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Positive Prime is:

  • Mindset magic in just 3 minutes a day
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Positive Psychology & Neuroscience

Positive Prime Works

Positive Prime improves performance, focus, health, and happiness.

Positive Prime uses empowering messages and images, carefully curated, organized, timed, and presented.

Positive Prime creates a powerful mental state in only 3-minutes.


Our images and messages are based on years of research and a proprietary formula for creating effective sessions


Sessions are endorsed by industry leaders in psychology, positive psychology and hypnotherapy and peak performance. 


Our network of coaches and content creators focus on bringing you the fastest and most convenient ways to prime your brain for success.


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Important information on how Positive Prime works

A Positive Prime “session” is a short audio-visual presentation – think of it as a vision board on steroids, created by great achievers and thinkers.

Watch the videos. Discover how Positive Prime benefits your non-conscious mind.  

 Watching a Positive Prime session results in more positive moods, attitudes and energy that lasts 6-8 hours. Positive Prime teaches you to automatically think in terms of what can go right.

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