Elite Prime Inner Circle 

This is your exclusive invitation to join Positive Prime’s Elite Prime Inner Circle (EPIC), an exclusive group of professionals, experts, coaches, entrepreneurs, and individuals with a passion for professional growth, financial expansion, and positive living.

A powerful opportunity to increase your growth and income.

An extraordinary opportunity for you
and it’s limited &

Have you spent years looking for something that would generate income? Something soul-stirring and awe-inspiring that you could have faith and trust in?
If so, this may be the program for you.

Is this you?

Looking for Connection?

Do you feel isolated in your home office?  Do wish you had a group of like-minded entrepreneurs you could connect with on a weekly basis? Are you longing for more interactions and building relationships with experts and leaders?  

Struggling financially?

2020 was a hard year for us all. Many of us are still struggling to pay all basic outgoings, eg. mortgage, rent, energy bills, and credit card minimums. Are your debts outweighing your income?

Looking for more freedom?

Are you consistently stressed over not making a consistent income? Do you find yourself wishing you could find more fun in your life? Maybe even start a new side-project or business?  Are you the type of person that wished you had extra funds to donate to your favorite, exceptional organizations?

Seeking an Impressive Email List?

If you are full of passion, an expert in your field, and want to share your wisdom, plus make an impact? –  If so, as an EPIC member, you have exclusive access to our growing list of engaged positivity-seeking customers.  Imagine having hundreds of thousands of your ideal clients “primed” to learn more about you and your business? As an E P I C member, we’re inviting you to connect to our growing database so that you can inspire even more people to live more positive lives.

Global Reach?

Launching a project, program or hoping to be a best-selling author? If so, our large international audience of loyal & encouraging people will be lining up to see what you’ve got. You will be helping them to achieve their goals while you achieve yours.

You are invited to join the Elite Prime Inner Circle 

We are the experts, and entrepreneurs you’ve been looking for!
This is a private, invitation-only, inner circle experience with Positive Prime. What we have created is what we’ve been looking for for many years, and we believe you have too.

There is no recruiting involved

There is no recruiting or lead generation on your part.
Our expert web and marketing team looks after all of this. We just want you to show up as you.

What is Positive Prime?

Watch as Kim Serafini, Founder and CEO of Positive Prime, explains Positive Prime in this short video.

How does it work?

Positive Prime is expanding its first and only Elite Prime Inner Circle (EPIC). It’s a purpose-driven sharing community designed to leverage financial abundance and professional opportunities. The secret here is in the “syndicate model.” As an EPIC Member, you benefit from the efforts of  world-class marketing agencies without having to invest massive capital of your own.

Watch as Kim explains how this program could generate an additional income for you that is both reasonable and sustainable way.


Easy and Effortless

All you have to do is pay the registration fee.
Ohh, and bring your positive energy and joy to our shared experience of abundance!
This will exponentiality increase the value of the EPIC for everyone.


Powerful Income Earning Opportunity

This opportunity is like nothing you’ve seen before. This is not an investment or a financial product, and we aren’t going to sell you a high-level program that promises the moon and sets you back 50K or more.
As a matter of fact, we will accept your money and give it back to you with all kinds of measurable and immeasurable benefits, including an additional income stream. This is a disruptive way to serve us all. And as an EPIC member, it will feel more special than we ever could have imagined!


Additional Stream of Income

Building multiple income streams for your household these days is not an extravagance….it’s a necessity. By joining this program, you don’t have to quit your day job or business to experience the excitement of being an early adopter with the Elite Prime Inner Circle (EPIC). You may just find yourself as ‘an insider’ in a $1BN valuation tech company (not unlike Headspace or Calm) without this being an official investment.

And it’s limited &


Only 38 spots left…

Registration closes on August 31, 2021, or whilst positions remain

This is a private, inner circle experience within the  Positive Prime Community.
If you’re a coach, consultant, or healer and long to be with like-minded people and access a larger audience, you’ll want to consider joining the Elite Prime Inner Circle (EPIC).

We Will Help You Create a
Prosperous, Abundant Future

If you’re into personal development and self-improvement and if you love Positive Prime, if you are a healer, coach, or practically any other job where you bring positivity into the world, you will want to take full notice. 

This program is for you if you want more:

Wealth and Success

Travel and Pleasure

Community Support 

Increase  Your Bank Savings

Funds to Donate to Charities

enrich your plans for 2021 and beyond


This is the payment structure for new members of the Elite Prime Inner Circle to join:

One time Registration Fee

Each new member pays a  one-time non-refundable registration fee of $5,000 USD*

Monthly Contribution

Each member pays a non-refundable contribution of $500 USD per month for 30 months.

Adding up to a total commitment of $20,000 over 3 years.

Refund Policy

Registration is non-refundable, cancellation of monthly dues is allowed after 6 months. (And with all the value in the Positive Prime Community, we can’t imagine why you would want to. 🙂

How it works

The group’s funds are collectively placed into the hands of our carefully chosen marketing agencies. They are among the world’s experts in sales conversion, social media advertising, funnels, lead creation, and retention. They also bring a wealth of knowledge when it comes to customer experience in Positive Prime’s back end. Using UX/UI to create a compelling & exciting, simple system that enrolls members faster, and ensure they love the platform so much that they stay enrolled.

As the Positive Prime membership grows, so does the return to each member in EPIC.

We will develop ‘One `Single Referral Code’ which will be utilised in all of our advertising. This means that your investment in the EPIC ‘syndicate’ generates income from all related subscription purchases.

This income is funneled back into the EPIC pool at a rate of 50%, for 30 months.
The goal is to grow Positive Prime into a successful, in-demand global brand with paid subscribers of 500,000 or more over three years.

Financial Return

Although there are no guarantees, expected returns range from the lowest estimate of $40,000 in total for each person after 30 months to a high of $400,000 or more.

In addition to earning from returns paid directly to the EPIC ‘syndicate’, each member has the privilege of earning through their own Affiliate links.

The extra-special power to EPIC members is in access to a 500,000+ member audience for presenting and selling their own branded products or services directly and reaping the income from those sales.

EPIC Leadership Development

The Positive Prime team is committed to helping you achieve previously unattainable goals as we put you in front of influential, highly successful professionals in their fields to inspire, support, educate & enable you. EPIC will focus on expanding your skills, reach, resources, network, and individual tools (such as courses) for generating income, as you so desire.

Wait… There’s more!

Business Incubator

Positive Prime will create the tools and environment, connections, and ideas to help EPIC members grow the business of their dreams, month by month over 3 years.

Synergistically, Positive Prime is also developing its competitive edge as a technology innovator with simple software to accelerate change in the world with brighter, happier people.

The EPIC Community

When over 150 talented professionals bring their skills, talent, and missions, we can create exponential impact together. Watch as our amazing outcomes manifest and we can co-create greater lives for all.

Over 3 years, this community will be hearing from speakers, teachers, influencers and applying their individual genius to what they can to bring to the world. And when great minds get together, even greater things happen. That is what we are incubating with EPIC and Positive Prime.

Now what about FUN?

We will have monthly gatherings with global and local experts as well as monthly meetings for fun, education, and support. And as we have freedom to move around in a post-covid world, we will have in person retreats and events. Fun will flourish in our business setting, with people you have grown to care about deeply over three years.  Now what could be better ‘icing on the cake’ than that?

Special Price

Special Launch offer will expire on:








Our Mission

Our mission is to create a platform for collective expansion, as well as financial and professional transformation inside the Positive Prime community.

This is not ALL about money. It’s about being committed  and to invest in our Positive Prime community at a deep and meaningful level, where the participants benefit from a one of a kind Elite Prime Inner Circle (EPIC) .

Elite Members


Income Opportunity

Our Promise

Each member of the Elite Prime Inner Circle (EPIC) will benefit from the education for becoming a World-Class International Influencer with a fine reputation.

Each member will enjoy the benefits & advantages of our Positive Prime “sharing” mentality, promoting & facilitating the sales of EPIC members products/services/courses/books etc.

Purpose of the
Elite Prime Inner Circle (EPIC)

Whether you are looking for community, income, an avenue to grow your business, or simply to learn and enhance your life, the Elite Prime Inner Circle (EPIC) is closing. It’s truly a ‘one-time’ moment for you to join.

Primary Purpose

Sales Revenue resulting in Affiliate Commission 

Secondary Aim

Develop a Platform that can be leveraged for the benefit of each member’s profiles & reputations.

This Elite Prime Inner Circle EPIC will benefit all members equally in growing financial and professional success.


Money-making is shared generously.


Like-minded and like-hearted referrals are allowed until the 192 member number is reached.


$75,000USD monthly, 90% devoted to the joy, ease, and SUCCESS of all members in their business endeavors and in life.


To optimise the potential & the possibilities and therefore maximize the Affiliate Commissions earned. This priority and strategy gives everyone a “share” of the profits.

Focusing on your returns:

Returns will be ever-increasing, including intrinsic, direct and indirect. A minimum total of $800,000 per year on marketing efforts will be directed entirely towards the *Elite Affiliate Link*. 

A return within 12 months of dedicated, intelligent efforts. Better than banks are offering.
There are no official guarantees, as with any business or investment.
Please Note: This is not a financial product or investment.
It is buying into an Elite Positive Inner Circle program provided by Positive Prime Technology Pty Ltd.

Expectation is for 10,000 new free members to create an account each month.

Analysis of the past 12 months points to 1,000 people upgrading their account to become Signature Subscribers within 100 days.

There will be a time LAG for “income” / sales revenue generated. 

There will be a ramp-up time to put all the marketing infrastructure in place.
Testing, iterating, and assuring the funds are used well will take some significant time.

Got some more questions?

Interested in the Elite Prime Inner Circle but you have some more questions?
We’re just an email away.


What is the Elite Prime Inner Circle?

The Elite Prime Inner Circle is a special group of professionals, experts, coaches, entrepreneurs, and individuals with a passion for Positive Prime.

It has been formed around an ingenious plan to expand each other personally, professionally, and financially inside the Positive Prime community.

How to apply?

This is a private, invitation-only group that is open to only 150 people. You need to pay a one-time registration fee of USD$5,000 and a monthly membership fee of USD$500 for 30 months.

How will I earn from this Elite Prime Inner Circle?

When you join as an EPIC member, you have several ways to earn income.

The easiest and fastest way is by promoting your referral link to increase our Positive Prime Signature members, which is $199 annually. The more people you can attract as members, the higher your income will be. We offer a 3 tier referral split – 50%/10%/5%.

The next way is that when Positive Prime has generated enough income from all of its promotional and selling efforts, it will then be distributed to the Positive Prime company and the Elite Prime Inner Circle group.

Do I need to recruit to earn and keep my membership?

There is no recruiting or leads or challenging activity to contribute on your part. You only need to pay the one-time registration fee of USD$5,000 and a monthly membership fee of USD$500.

What is the cancellation policy?

The USD$5,000 registration fee is not refundable. If you wish to cancel your membership, you may do so after 6 months of your USD$500 monthly payment. (And with all the value in the Positive Prime Community, we can’t imagine why you would want to. 🙂