What The Experts Say

Here’s what leading experts say about  Positive Prime

“A little priming of the mind goes a long way in guiding our thoughts, feelings and action over the course of the day. Don’t get started in the morning like a blank slate; fill your minds with Positive Prime’s uplifting images and thoughts because these will expand outwards shaping everything you do and every interaction. Priming does make a proven difference in your life and the lives of all who share in your journey. Thanks Kim!” -Stephen G. Post, Author Why Good Things Happen To Good People

“This has changed my life. I have a passion for goal setting. Breakthrough technology has finally got us to this point. I love to pass along this innovative tool & pay it forward. It bypasses the moneky mind that wants to stop us. All you gotta do is just watch it. Positive Prime is here to stay. It helps us develop that ABSOLUTELY CERTAINLY” -David Avocado Wolfe, Author Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future

“Kim Serafini has created a wicked smart tool with Positive Prime! She has incorporated all the best that brain sceience and positive psychology have to offer to create change in your life in three minutes a day, In a word: Awesome!.” -Dana Wilde, Author Train Your Brain

What People Are Saying

“I watched the one about finding a home, and found one THAT DAY, after living in my car for a year and a half. I’m very inspired. The Self Love Adventure session really helped me. I am now watching ‘Making a Million Look Small’. I am receiving inspiration, getting the spiritual messages beyond just the images, and knowing that my life is rich, abundant, and blessed! Putting my own images in has helped me have more gratitude for what I already have!”


Most of my life I’ve searched for something/someone to “bring me happiness”. Now, I have figured out that my happiness comes from self-love. Positive Prime keeps me focused and I am manifesting things that make my heart sing. Since Positive Prime, some awesome changes have come into my life! I am even more energized and passionate about continuing to work on my book! Thank you, Kim , for this wonderful program!”

Janet M

“The specific, measurable benefits I’ve seen for myself include: ”THE DESIRE to leave what is easy and the fear of other’s expectations, and TURNING to the idea of what I could do, for me, which in turn will benefit the community.”


I have been using Positive Prime videos everyday, and love them. I’ve been using a wheelchair for 32 years after a spinal cord injury. I have enjoyed working in rehab hospitals but I’m ready for a new phase. My biggest goal is to work from home. I’ve made the decision to succeed at it! I feel it’s our obligation to be supportive and encouraging to each other… and you and your visionary team have a passion to help others. I’m gr8ful to God that I found You…”