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How to speak out when silence is all
you have known

The last five years have been a powerful time around the globe for people speaking out against injustice. Too many movements to mention, but the essence is that silence is simply not an option anymore.

But it’s still easier said than done and sometimes we need someone, an angel perhaps, to step up and set the stage for truth to be told. And stepping up for others is in the DNA of author on leadership, executive mentor and global public speaking finalist, Jackie Bailey, empowering people, especially the younger generations, to be ready when it’s their time to step up and be heard.

 “Don’t tell Anyone”

These are the words that catalysed Jackie Bailey’s childhood. The words that held her to silence and in the dark for 30 years, meaning Jackie grew up afraid to speak.

“When I was told, don’t tell anyone that changed who I was. In social situations, I never initiated conversation because I was afraid I was going to say something I wasn’t supposed to say and I was going to be in trouble for that,” shared Jackie.

And it was only when history was repeating itself, this time for a loved one, that the moment arrived to risk it all and open up about what had happened to her…

“What changed that for me is when there was another child in danger, facing the same fate that I had. And the decision for me was either stay silent because that was comfortable to me at that time, and hope for the best that that child won’t be hurt, or I have to risk it,” said Jackie. 

It’s a beautiful polarity of the human experience that often it takes somebody else to be in danger for us to speak out.
And when we do, it’s more often than not a gift to ourselves at the same time. The comfortable discomfort of remaining silent can often feel less risky than opening up…

“and the risk was that if I revealed it, my husband may not want to be married to me anymore.
Maybe they wouldn’t believe my story and think I was crazy.
Would they take my kids away from me as well?”


These scenarios play out in the silent reverberations of a human mind alone, but sometimes the shackles are broken and the truth pours forth.

“I couldn’t face the possibility that this child; this baby girl who happened to be my niece, was going to be abused like I was.

And so I had to, for the very first time, conjure up enough courage to finally say when it happened to me, and so it wasn’t easy. It was a lot, it was very painful. It was extremely frightening,” shares Jacqui with an acquired confidence.  

“And so I would say to those people that are feeling that no one listens. That it’s dangerous for me to speak up. It might be. But there will come a time to listen to what’s in your heart. And you weigh the options, what are the risks? And what are the possible outcomes for those that are going to be positive?

“Using your voice will usually win out. And like I said, I literally save the life of a little girl by speaking out.” 


And releasing this pressure valve has led Jackie to not only rescue her life so she could live the life she was born to lead, but liberate herself and now thousands of others too.

Your Voice Matters

From the household to the boardroom and beyond, Jackie has taken this courage and run with it.

“I’ve seen it on occasion after occasion where people have used their voice, to inspire change in the way someone feels about themselves.

And I’ve seen that someone’s voice can make you take action in ways that you wouldn’t normally,” said Jackie. 

Jackie’s mission comes with the quality of being an active listener for those she works with.

She truly listens, and to everybody.

“My mission is not only to help children, they are the most vulnerable in many ways, but to help everyone understand that their message needs to be heard because it will change someone,”


Can you recall a memory, when we truly felt heard?
Truly felt seen?
And the power and confidence it created for you.
Do you have a memory that comes to mind?

If you do, it is a powerful process to anchor these memories and find something that signals them in an affirmation or otherwise. Or as Jackie does, place it in her daily practices and her own Positive Prime Sessions.

Speedy Rewiring your Positivity

Public Speaking has been an accelerator tool for Jackie, and now her students, to find confidence and a positive disposition leading her to further explorations.

“Over the last two, three years, it has been top of mind to really work on changing all the negativity from my past and rewiring my brain to help me to think more positively.

I have noticed very deep and meaningful changes to not only the way I think, but it affects how I feel. And it affects everybody around me,”


This is a positive resonance effect. When you hang out with positive people, you are more likely to be positive yourself. The HeartMath institute says, “the magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 100 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain and can be detected up to 3 feet away from the body, in all directions.”

And to prime her field, Jackie loves Positive Prime Sessions.

“When I first started using it myself, I began to notice how it became hypnotic in some regards. And I could soften my focus.
I started thinking, ‘I could use this with my students because there were big projects.

And so I started to show my students a Positive Prime (Session) on confidence or success, prior to the completion of these big project projects”

“Just three minutes at the start of each class. And I began to notice a huge shift in them for the rest of the 90-minute class, they were much more focused, they were more engaging with each other, and they were kinder to each other.”

“They physically sat up a little bit taller, they spoke out a little bit louder, they were less often holding back and actually brave enough to say something that they thought might even be controversial,”


Jackie is also a Positive Prime Author and has her own Session appropriately titled ‘Speak with Power and Purpose’, which you can experience, just like her students. 

“And so now at the start of every class, we watch either my session or other sessions, because there are so many fabulous ones out there. I don’t want students to just be limited to mine. (We) change it up based on what we’re going to be learning that day. And what I feel the focus should be for their mindset,


All profound pieces of the puzzle to remain versatile and assist her students and clients to step up and be heard.

The voices of strong young women

Jackie has a particular passion for supporting young women to step into their power and when she was invited to curate a series of talks for International Women’s Day, 21 of her students stepped up to the mic.

“A few of them were a little bit scared. But most of them said, ‘This is my chance to talk about anything I want to, my chance to talk about something that’s important to me,’. ‘It’s my chance to actually be heard by people around the world,” beamed Jackie.

You could hear the pride in her voice when she speaks of her young students. 

For some, it was their first stage and a profound experience, which even led to them being hired after completing College.

19-year-old Claire was one of those success stories…

“Claire, let us know that she was in the process of applying for an internship. And she applied for it a year earlier and was turned down. 

But this year she now was able to put on her application. ‘I have spoken on an international stage and here is a recording of my message.’

And she got into the internship just like that,”


An example of the amazing things that can happen when people have others, like Jackie, looking out for them and places to be seen and heard.

“When our voices are heard, and we have opportunity, we’re ready to share them when the world is listening. Magical things happen.
It is it is a superpower when we use our voice to speak out and it was for Claire. She got into the internship that she wanted, simply because she took the opportunity to say yes”


And while the results are amazing for her students Jackie finds her ongoing explorations fruitful in other exotic ways. 

Caribbean Dreaming

Like many of the other episodes on the Positive Prime podcast, we love to hear how our amazing coaches are utilising the technology for revolutionary effects on their professional careers, but sometimes we simply love a juicey manifestation story about a personally desire.

We deserve to work hard on our true callings like Jackie does in service of the greater good. AND we also deserve to go on holiday. To recharge our batteries so we can show up full out when we return.
And this is one of those stories…

“I will tell you that I truly believe it (Positive Prime) has helped me to manifest a tremendous dream of mine. And this always sounds a little bit ridiculous when I say it, but over the last three or four years, I have felt very drawn to the Caribbean. 

I have envisioned myself, teaching kids on the islands, I have envisioned myself on a warm beach in the sun, where I feel completely grounded. And I don’t know why but that feels like home to me. I’ve never lived on an island. But when I think of home, it’s not where I grew up. It’s not where I live now. It’s on a sandy beach in the sun, that’s home to me.

And so over the last five years I’ve felt like, ‘I’ve got to get to the Caribbean there’s something there I need to do. And so when I started uploading personal images to Positive Prime, I put in my own pictures that I’d already hung around my office of the Caribbean beaches, homes, they’re different kinds of food.

Well, I gotta tell you this past November, I went to the Caribbean. And then I went again in January. And it’s because I think I manifested it through Positive Prime. And now I’ve uploaded pictures from actually being in these places that I only dreamed of”

So now when I watch Positive Prime, and those images of me actually on a beach, actually on a cruise ship, actually eating some of those foods, it’s all come full circle. And I don’t know that it would have happened that quickly without Positive Prime,”


These stories warm the hearts of the Positive Prime community as Jackie deserves to follow her heart to the Caribbean and we all do. It’s a testament to her ability to listen to not only others but to what she desires. And once she hears it, know what to do to actualise her dreams.  

“It’s not just a mind shift. It’s a manifestation shift, as well. So I gotta tell you how grateful I am for that,” says Jackie with a big smile on her face. 

Are you a believer?

It can feel like the hardest thing in the world to speak. There’s that saying that people are more afraid of public speaking than death. But if you look for those who have gone before you to guide the way and see what they have achieved, you can do it too.

“I’m a believer. Now. I haven’t always been, it’s been a journey, trying to change my way of thinking about things and go from that negative person to someone who could actually manifest two cruises in three months.

We all have that inspiring message. I believe every single one of us should have our keynote speech in our back pocket and prepared to give to the world when everywhere needed,”


And we support that and support Jackie in her mission to continue to help people on their path to being truly heard. If you feel resonance with Jackie, as we do at Positive Prime, we encourage you to check out her website www.jackie360.com and start preparing for that stage for that day when it’s your turn to shine. 

Or if you would like to try Positive Prime for ten days on us, get started here! 

About Jackie Bailey

Jackie Bailey is a professional and international speaker, mentor, and trainer. She is an award-winning leader, and in 2015 a semi-finalist in The World Championship of Public Speaking – placing Jackie in the top 98 of over 30,000 competitors. Jackie is the founder and director of the nonprofit, The Speak Feed Lead Project whose mission is to empower children, teens, and adults with public speaking and communication skills. #FreedomFromSilence for all.



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