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Change the channel – ‘The antidote to CNN (Constantly Negative News)’

Ever feel like you’re inundated with news that makes you feel worse and worse each time you hear it? This isn’t new news. We know we’re a society addicted to negative news. And it’s clearer we need a circuit breaker to break the pattern.
Enter Dr Margaret Evanow with the power of psychology and quantum physics to redesign our lives and lean into the power of internal, and external positivity.
And it might be as simple as changing the channel…

It would be safe to say most teenagers don’t find themselves fascinated by Quantum physics. Well, Dr Margaret wasn’t most teenagers and found herself with a deep fascination for this new realm of expansivity. 
Some call it the field of infinite possibility and if you listen in to Dr Margaret you will hear how decades of curiosity and an eventual degree in psychology have lead her to a very special place.

“We’re those little tiny pieces of consciousness. And we’re like the brain cells of the universe. And since then I’ve been in love with what we’re learning (about quantum physics). And I’m in love with science as well, especially when it gives us something expansive to believe in.”

-Dr. Margaret

You can hear the positive vibration emulate from this quote alone, but it should be noted that the study of psychology has only recently, as late as the 90s even started to contemplate positivity of the psyche.

“Psychology became very ‘What’s wrong with you?’ kind of focused.
And ‘How can I help that?’ rather than ‘What’s good with you?’.
And or ‘How can I expand that with you?’
‘How can I light a fire so that you can burn like a shining light that you are?’

And quantum physics actually shows us what we are, and the power within what we are.”

-Dr. Margaret

Notice the focus on power within, some might say the power within the depths of the soul and Dr Margaret agrees in the way that Psychology perhaps lost its way.

“Psychology originally started as a study of the human soul, the spirit, that indomitable thing that we have in us that won’t let us quit, and we keep reaching for things. And quantum physics says, what that might be about.”

-Dr. Margaret

As the beautiful reader that you are here 😉 it might be worth reading that one again.
Of course, you can listen to the full quote in context below in the full interview, however that one sentence speaks to the inherent grit and resiliency that we all have within us. And in uncertain times it could be this beautiful intersection that brings us together and through our next collective chapter…

Getting Frequency

You don’t have to go too far into modern science to understand that we’re energetic beings. In fact modern science is late to the party if you speak to the old folks of some of the oldest traditions around the world – on every continent in fact.

When thinking about our frequency it is helpful to lean into how we are tuning ourselves to.
Or rather, ‘what are you tuning into right now?’

If you’ve felt like the world of news has become even more convoluted, confusing and potentially even a ‘con’ across the board, Dr Margaret’s definition is a powerful one. We are inundated with CNN – ‘Constantly Negative News’, whether it’s from news outlets, social media or real-life friends.

“We have to unplug from the Constantly Negative News, it’s everywhere.

But it doesn’t have to be inside of us. It doesn’t have to be in here.

And I see Positive Prime as a tuner.
So if we’re energetic beings,
we have a frequency.
That’s what energy is.
It’s vibrational in nature.

-Dr. Margaret

And you might be asking, ‘What is my tune?’
And ‘How do I tune into to the highest vibration that gives me a sense of wellbeing amidst loads of people not feeling like things are okay?”

And perhaps,
just perhaps,
it’s as simple as changing the channel.

Asking better questions

If you haven’t already, it might be worth looking at some of the questions Dr Margaret is posing in her dialogue. There is a lot of gold in here 😉

And here’s another one to ponder on right now…

If you had to guess, ‘How much positive news do you ingest daily?’

One Quora study suggests that 90% of all media news is negative.

That’s insane! No wonder we are the most anxious and depressed we have been in recent times.

So even if you wanted to indulge in positive news, you are fighting an uphill battle.
Well! it doesn’t have to be this way
and it’s one of the reasons the team at Positive Prime are so grateful to have Dr Margaret as an Author on our platform.

You have the power to unplug.
But!That might leave you dwelling in the sadness,
when you could change the Channel
and basking in the radness.

When we change the channel to positivity we have an opportunity to move beyond our limiting beliefs about ourselves and the state of the world and into the beauty of abundance.

“A lot of times we have limiting beliefs, we have limiting programs.
And Positive Prime is an exceptionally quick way to reprogram our brain”

“But it’s more than just reprogramming our brain. As you’re watching a session and you’re seeing all these images, these beautiful images of things that you know might be about wealth, abundance, good food, having relationships and moments where we’re really in alignment with connecting to something bigger than ourselves, a spiritual kind of sense, being the person that we want to be.
And then we personalise those sessions, we put pictures of ourselves, and then there’s this abundant picture here.”

“And there’s a picture of us, and our brain goes okay, together.
And it makes some association and it makes another association. It makes 1000 associations in one session. And that can happen in a very quick amount of time.
If you’re at the high speed on a session, you’re getting so much new reprogramming, it’s amazing.
And so you don’t have to wait 10, 20, 30 years to reprogram,
Positive Prime can make that happen quickly.”

-Dr. Margaret

The OId vs The New

Have you heard the term “Once you’ve seen, you can’t unsee”. Once you have used Positive Prime to its potential it might just have one of those moments for you and it’s because the old way to change our thoughts and subsequent habits is outdated!

“The old way, is a little clunky…

1. I have to stop
2 I have to notice the thought is there
3. I have to stop the thought
4. I have to replace the thought
5. And then I have to catch it again because it’s going to come back.
And I do that over and over and over and over and over again.
Sometimes for months.”

-Dr. Margaret

And that’s the old way.
Doesn’t sound like much fun and tough to get from step 3 to step 4 let alone practice for months.

“You can do three minutes of Positive Prime and amp yourself into a different energetic state. This means not only are you not the same, but nothing that you’re looking out into the world looks the same either.”

-Dr. Margaret

And the real pudding proof with our authors and coaches like Dr Evanow is that they take their own medicine 😉

Priming me and my clients

To find time is a precious thing and especially for our professionals and coaches who go back to back with holding space and breaking new ground for folks.

“For myself, I love the three-minute piece because I stick it in between clients sometimes because I’m stressed or I need to discharge that energy from the session and regroup for the next person”

“And for clients that are trying to reprogram, there’s so many apps out there, but none of them can actually go past doing a rep, let’s change the thought, let’s change the thought, they’re about relaxing. They’re about maybe affirmations.”

And those are all good. But they take time.
And Positive Prime gives you all of that, in addition to just supercharging you.”

-Dr. Margaret

A Critical Mass of Positive Beings

The core belief at Positive Prime is that everyone deserves to be happy and we know that with more happy people on the planet we can move through this next awkward adolescent phase and into something potent and Dr Margaret holds this with us.

“I do hold out belief that there is this critical mass that somewhere it tips the scales in the other direction.”

“My purpose here is to help people and psychology loves quantum physics.

And it kind of popped into my head, you’re here to help reprogram humanity.
And that’s what Positive Prime is. It’s a tool to help reprogram humanity, we don’t need to have everybody do it all at once.
But we do need to get to a critical mass where the scales will tip.”

-Dr. Margaret

Our Next Generation

And there’s one last question for you to sit with…

‘What would a generation of positively primed humans do, be and make of this world?’

And Dr Margaret shines a bright light on what this could look like…

“This is the beautiful part in my mind. Families that are positively primed raise children with core beliefs that are already positive.
They’re already going to be forward, focused and expansive.
And (say to themselves) I can handle this, and I can do this, and what do I love? And how do I make that happen?

They’re already going to believe, and that is a beautiful vision for the future. And that’s what I would say is the answer to CNN.”

-Dr. Margaret

Youniversal Pathways

Dr Margaret has two magical sessions on the Positive Prime platform. You can immerse yourself in the one above, but to access them both you will need to join our community of positively primed humans with a complimentary 10-day trial. We love Dr Margaret’s Sessions as they give you an insider look and can tap you into the magical field of Quantum Psychology.

Remember to breathe coherently (even seconds inhale to exhale) through the process to get the best results.

We love having Dr Margaret on our Positive Prime Coaches and Author team and encourage you to learn more about her here – https://3cyouniversalpathways.org/

About Dr. Margaret Evanow

Dr. Margaret Evanow has over 30 years of experience in a variety of mental health and personal development fields. Both professional and personal experiences have helped her to understand the human condition and the fundamental aspects within humanity that make transformational growth possible even under seemingly insurmountable life circumstances.

As California’s Premier Quantum Psychologist, Dr. Evanow combines a deep understanding of positive psychology, the new but growing field of quantum physics as applied to human potential, and the driving force within the indomitable human spirit. 


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YouNiversal Pathways to Vibrant Living by Margaret Evanow

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