Repetition & Remembering

When you watch this TedX Talk about Procrastination, Time Management & how to “Multiply Your Time” you’ll learn some valuable new ways to perceive the world and your day’s tasks. Let’s say you commit yourself to “evaluating” whether an activity is significant or not. The truth is you’ll forget that if it’s not reinforced so that you can remember it and practice until it becomes “automatic & natural” and the changes need to be organic. 


We love learning (well, actually as the Founder & CEO, I really love learning & hope to inspire others to be continuous learners too… There’s so much fascinating new knowledge being created by fabulous scientific researchers & entrepreneurs & innovators, I find it all exciting and I LOVE exploring it’s uses & value & then sharing it so that others can benefit too.)

We love applying what we learn even more. We love seeing the results even more than that! However, it’s easy to forget what we learn, let alone think about how we apply it, if we don’t take awesome notes. And it we don’t regularly review those notes it fades.


We have a simple solution – A Session.

A Session is a series of flash cards that captures & presents the most significant “notes” in a way that makes it easy to review, remember, apply & integrate.


Often when we “decide” to change, our brain’s stop us from doing so… unless we REWIRE… go around, over and under and through to our “unconscious, subconscious & other-than-conscious” and that requires a tweak to the EMOTIONAL & MENTAL STATE you are *IN*… and a Session does assist you to ease into that state. In the positively primed state we are all more likely to allow the new information in to our other-than-conscious minds where it can go to work on creating new empowering beliefs and influencing our inner-cheerleaders to ensure our self-talk is uplifting, motivating & supportive. 
For example:

If you were to see a Session’s Flash Card with the following statement several times a day or week or month or year in many different contexts and unexpectedly because it surprisingly appears in many different Sessions your mind would “accept it” and be HAPPY with this model & ALLOW you to use it beautifully.

I focus on what’s significant and take meaningful action.