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How to use Perspective as a Superpower for Overcoming Stress

After witnessing her mother’s stress as a child, Susi Vine has made it her mission to empower people to acknowledge their stress and move through it with focus and resilience. . Susi now searches for the best tools and strategies to shift the perception of stress so that clients feel empowered to thrive under pressure and blast past what they thought was possible.

Do you know what the key to a long and happy life is?

It sounds simple and according to Susi Vine, certified stress coach with more 20+ years of positive transformation under her belt, it can be.


When we’re constantly focused on our work, family obligations, or the multitude of stresses we face in these times, it’s easy for everything else in life to get swept under the carpet.

But now more than ever it’s time to clean the lounge room and to make a change, it all begins with perspective.

If we stop long enough to think about our behaviours, where do we notice the patterns?
Where have you seen stress in your life before?

In Susi’s case, she acknowledged it in her mother, a nurse for 40 years who pushed herself to the absolute limit.

“It (stress) was becoming a buzzword through the 80s and the 90s. I could see the impact on her health”

“When I was a kid, she said, ‘when you grow up, do anything you want. But if you go into medicine, I’ll disown you.’


Although it was somewhat tongue in cheek and Susi went into the theatre, the seed of acknowledgement around this global problem has bloomed into a core feature of Susi’s work.

And it’s breaking free of the concrete personas that many of us have built up that is really the first step.

Breaking Personas

The facade many of us feel we have to implement in the workplace is super important to identify in order to make a real change.

“That consistent impact of stress! We can’t express that fully at work, we’ve got that “professional persona”.”


In a recent Gallup study, only 36% of employees in the US are engaged at work. And even worse, 16% are actively disengaged. This means they are a negative influence on their company.

Susi says that this has a knock-on effect into the home. And while there might be the tendency to sweep work under the rug when you walk through the door, this isn’t ideal, and is actually the safest place to start a wholesale change.

“If you’re struggling in your personal relationships, if you are more emotional or irritable, you’re not communicating as well, you don’t feel heard, you’re not hearing what other people are saying that could be indicating that that stress is showing up.”


Sometimes it can feel like we’re living two lives, but in reality, they’re both one in the same. You are who you are and it’s such a burden to try and live two completely different lives.

So sharing vulnerabilities at home can often be the safer place to begin the change to show up as your true self at work.

Foundational basics

Susi is a major fan of beginning with the breath and assisting her clients to sleep better. The foundations of a healthy lifestyle and mindset begin with those two and expand from there.

“When your mind is so busy and interrupts our sleep, we can’t file the thoughts and have that fresh slate for the next day. That tends to start escalating things. So there’s a lot of ways in which I try to help people find a way to pause the cycle and take a break.”

“Recognising where we are with our breath is so important and a really, really powerful intervention for when anxiety is ratcheting.”


We always hear the call to slow down, but Susi is a major fan of ‘the pause’ as a way to move away from stress.

“If we look for a way to pause, to remove ourselves to tune into our breath, it’s so powerful.”



A handy way to optimise sleep and breathwork at the same time is to begin your mornings with some conscious breathing and to do the same just before you go to sleep.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you can even do it from your bed.

And you don’t need to overcomplicate it, think about a simple conscious breath that’s been helpful for you in the past and start there!

A core part of Susi’s practice is to help her clients focus on their relationships.
First and foremost to themselves with those foundations mentioned above and then to those around them.  


Everyone talks about healthy relationships being the lifeblood of a loving existence and again, it’s all about perspective.

“I like to bring attention to how are you doing in your relationships, one of the things that I see people tend to do, is, instead of reaching out and engaging in their social group, when stressed out when they need the support, they tend to withdraw, because they don’t want to bring other people down.”


And there are some simple questions that Susi uses that you can try for yourself…

– Are you feeling connected?

– Do you have the people that you can talk with?

– Are you feeling heard?

“I highlight the fact that when we open up that conversation, to share and ask for support, we can give support, and that starts that flow too.”


And it’s something known as ‘helpers high’ which really underpins what Susi is sharing. The positive flood of neurochemicals we get from helping other people and it’s a beautiful metaphor that if we come into reciprocity, we are sharing those positive neurochemicals with each other.

It’s why in so many Positive Prime Sessions you will see images of people helping each other.
Like bathing in gratitude, it has a positive influence on us to go and do the same.

Tiny Light Bulb Moments

One of Susi’s gifts is to show people they have the power and can give themselves permission to turn the light bulb on and find flow in their lives.
And it doesn’t have to be a mega-aha moment like you see in the cartoons 😉

“Those tiny shifts create the capacity and the belief that we can make bigger shifts in different areas as we move forward,”

“And so that’s what I really love! to turn the light bulb on for people. We have control over our biology if we pay attention to the way that we’re breathing. We can slow our heart rate down if we recognise that we don’t have to be feeling threatened by stress, our heart responds differently. And that is so empowering.”


Permission to be happy

Waking up with the feeling that you can change how you feel until you wake up feeling the way you want to feel is one of the many gifts of Positive Prime.

As Susi says, “putting happiness first makes everything easier, it improves our health, our social relationships are stronger, and we’re more engaged.”
And to make that even easier is to build out a morning ritual that includes your favourite Positive Prime Session.”

“From the first time I heard about it was, I was absolutely all in, because I think it’s absolutely revolutionary.

And I know from my own experience, from the different kinds of work that I’ve done, that we get so busy, it’s hard to integrate things And so what we see the most stays front of mind. And that’s the news, the negativity, the gossip and the complaining. So when it can be this easy to make a shift like that, and to shift your reticular activating system, to see more positive stories, to see more positive images to notice more smiles, you’re moving yourself.”


Do you give yourself permission?
This is your chance to control over how you set up your day, so you can not only perceive the life you wish to live, but bring that into your reality. 

Your thriving life

As you might have experienced with Susi’s Session above, ‘Your thriving life’ is an opportunity to tap into Susi’s magic.

This Session infuses Susi’s methods to empower you to say today is the day that you can step into your most vibrant future.

And all it takes is a mini-win or a little victory to get you going and that’s why Positive Prime Sessions are a no-brainer for Susi and her clients.

“We think it has to be some radical commitment. And if that’s something that you can integrate, that’s phenomenal. But for most of us to make change happen we have to build on those little victories and be proud of ourselves.” 

“And that’s what I love on my (Positive Prime) homepage when I can see how many days I’ve watched my sessions and or how many hours I’ve been viewing sessions.”
“you can kind of challenge yourself to do better.”


Again, it’s how we perceive ourselves and these mini-habits reinforced with a positive feedback loop can make a huge difference.

So if you’re feeling like you would like to take a leaf out of Susi’s book and experience the full force of Positive Prime, check out our ten-day trial.

Or if you want to become a fully fledged Positive Prime Author, please enquire with us at support@positiveprime.com

We absolutely love Susi and her work and we’re so proud to be collaborating with her to give everyone the opportunity to redefine what stress means and optimise happiness for the masses.

To learn more about Susi you can visit susivine.com
or to listen to all of Susi’s wisdom, including why play is such an important part of changing your story when it comes to stress – watch below. 

About Susi Vine

Susi Vine inspires people to feel more empowered in creating the life they crave. Her Thriving Life programs share tools to make change easier and optimise resilience. With more than 20 years experience practicing positivity and uplifting others, Susi now inspires an audience around the world to live life with less stress and more flow with the Happified podcast.

As a Certified Stress Management Coach, her passion is sharing simple, fast and effective tools to shift the perception of stress so that clients feel empowered to thrive under pressure, and get comfortable working outside of their comfort zone. She also supports clients in strengthening the foundations of health by revealing & resolving emotional, physical and environmental influences of stress. Visit http://3xlessstress.com

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Your Thriving Life
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