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Bonus #1: Private, 30 minute one-on-one consultation with founder and CEO Kim Serafini valued @ $499 (ONLY FOR THE FIRST 100)

Mentoring, Guidance & Energy Healing for 30mins

The Kim’s Coaching Session Program is for anyone who wants BETTER personal and professional results. Many coaching programs offer theory, but fall short in practical applications. Kim’s approach marries the theory behind our reluctance to change (to think, and take actions, that deliver better results) with action – right here, right now, before you’re ready, but with guidance and a non-judgmental appraisal of what works and what doesn’t.

Kim is committed to helping you with recommendations to other professionals who can assist! Her Sessions range in “time / energy” depending upon what’s intuitive, based upon her expertise & experience.


    Bonus #2: Concierge Service valued @ $299

    Our team will upload and personalise one Session for you within your first 30 days

    Our Positive Prime team will upload & personalize one Session for you within your first 30 days.

    This is something that’s time-consuming for our team and we rarely do it.

    And because I believe this will help you excel and reach your goals and move you past your stress and fears faster, I want to give it to you as part of your introductory starter package with us.

    Bonus #3: Custom Personal SuperMix valued @ $299

    Choose your favourite 5 Sessions and we will mix and merge them into ONE powerful experience.
    And we will add it to your private library of Sessions.

    It’s such FUN to watch 5 great, inspiring lessons all folded into each other (each Session is really a potent mentoring lesson based upon a particular theme).

    It takes dedicated time, one by one, for our fabulous programmers to make this powerful program in a tailored way for you. We believe you’ll really really LOVE the final product- the actual experience of watching the 5 sessions you have chosen!

    This is a valuable experience for you, please think carefully regarding the 5 sessions you want to compile. These supersized programs are ideal for going the extra miles to personalize!

      Try the Positive Prime Signature Program for Free

      Join 200,000 Members (Including Leading Authors, Coaches & Leaders) Who Prime Their Minds for Confidence, Success & Happiness. All In Just 3 Minutes a Day.

      Membership includes ALL of the following:

      Positive Prime Full Access

      • Access to all 100+ Positive Prime Sessions created by world class coaches, including Lisa Barnett, Dana Wilde and Joe Vitale
      • New Sessions added weekly on topics like finding wealth, beating anxiety and discovering daily happiness
      • Personalise your experience by uploading & integrating your own photos into your Sessions

      Exclusive Extras

      • A Brand New SuperMix Session added every month – SuperMixes combine multiple sessions for supercharging visual hypnosis and discovering a deeper state of Positive Priming.
      • Bonus Session Support E-Guides: including empowerment Flash Cards

      Bonus Gifts

      • Positive Prime Exclusive 7 Magnificent Days of Think and Grow Rich Mini-Course
      • 6x Positive Prime Bonus Gifts from our community of coaches to empower you to have a happier and healthier life both at home and in the workplace. And more to come!
      5 for the price of 1

      Family & Friends Sharing - Celebrate Together

      Help each other be accountable.

      For your Family, Friends, and Clients: Gift a full (equal) subscription to Positive Prime by inviting up to 4 other people. 

      Whilst the primary account holder continues with an active subscription, those who are invited to share will have full access (ie. a free account that is a gift) therefore, there’s no charge for the 4 others related to the main account. 

      Activate the invitations & send to your four favourite people from within your account, even during your first 10-days on your free trial. You can all try at the same time!

      Support, Education & Guidance

      • Monthly group mentoring calls with founder and creator of Positive Prime – Kim Serafini
      • Weekly micro-lessons via email – Sharing wisdom, inspiration and the most effective ways to get the best out of your Positive Prime Sessions.
      • 100s of exceptional resources to support your journey and much more.

      Limited Time Offer

      10-day Free Trial

      then US$19 billed monthly,
      cancel anytime

      Limited Time Offer

      10-day Free Trial

      then US$199 billed annually,
      cancel anytime

      Join Today & Get Access to These Exclusive Bonuses

      You May Keep These Bonuses Even If You Cancel Your Free Trial

      Mega Bonus #1: 7 Magnificent Days of Think & Grow Rich for Real People, With Real Lives Who Want Real Abundance NOW

      Your first bonus is from the Positive Prime team and is our exclusive ‘Think and Grow Rich’ in 7 Magnificent Days (VALUE: $297).

      Many say Napoleon Hill’s classic is the greatest business book of all time, with tens of millions of copies sold worldwide. Now you can experience it like never before as our Positive Prime technology amplifies the attraction of wealth and prosperity DIRECT to your other-than-conscious mind.

      Go at your own pace with one session a week or one each day (if you get really excited).

      Then, like the power of your mind has been turbo-charged, you will observe your money blocks melting away, creating space to manifest financial abundance into your life.

      Join Positive Prime’s world-class educators and coaches Kim Serafini and Pattie Craumer as they guide you on this journey of
      alchemising limiting beliefs into a life of health, wealth and sublime positivity.

      Your Bonus 7 Day Programme Includes:

      Desire: The Starting Point of All Achievements

      Faith: Visualization of, Belief in Attainment of Desire

      Auto-suggestion and Specialized Knowledge

      Imagination, Organized Planning and Decisions

      Decision: The Mastery of

      How to Outwit the
      Six Ghosts of Fear

      Question and Answer Session

      Bonus #2: Just Breathe 10 Day Challenge by Audrey Weidman

      A 10 day challenge to get into the regular habit of conscious breathing, relieving stress and improving your sleep hygiene along the way.

      * If you struggle with Stress and Anxiety
      * If you go to bed wired and tired and can’t fall asleep
      * If you’ve failed at meditation
      * If you know you need better tools than ice cream, wine or Netflix to help you manage your stress


      Receive 5 minutes guided breathing practices for 10 days to:

      • Relieve stress
      • Improve sleep
      • Balance your energy.
      • Science Based. Immediate results. EASY!

      Bonus #3: Understanding The Basics Of Human Design And Essential Oils.

      Nani’s Free gift to you is Free resources for understanding the basics of Human Design and essential oils. Resources include:

      • YouTube Explainer Videos
      • Podcasts & Webinars
      • Blog
      • Human Design Guidebooks
      • Human Design Training
      • Essential Oils
      • Human Design Readings

      Bonus #4: The Everything DiSC® Agile EQ

      In today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world, leaders and teams need to become more agile and flexible than ever before.

      The Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ assessment and training program has you identifying your strengths, mindsets and challenges, while learning to build emotional intelligence and agility at home and in your workplace.

        Bonus #5: An Insight In How ‘The Soul Of America Speaks’

        A short burst of positive inspiration for embracing a Sacred Life.

        Sit back and sink into this beautiful guided state transformation as Dr Kymn takes you on a journey into connection to your sacred self.
        Make sure to have your phone on silent so you can drink in the whole experience.

          Bonus #6: Quantum Healing with Sacred Geometry – Wellness colouring book

          A wellness Colouring book that Explores Quantum Healing through Sacred Geometry.

          25 pages of pure insight and inspiration that invite you into the world of Sacred Geometry. There’s nothing like using your own hands and activating the creative mind in the process. For adults of all ages; even if you haven’t coloured since your school days, you will find this a truly transformational experience.

          Bonus #7: 7 Top Tactics Of High Achieving CEOs

          Learn the SEVEN top Tactics of High Achieving CEOs.

          You will learn:

          – The Success Tactics of the highest-achieving CEOs.
          – The ideas and habits of a successful CEO’s to get the most out of your limited resources and time.
          – The SECRET to breaking through all of your barriers!


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          Positive Prime Improves Health, Wealth & Happiness in Just 3 Minutes a Day…

          From the moment you sign up for our 10-day free trial, you get access to our library of carefully selected, “purpose designed” imagery, positive empowering statements, and music infused with direct tonal patterns to resonate with your physical, mental, emotional, and synchronous neural wiring. These frequencies of the body and brain help you awaken the true potential lying dormant within you.

          Using these science-based materials, we create sessions – short audio and visual presentations that create a powerful meditation experience.

          When you watch a 3-minute session, you’ll notice an immediate boost in productivity, changes in your mood, behaviour, and energy, resulting in a colourful, productive day and a good night sleep.

          By making this a habit, you’ll notice long-term effects, with higher chances of success in your endeavours, improved personal and career life, and better health.

          Over 200,000 people are now using Positive Prime, including many of the world’s leading coaches, authors and leaders.

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          Limited Time Offer

          10-day Free Trial

          then US$19 billed monthly,
          cancel anytime

          Limited Time Offer

          10-day Free Trial

          then US$199 billed annually,
          cancel anytime

          Hurry! The Peace of Mind Bonus Expires In: