Important Reason To Use Positive Prime

A Positive Prime “session” is a short audio-visual presentation – think of it as a vision board on steroids, created by great achievers and thinkers.

See Positive Prime in action
Learn how Positive Prime gives you the power of your non-conscious mind. Listen in to Dr. Paul Scheele as he astounds you!


How Positive Prime Works

Priming the mind is achieving a cognitive, positive state that improves performance, focus, health and happiness.

Positive Prime facilitates this brain-body state through empowering messages and images, carefully curated, organized, timed and presented to a viewer, creating this state in just 3-minutes of viewing.


Our images and messages are based on years of research and a proprietary formula for creating effective sessions


Sessions are endorsed by industry experts. We combine our processes with messages and content familiar to our users


Our network of coaches promote our product and ensure clients are able to access and reap the benefits of Positive Priming whenever needed


For our end users, the process is an easy to access and simple to use mobile or web app

What Makes Positive Prime So Effective?

Each session is a revolutionary new way of integrating new ideas directly into your other-than-conscious mind – the source of your self-talk, outlook, choices, and actions. Bypassing the conscious mind’s conditioned filters means effective, positive change that automates success, wellness, and happiness.


You’ll dream big and ACHIEVE BIG.


You will FEEL the shift in your attitude, self-esteem, energy, confidence, and motivation.


You will feel empowered to take ACTION



You will become ATTUNED to the guidance and resources that are all around you.