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How to Live a Legacy
with Angels on your side

When Susan Flerchinger walked out on her twentieth work anniversary as a successful engineer, it wasn’t the usual reason why… She loved her career, It was simply a higher calling that she could no longer ignore. A knowingness that it was her duty to follow the path and share her god-given talents with the world.

As a best-selling author, energy healer and coach for conscious transformation, Susan’s path has led her to support those around her with not only an amazing outward look on life but also a powerful introspective appreciation for the talents and gifts we all inherently have. And her angels are right there to help her share the message.

Better Questions, Better Answers

In 2001, Susan’s Father passed away. It was unexpected, he was young and in this moment gave Susan a real chance to pause.

As an engineer and lover of dissectible problems, finding the right questions was a crucial part of her process and it was at this time that Susan asked her most profound question yet…
‘What legacy do I want to live?’

And that’s NOT a spelling error.
We often hear ‘What legacy do you want to leave?’
The legacy you want to ‘live’ is a whole other level of living into the now.

In our enthralling and invigorating conversation, Susan spoke to this,

“when you put out a question that has to do with ‘your bigness’, ‘your boldness’, ‘your magnificence’, the universe starts creating those experiences. And we just have to be aware enough to be looking for that, that insight that’s coming through, those synchronicities.

I don’t call them coincidences anymore.
Because they’re truly not.
They happen for a reason.”


And over the next few years, those synchronicities started to cascade…

From Engineering to Energy

Susan began to explore energy learnings and courses, a completely new field after engineering. And the more she learnt and practised the clearer the signal became. After Fifteen years of honing her skills with herself and others and eventually Susan found herself working two jobs. 40 hours Engineering and 40 more supporting people with harnessing their energy and intuition. It was an energetic crossroad and a decision had to be made.

“I couldn’t do two jobs at once. And so it’s like, okay, what do I do? I love my engineering job. But this is my purpose. I’m supposed to be doing this. So I switched and on my 20-year anniversary, I left my job and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.”


The First Question

For as long as Susan can remember, she has believed in angels and the divinity of God. The purpose of one’s life is to be of the divine essence and for Susan, it was this unfurling of how to fully embody this knowing that led her down the path to making this her full-time work; her life’s work. And, as it had at the time of her Father’s passing, there were questions that she lent into on a daily basis to guide the way…

What do you want of me?
How do I make that come through?
How do I be of service to people?

These questions still live on with Susan and are a part of her everyday life. Not only that, It’s the first thing she does after she wakes, even before getting out of bed.

The First and Last Habit of an Intuitive Being

“Before I even get out of bed, I just put a question out there…
How can I have more fun today?
How can I help whoever I’m supposed to serve today?
How can I help them in the best possible way?”

And that’s that. As fast as Susan puts the questions out into the field, they are just as quickly tucked away in the back pocket for the day.

“And then I don’t necessarily worry about how that shows up,” says Susan.

Because it’s not till the end of the day and Susan’s gratitude practice that she reflects, more often than not, with a big radiant smile on her face.

“I look for the evidence of the things that happen from my morning question. I can feel the joy and a smile in what showed up. Not by me saying how it had to happen, the exactness of what showed up but just seeing what presented itself for me in the people that I got to help. The people that showed up in my space, just the beauty of the life around us. I cannot go a day without having those things show up and I just smile in gratitude for that.”


Are you inspired to ask questions now?

Gratitude is a cornerstone of the Positive Prime movement and as we know, you can set the Universe in action through a simple habit like regular enquiry, just like Susan does.

This is priming the quantum field with intention.
Singing a song through questions and letting everything around you echo back.
Give it a try, and let us know how it goes. Don’t forget the nightly Gratitude 😉

You are Intuitive too

Susan now wholly grounded in her work full time and with space to expand knows that she is living a totally intuitive life. What she calls a gut-led life.

“I would say the reality of that is I am always divinely asking for that support and information and listening. Now for me, I tend to just get that information straight down. So it makes it easy to make that connection,” says Susan

Susan is a direct channel that still nurtures her gifts and blessings with gratitude and an open mind, heart and soul. She believes that we are all born intuitive and if we desire, can do all of the pieces of work that an energy healer does. Tapping into a unique flow within our worlds and simply allowing.

“With practice, I’m sure that everyone could. It’s just a desire, what you know, what’s easy, what flows well with you, you can take it to all different places, but everyone has the ability to receive information and be guided by that divine source,”


An Unlikely Author

Susan never thought of herself as a writer, let alone a published author. But as she so often does, she got a ‘nudge’ one day.

And the nudge contained a message to ‘help the kids.’

Rather than run out the door and to the nearest save the children charity, Susan did what she’d learnt to do, be patient.

“I got a nudging one day. That’s that ‘you need to help the kids’. And literally, within three months, I got all of the insight that I needed and the direction of how these how kids need help.”


And it came in the form of a book grounded in gratitude to guide children back to their intuition and divine connection with angels.

“You can get help in every part of your life, but it’s been conditioned out of many of us. So I made it as a book that someone would read to a younger child so that they could receive that.”


And this gratitude comes in the form of speaking directly to this higher power.
‘Thank you for helping me be strong.’ ‘Thank you for helping me make friends.’
Susan focused on the really simple things that children would be dealing with every day, teaching them how to ask questions for help and guidance and then to reflect and say thanks for what they receive.

Just like Positive Prime does, taking time to be grateful for the things you may not have experienced “yet”, directly pulls them into your field and into your reality.

And you might have noticed a little formula there from Susan with the start and end to the day. We highly recommend you check out Thank You Angels as a gift to your young ones.

The Vibrance of Positive Angels

Susan is such a positively fresh breath of air and it was amazing to hear how Positive Prime is supporting her journey to uncover more gratitude and awe for what it means to be human.

“I could feel very quickly, within a matter of doing this for a couple of days, I could feel a difference. And even though I do all these things to get myself in a really positive, good state, that’s just how I operate anyway, I could still tell the difference,” says Susan.

Positive Prime is now a daily practice for her after 15-20 minutes of exercise and then if something comes up throughout the day and if there’s something in particular that needs a tune-up or she is preparing for, she will watch a Session.

“I’ll watch one or two more, depending on what that is. I watched one before this interview because it’s not easy for me at all, I get so worked up and nervous. You guys are wonderful because you make it easy. But I had to do ‘stepping into your celebrity’ and I also watched mine ‘becoming your magnificent self’, because it gives you that ‘you’ve got this’ feeling.”


Getting Started with Intuition

Just like Positive Prime can be the simple gateway to finding more flow in your life, Susan recommends another simple practice for those of you who are looking to get started with tapping intuition and perhaps even exploring energy healing as a profession.

“Start with yourself. You don’t have to be worried about the whole rest of the world. Just start with you. You can even be in a small little space. Breathe into your heart and listen to ‘what is the next step that would be useful?’ That’s benefited you for feeling safer, feeling happy, feeling connected, just worry about that. Just start there.

And then you’ll have the space and the safety and the comfort and the happiness to step up. You can step up to the next pieces. But each day, you’ve got to take care of you and listen to what you need to do for you first. That’s the deal. Lots of love and gentleness.


And that’s got to be some of our favourite advice we’ve heard on the podcast.

Your guide to Becoming Magnificent

To experience more of Susan’s magic you can explore ‘Becoming your magnificent self’ by watching Susan’s Session above or you can visit her website here.

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About Susan Flerchinger

Susan Flerchinger is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Conscious Transformational Coach™, bestselling author, and engineer whose unique gifts help clients find their brilliance and zest for life. They experience greater health and happiness while living their dreams. Each of us has an amazing divine purpose and potential that is longing to be actualized. However, we can all get stuck, have limiting emotional and mental baggage, or are unable to get the clarity needed to allow us to move forward in those grand visions with greater impact. Susan is passionate about helping others break through barriers and assisting them in becoming their magnificent self.

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