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The Mindset Makeover for Presidents, Prisoners and Billionaires

How many ways do you think you can change your mindset?

The power of our minds can be drastically understated when it comes to making changes in our lives. The way we speak, listen, think and dress constantly impacts our state of mind. Success coach and men’s stylist Anita Green, believes mindset and communication are everything. Her mission has been to support men and women and found her way to transforming both through decades of instilling confidence in men with the way they dress. With 36 years with a successful men’s store that’s taken her from dressing multiple presidents to now supporting inmates and the odd billionaire to overcome their weaknesses on their journey into a new thriving life.

Taking down the ceiling

Most of us have heard of the glass ceiling phenomenon, and there has been great progress with equal rights movements over the decades.
However, women are still paid an average of only 80% of male salaries for doing the same job, says the US Census Bureau.
Because of this, the importance of effectively communicating to push past barriers is of the highest priority. While, Anita has certainly worked with more men, over 52,000 in fact, her female clients report being happier, more confident, and more successful than before, and it’s all because they benefit from Anita’s more than unique experience in life, from a time when the glass ceiling was almost impenetrable.

Prior to having children, Anita worked in corporate America. However, once a mother, going back to that career path was simply not an option. On a whim and with support from her husband, she took the leap into male fashion, which has turned out to inspire her amazing work today.
In fact, she was able to open up her own male apparel store and was the first woman in the country to do so.

“I didn’t know I was the first woman in the United States to do that. And I was treated horribly. They did not want a broad in the industry. So I was not very well accepted. But that actually turned out to be a beautiful thing because I worked extra hard for a year to prove myself. Maybe harder than I would have had to if I’d been a man,”


This realisation led her to serve as an ideal guide for women experiencing similar circumstances. Anita took a sledgehammer to the ceiling and used the broken bits to pave the way for many women to follow.

Is that really the truth? Why mindset is everything

Anita places incredible value on the way she thinks, and for good reason. By taking the time to pause, reflect and think, we are better equipped to make sound choices with our thoughts.

Does this sound familiar to you..?

“If someone’s rude to you or cuts you off. You don’t know why someone cuts you off in traffic. Maybe their son is in the hospital and they’re rushing to get to the hospital. We don’t know the whole story, but we make up stories. It’s not the truth. So I say when I’m coaching, is that the truth? Whatever the story is you’re making up, is that really the truth? This makes them think.”


This shift in the way we process situations can change everything if we embrace it. Small inconveniences can be brushed off, rather than knocking you off course for the day. A change in plans can be viewed through the lens of gratitude and understanding, rather than frustration or anger. This mindset shift is what some may consider a superpower, but Anita believes it is the secret sauce to success. And for all humans…

Even presidents can use a makeover

“With 36 years in business, Anita has jazzed up the style of over 52,000 men. She’s dressed men of all shapes, sizes, and offices, including several US Presidents. Thanks to her client connections, she was able to add this accolade to her list of impressive career accomplishments. Anita felt one president in particular, had too “nerdy of a style to be salvaged. Not one to shy away from a challenge and her commitment to the mission of helping others allowed her to succeed in transforming his look. Her skills and store kept this president coming back, along with many other repeat clients. It is safe to say that the straight-talking Texan who so willingly shares her heart has impacted all who have had the pleasure of meeting her.

Reforming And Rebuilding

In addition to improving the lives of men and women in their careers and relationships, Anita works closely with inmates preparing for their release from prison. She guides them on a variety of skills that they will need in order to be successful once free. She explains their challenges and how she inspires them to thrive..

“Our guys have to work really hard to be accepted in our program. And if they say one bad word or drop a gum wrapper on the floor, they’re out. So we put them through rigor. But we also teach them etiquette, and we teach them how to have a business plan and what to do. Then I dress them with donations and things. I make sure that things look good and fit them right so that they look like they’re ready for battle when they get out.”


Anita knows how impactful this work is, not only for the inmates but for herself too. “You can’t wipe the smile off my face when I leave there. It’s my happiest place because no one’s trying to get anything from anyone like in the rest of the world. Everyone’s just there to do what’s best.”

A truly beautiful mindset is what we see in Anita and her work. While there is no direct money transfer to Anita in this line of work, the rewards far outweigh anything money could provide. She has led many of the former inmates to successful business, one fella is turning over $150k in their first few years while supporting five employees too. There’s even a favourite who regularly comes over for dinner, wholly invited into her life, not just as a client, but as a friend.

Positive Prime For Prison Inmates

Inspired by Anita, we know Positive Prime has the ability to make a life-changing impact on inmates navigating life after prison. Inevitably, challenges and rejection will arise at some point, and this discouragement plays a role in why nearly 50% of inmates return to incarceration after being released, according to the US Department of Justice. Anita shared with us how Positive Prime could truly be life-changing to the inmates.

“When they find rejection, or when they’re feeling angry, or they feel discriminated against, and they will be. They absolutely will be. It’s a great tool for them to go to and to calm them down.”


The skill of taking a mental time out and allowing your mind to cool down has lasting impacts and helps build coping skills that could keep the inmates out of prison, because Anita can’t be everywhere. While the ability to switch off the internal fire of anger can be challenging, repetition and practice makes for perfect when looking to cool down and rewire the brain for positivity.

Why You Should Try Positive Prime

Anita is an advocate and coach with Positive Prime and has seen and felt the benefits herself.

“It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants an easy way to start their day off really well and to refocus themselves. If they’ve gotten into something that’s upsetting or stressing them just take a deep breath and give yourself three minutes. It changes everything.”


Anita’s life has led her from pioneering women in the men’s styling industry to Presidents, prisoners and the odd billionaire, whom Anita says they all have the same issues and insecurities. Anita sees and treats everyone as equal and it’s what makes her one of the most amazing people in the Positive Prime community. 


For more from Anita, check out her Positive Prime session, “Speak the way men listen, to be understood,” above and feel the effects of her coaching first hand.

We highly recommend you experience the magic of Positive Prime for yourself, your loved ones, or anyone in need of a mindset makeover. The direct link to sign up for the trial can be found by clicking on https://www.positiveprime.com/10-day-free-trial/

About Anita F. Green

Anita is a success and relationship coach, speaker, author, and a personal stylist for men. Anita, also, coaches women on the art and science of “speaking to men the way they listen.” For forty years, Anita has successfully helped men become their personal best by creating their most powerful look, optimizing their self-confidence, and multiplying their success. Through her comprehensive on-line course, www.optimizededge.net, and her one on one VIP coaching program, her clients reach a level of success, respect, and relevance they never thought possible. Working so closely with men, along with years of research, inspired Anita to create a customized one on one coaching program that helps “women speak the way men listen.” Once women are enlightened with this awareness and language skill-set, their relationships with men in the workplace and in their personal lives will soar to new heights. These women will become more successful, more confident, and happier when they get exactly what they want, in a way that empowers the men, as well. Learn more about Anita’s work: www.anitafgreen.com


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