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From Attack to Expansion –
A Journey of the Heart

We’ve all experienced the stress of a negative feedback loop. It’s like a round-about of worry and tension. Impending due dates, incomplete work, others relying on us, and the to-do lists! Well, they’re piling up everywhere…

Until one day. For many folks out there, our worst fear.
A heart attack.

For Audrey Weidman this was the moment that the negative feedback loop had to end. It would take her on a journey to trade in negativity for positivity and a heart in turmoil to a heart full of love and expansion.


In 2016, Audrey felt a dull burn in her chest and like many others do, she put it off. Audrey was the healthiest person she knew.
But this wasn’t healthy…

Audrey was in the throes of a stress-related heart attack. The constant exposure to tension regarding her career, her kid’s college tuition, and financial stability ended up causing an incredibly scary and life-changing medical emergency.

Her habit of negative self-talk and low self-esteem were pivotal. In fact, this negative feedback loop became so ingrained in her mind that her mind quite literally manifested physical illness in her body.

You can be “healthy” on the outside, and dangerously sick on the inside

Prior to her heart attack, Audrey was far from lacking in both health and success. She was highly educated with an MBA in her back pocket and her incredible ambition and drive led her to create success as both a corporate climber and a real estate investor. Although these careers seem aspirational, lucrative and impressive, they come with no shortage of stress.

“I had a lot of ambition to make something of myself. This was at a time when I was a real estate investor. First, I worked in corporate America. Then I met the client from hell, and I said, ‘screw this’, and went on to be my own boss. Then I became a real estate investor. And then 2008 happened, with everything collapsing, which resulted in a lot of stress.”


When she reflects on her heart attack day, that unforgettable burn, she remembers clearly how her thought patterns continued to spiral and her self-worth was at an all-time low.

This might be a moment to stop and ask yourself.
Have you ever felt like this?

“These were the thoughts I was thinking; ‘I am not worthy.’ ‘How can I be such a failure?’ And as I was cutting down brush, in front of my kitchen window, all of a sudden, I got really dizzy.”


Her constant negative self-talk had more than just an impact on her brain. This negativity manifested physically within her body, causing a stress response that could have taken her life.

“I knew I wasn’t going to die. And I knew that this was going to be a transformative experience for me. I just knew it with great, great certainty. And, you know, I was pretty shell-shocked for a while, and I felt very sorry for myself. But after a while, I realised I did this to myself… And so that set me on my journey of discovery.”


Is it ever too late to change our mindsets permanently? And where do we start?

This journey of discovery allowed her to retrain her brain and we know this is possible thanks to neuroplasticity. Even if our brains have practised negative self-talk for as long as we can remember, it is never too late to relearn how to speak to ourselves.

Audrey began practising meditation every morning and researching exactly how her mindset influenced her day-to-day life. She delved deep into neuroscience, the heart-brain connection, and positive psychology. This huge transformative change led Audrey to create connections that brought her to Positive Prime, and she’s so glad she found us.

“I became certified with the American Institute of Stress, and one of their pilot programmes to be a certified stress mastery educator. And then I was introduced to Kim. And she was talking about all the neuroscience that I had just learned. This made sense to me. So I was thrilled to be part of Kim’s tribe and one of the first people in her Positive Prime Professional Programme.”


Building these connections and fostering her skills allowed Audrey to practice what she preaches. Her daily engagement in Positive Prime has illustrated how much she was truly lacking prior to her heart attack, especially when it comes to her heart health.

“Anytime you can magnify your heart energy, you’re heading into a state of health, towards health. Magnifying happiness and love and all those higher-level emotions, that’s where it’s at. And that’s where Positive Prime can really help you in a very easy, efficient way.

Make the effort to connect with your loved ones, friends, pets, and things that bring you joy. But (it is Positive Prime) if you want an intervention that’s quick and easy that you could do every day.”


Audrey made the choice to waste no time following her heart attack. Her decision to jump with both feet resulted in the most significant and positive change she had ever experienced. Her acquired knowledge of positive psychology and mindset healing has allowed her to not only help herself but to help others as well.

Does our environment affect our health, both mental and physical?

Absolutely, and Audrey agrees wholeheartedly. She recommends, “Be cognizant of your environment. Who you hang out with, what your surroundings are like, what food you eat, and what you put in your mind. Just take a snapshot of what that is. 

Can you upgrade? The chances are yes, you probably can. And that will lead to better health and a better outlook in life.”

And this is backed by research as well. According to a study by the University of Minnesota, your environment can directly impact your mood, behaviour, motivation level, and stress levels. 

 With Audrey’s intentions and purposes, her environment required an immediate change in order to best support her overall health. Ensuring that she received enough time outside in nature, meditation, connection with loved ones, and Positive Prime all contributed to her overhaul of well-being. These factors can be easily added into everyone’s daily life and can have a dramatic impact on the way we think and feel. 

This is what will build up a Positive Feedback loop and it’s simple. Positive inputs result in positive outcomes. 

With this in mind Audrey has used her experience to improve research on the link between mental and physical health as well. She is part of a Mayo Clinic study that seeks to understand more about these unique types of heart attacks. Her hope is that by being involved in this scientific study, the data will continue to build and support more of those who might question how effective mindset work actually is. 

For those that rely on numbers and data to support their understanding, this study and ones like it can further strengthen the case that mindset is the key to ultimate mental and physical health.

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About Audrey Weidman

In October of 2016, Audrey experienced a life changing event. She had a heart attack. This flew in the face of her identity as the “model” of healthy living. An angiogram showed that she had no plaque build-up in her arteries – a reflection of her healthy life style. Instead she developed tear in her coronary artery called a SCAD. But after some reflection, Audrey realized she brought the heart attack upon herself. She took care of her body, but didn’t take care of her mind and the thoughts she was thinking. It was the negative self-talk and stress she put on herself that caused the heart attack. Thoughts really do become things. Audrey became a Certified Stress Mastery educator with the American Institute of Stress. She is a healthy lifestyle advocate now working with women who have cardiovascular disease to create a balance of mind and body. This #1 killer of women in the Western World is largely preventable and it starts with mindset. 


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Kim has also written a bestselling book, is a world-class keynote speaker, and angel investor.


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Heal Your Heart by Audrey Weidman

This session was designed for people with cardiovascular disease. It highlights areas to focus on while on the road to recovery. The emotions of Forgiveness, Hope, Belief, Knowing, Joy and Gratitude are conveyed on this journey

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