Mental Rehearsal

You will see many images within each Session that demonstrate certain habits, dispositions, ways of being and working. You will see photos that show collaboration, kindness, helping, supportive behaviors & volunteering. Our intention is to spark your imagination & provoke “visualization”. Our hope is to inspire the world to be more kind & for everyone to go out of their way to lend a hand & create a brighter future for all, whilst we all experience peace “in the now”.

To that end, we are very careful about the images we curate and the reasons why. 


Here are some amazing videos to watch that will alert to you “what is mental rehearsal”, “what its value is” and HOW we make it happen within our tool.

Next time you’re watching a Session we are confident you’ll automatically pay more attention to the action shots you’re seeing and how your mind processes those, reacts & responds.

After watching & reading this interesting material, we trust you will also find precious time to be silent and give yourself the space to imagine, visualize and mentally rehearse

Editor’s Desk: Rx It’s Good To Be Good

With respect to photos that show “helping” – n this research paper by the extraordinary Prof. Stephen G. Post, you will find out why is imperative! 
It’s necessary for health reasons; it assists those suffering or battling with addiction, it’s very valuable for enriching our relationships and on & on & on.