shelton, Dr. of Psychology from Denver, CO: 

“Pathway to internalise…” which is imperative if we really do want to achieve our goals, enrich our relationships, enjoy creative pursuits, become healthier, improve, expand and be more efficient & effective… more successful!

She’s one of our favourite experts on our platform… Her Session is called “Transcending Trauma”.


Encourage your referred Subscribers (Signature, VIP & Professional Leaders) to refer others, too. They will relish the extra Resources, Bonuses & Commissions that they too receive… Share your recommendations about which Sessions you believe they’ll love!


Share your WINS. When you share your “personal, positive changes” you encourage others to stay committed to their own personal development & self-improvement. Together, as we become happier & healthier we show others what’s possible for them too.

Affiliate Commission

We allow 30 days for refunds, and process 45 days from the end of the month.

Very Important. Please note: If you participate in our Affiliate Program and receive commission payments it will be confirmed that you agree to the terms & conditions & principles. As follows, when one of your referrals instigates a charge-back via their bank or credit card there is a penalty applied to your account for the transaction of US$30. This fee is in addition to the claim-back of the sale resulting from a forced refund. This is unfortunate. We recommend you explain to those you refer to “request a refund within 30 days” and to do so formally in a respectful way directly via PositivePrime’s support email. This must be done instead of claiming via their financial institution because of the additional costs and processes that ensue. Stripe, and other merchant facilitators have strict policies that generate unnecessary extra charges when a dispute is initiated by a customer. We “wear” the costs. Despite our willingness & our requests, there is no investigation process engaged in via the financial institution and therefore PositivePrime is automatically charged. Accordingly, we apply the charge to our Affiliates directly as it is associated with their related earnings. This is regrettable and yet not-negotiable. Please help us to support you to prevent these instances as much as possible.

First / New Transaction

The average retention rate is 80% & this needs to be planned & accounted for in Year 2 expectations.

Year 2 Commissions are 90% of Year 1 Commissions & Year 3 Commissions are 80% of Year 1 Commissions

– – Sliding Scale: Therefore, for Tier 1, Yr 2 is 45% of total revenue, down 5%. Yr 3 is 40%, down 10 from Yr 1.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3


It is assumed that if you refer others to PositivePrime and you’re paid Commission &/or financial rewards you explicitly and implicitly are bound by the Positive Prime Independent Affiliate Rewards Agreement.

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