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Priming your life with heart consciousness

‘Listen to your heart’ is something we hear in the movies over and over, but how many of us really tap into the wisdom of what some say is our most vital organ?

Through multiple setbacks, including the loss of a sibling and post-trauma care for her mother, Nadine Hanchar went on a journey from people-pleaser to finding love and respect for herself. Now, as a best-selling author, personality profiling expert and professional coach, Nadine guides her students and clients to activate that love and respect amidst the magic of Heart Consciousness.

Nadine has made it part of her life’s mission to empower people to find this heart connection and this means reconnecting to one’s spirit, and innate wisdom.

We are here to understand that we are all interconnected with each other and our planet,” says Nadine.

And through her practice, teachings and heart centred disposition Nadine embodies this everyday.


Someone who comes from the same rich vein of heart-centricity is author and regenerative systems thinker Charles Eisenstein who talks about how to be of service to this interconnectedness.

“To serve life is to serve life within yourself.”

Sometimes we need to find the composure to look after ourselves first before we take on the mountain!


Climbing the Mountain

Nadine has used her past experiences as the foundational elements to guide people up their own mountains of adversity.

Sometimes when we get ready to take on a task it can be helpful to look back at what we’ve achieved before we begin the ascent.

“What I want to say to people is your past is your learning and your feedback, take the gifts from your past and then leave them there.

Your future is your direction.

We all have things that we want to achieve in life.
But where you actually accomplished that future is in the present.”


And as people make their way up the mountain there will be twists and turns.

“Every one of those twists and turns, and every one of those experiences, is a gift.
There’s a gift in every single experience that we have


Healing with Positivity

A recent winding part of Nadine’s journey was her husband being diagnosed with a tumour. And as Nadine does, she looks at this through her ability to heal and be healed.

About the tumour, Nadine says…

“And so we’re healing that.”

“I equate this to resilience.
And if I ever start to doubt that we can heal it,
I go to a Positive Prime Session.


How’s your heart?

Nadine says that Positive Priming is like a muscle that we must train.

“You don’t just watch it once and then go, Oh, it didn’t work.
It does take some time for it to work its magic.”


As many Positive Primers know know one Session can change our mood and Harvard Professor Shawn Achor proved as little as three minutes can last up to eight hours.

However, if you want to the monumental change to how you walk through the world, you need to practice, practice practice. 

Checking in with your heart and the rest of your body and then running with a Positive Prime Session that is aligned for your day is a powerful way that Nadine checks in with herself and her clients to create a baseline positive mindset.  

We can then insert words and images that signify how we have overcome challenges in the past or succeeded when the odds were against us and turned them into those gifts for living the life we desire. 

Your Heart’s Radar

When uncovering our innate ability to tap into heart consciousness there are several ways Nadine guides her clients and one of those is with personalised Positive Prime Sessions.

“In your brain, we have a little matchmaker. And you know, it’s called a reticular activating system, or Raz for short.

If you are watching a Positive Prime Session and you’re seeing this gratitude, and seeing things that you appreciate, you’re seeing yourself in good situations, you’re seeing nature, and you’re doing this on a regular basis, what ends up happening is that little RAZ is out there looking.”

“And Positive Prime is such an incredible tool that lines up that little matchmaker in your head with what you’re wanting to achieve or how you’re wanting to be in the world.”

“And that aligns with your heart and your heart is where the energy comes from in order to achieve your goals.”



Have you heard when people say “That took a lot of heart to overcome that illness” or “she has such a big heart.”? 

It’s not a metaphor, because as Nadine believes, the heart is a muscle and we can train it every day. Positive Prime is one of the more simple ways to do so.

Breathing and your Heart’s intelligence

Nadine’s training has led her to find solutions for all kinds of blockages in people’s journeys, and none more so than meditation and breathing into the heart space.

It’s cliche’ to say, but if there’s only one thing you take from this article it’s to ‘begin breathing into your heart space’ and see what happens.

When someone is breathing into their heart space they’re finding a different level of connection and her training with world-renowned researchers and coaching group the Heart Math Institute rings true.

“If you can tune into your hearts intelligence, and you’re in your heart consciousness, It impacts everyone. They come into alignment with you.” 

“One of the reasons I love Positive Prime is that it aligns the heart and the head.”


It’s why cultures for millennia have valued the heart and known how sacred it is to human existence. Nadine has taken an approach which not only sits with the spirituality of the heart, but like we love to do, grounds the magic with the science.

And perhaps grounds isn’t the right term, because when we apply the science we provide the footing for some of the more skeptical folks to lend us an ear. 

A Heart Warming Reception

One of Nadine’s more memorable examples of Positive Prime with a client was when a gentleman came back to her and said,

“I can feel it in my brain. I can feel it rewiring.”

This is what Nadine calls putting yourself into a ‘receptive state of mind.’

“The more receptive we are, the more tuned in we are, and the more we can access that wisdom. And that usually comes from a place of calmness, and openness. And again, when you’re working with positive prime, you get into that wonderful state of calmness and openness.

“And so this is why I find this is a tool that I recommend to my, to my clients, to my students, and I recommend it for many different reasons, but mostly because it really helps them to get out of their anxiety and change the way that they’re thinking.”


Heart Consciousness Stack

We’ve talked about stacking before where we combine practices while we play Positive Prime Sessions. Well, this might have jumped to the top of the pile!

In the recording below Nadine takes us through a beautiful Heart Consciousness meditation.

Once you know the basics of breathing into your heart. We encourage you to rewatch Nadine’s Session (above) with your favourite warm nourishing drink by your side. Coffee, herbal teas and cacao are some of our favourites.

Take a sip and begin Nadine’s Session ‘Heart Consciousness’ and focus on breathing into your heart centre.

It’s magical how a simple shift in focus, accompanied by building a little ritual can change your outlook on your day, no matter what life throws at you.  

What’s more, you can super-charge this when you have your own account and add in personalisation. You might also want to ratchet up the speed to activate the sweetness of redesigning your subconscious thoughts to positivity on auto-pilot.

Heart Consciousness Session

So if you’re feeling like you would like to join Nadine and thousands of other people Positive Priming each day, so you can experience the full suite of magic that Positive Prime has to offer, check out our ten-day trial.

Or if you want to become a Positive Prime Author like Nadine, please enquire with us at support@positiveprime.com

Nadine is working towards what some will call ‘the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible’. Helping people to hear their calling and traverse the mountain of life emanating and sharing love as the most magical tool for positivity and transformation.

To learn more about Nadine, purchase her book ‘Knowing me knowing you’ and take her PEP Personality Process visit her website https://www.progressiveplus.com/

About Nadine Hanchar

A Counsellor, Consultant and Facilitator for over 25 years, she has taught most of the therapies and techniques she uses. Proficient in a wide range of modalities and disciplines, Nadine is fond of saying that along with her education she has truly learned through life experiences and sometimes the school of hard knocks.

Nadine Hanchar is an International Trainer, Consultant, Counsellor, Author and President of Progressive Edge Plus NLP lnc, and lives with her husband and two daughters in beautiful Victoria, BC, on Vancouver lsland, Canada.


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Kim SerafiniFounder and CEO of Positive Prime

Heart Consciousness

Heart Consciousness is that intelligence which is beyond thinking, this level of consciousness flows through the heart. In your heart you know what is right for you, you know what is true for you and what is not. Your heart always knows what is best for you, what is good for you.

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Scientifically researched at the Brain Computer Interface lab, within the School of Engineering
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