Positive Prime Professional Leaders Program:

A positively primed mind is one that goes the distance with you in your life. It helps you navigate a fast paced world where change and uncertainty have become the daily norm.

Imagine what it would be like to help transform your clients, customers, colleagues, family, friends, and more by using a cutting edge yet simple tool like Positive Prime.

Our movement around positive change is gaining real momentum. And our Professional Programs are open for you to join now. If you have been looking for something to differentiate yourself while making a powerful difference in whatever field you’re in, one of our three programs may be the perfect solution.

It’s an ideal Professional program to participate in to add to your current income stream, become a more powerful facilitator, or to leverage your own peak performance, joy and health.

Features & Benefits of Becoming a Positive Prime Professional Leader:

Your Own Bespoke Positive Prime Session

A special customized Positive Prime Session that is based on Positive Psychology. Your session will be filled with over 800 curated images and phrases that your clients and customers will watch for their daily dose of momentum, motivation and helping them achieve their goals faster.

Mentor & Access to Our Exclusive Professionals Community

Embrace the opportunity to mastermind with inspiring professionals who are all striving to realise their full potential & in doing so are amazing role-models for each other & also their clients / students / staff.

Advanced, Guided Certification

Positive Psychology, Neuroscience & Changing the Mind & Brain is one of the most interesting, and fastest GROWING areas of the human potential & professional development movements at the moment. Having our world-class & loved Positive Prime Certification will be fantastic. You will learn from guest lecturers, teachers, and study groups. Even more rewarding is having the knowledge for yourself to apply in your own life! It certainly adds value for coaches’ & therapists’ clients and teachers’ students.

This Program is for:

If you’re a transformational teacher, change champion, personal development devotee, or enlightened entrepreneur, one of our Professional Programs is a valuable opportunity for you….

Or if you’re a wellness professional, advocate, coach or even a performance guru….

Or even if you know anyone in these areas, please share, and we will be grateful. Positive Prime is about community and changing lives through positivity, and we believe we will change the world as we gain energy and momentum. Joining our Professional Programs is a great step forward.

We are going to take you by the hand and walk you through how to create your own program, how to use it in your work or business, and how to help your clients, customers, students, teachers, athletes and more.
Please join us to find out how you can reap the benefits from this unique opportunity.


This is an extraordinary tool for mental health & wellness.


This enables you as you help everyone get the results they want and need.


This facilitates & supports you, so that others “feel” your passion…


The process of assisting others to edit a Session with a private collection of photos provides opportunities to further clarify the potential & possibilities for clients.


This allows you to help others to achieve their goals with greater ease, joy, speed & natural ability…


Allow your message to resonate at a more profound level & ensure it’s integrated into the “other-than-consciousness” of your audience (clients, members, participants). The Sessions’ delivery & secret causes accelerates learning and reinforces the essence of the key & poignant suggestions, advice, recommendations, instructions & other provocative content.


You’ll feel even more fantastic, as you dramatically and powerfully change people’s lives for the better.

Positive Prime will greatly impact clients, teachers, students, athletes, and teams, and more in any industry.

Travel & Tourism

Airline Inflight Entertainment Destination Visualization

Personal Development

Encourages positive thoughts, habits and behaviours


Accelerated Learning Platform Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Authors and Thought Leaders

Summarises Key Message
and Content

Coaches & Personal Trainers

Combined branding & service delivery training tool


Publishing Mindset of Elite athletes and Sports Professionals

Corporations & Learning

Accelerated Learning Platform plus key corporate messaging platform

Medical & Healthcare

Specific Research Based Applications

We have an extraordinary opportunity for you and it’s limited & time-sensitive!

Positive Prime Session

* This will allow you to have a Session, whereby you’re the author available on a promotional page.
** Attention Please: this does not mean the Session you have authored will appear on the Subscribers’ platform for all members to view/access.

Featured Price: $9,997

^ This will allow you to have a Session, whereby you’re the author, available on a promotional page.
^^ Please NOte: this will allow for your Session to be available on the Subscribers’ platform, for all members to view / access & personalise.


(Value : Priceless)
Standard Price: $4,997*
Featured Price: $9,997

Certification Program:
Advanced, Guided, Guest Lecturers & Study Groups

Positive Psychology is one of the most interesting, and GROWING areas of science at the moment. We are going to teach you TWELVE classes designed to help you understand Positive Psychology from top-to-bottom and step-by-step how to use this information.



( Valued at $15,000)
Live & Immersive
Level – $9,997
The Standard, Self-Paced
cost $4,997

Special Event Price


Standard Price:


Special Launch offer will expire on








Kim Serafini’s Positive Priming Sessions are featured on Oprah’s 21 Days to a Happier Life series with Shawn Achor

Features & Benefits of Becoming a Positive Prime Professional Leader:

Create & Publish Your Own Bespoke Positive Prime Session

(Value: Priceless)
Standard Price: $4,997

Your Message Amplified – Resonates deeper, for longer

Scientifically, YOUR messages are BEST “delivered” to a positively-primed mind… so ANY/ALL teachers or managers or therapists or coaches would have their “messages” resonate & be remembered & recalled more effectively WHEN those messages are communicated WITHIN a PositivePrime Session…

What is a Positive Prime session?

Positive Prime is a massively successful neuroscientific & positive psychology tech tool & platform for accelerated learning and
powerful changes in attitudes, skills & habits at the autonomic level.

Anyone “uses it” — and “does” a uniquely styled therapeutic treatment watching what’s called a Session.

A Session requires viewing a very sophisticated, randomised slide show whilst being emotionally engaged.

Create & Publish Your Own Bespoke Positive Prime Session

Co-create with our team, brining to life, a potent & commercial Session for your own purposes.

Your own branded, professionally customized Positive Prime Session as a revolutionary accelerated-learning educational resource, driver of change & master marketing tool. 3-in-1 as you add neuroscience & positive psychology breakthroughs to your programs & treatments. Eliminate limiting beliefs & self-sabotage for your clients as they successfully achieve their goals. Reinforce amazing new habits. This is creative visualisation & the power of gratitude wrapped into the experience.

(*Dive deeper on this page for more details on how & why)

Certification Program: Advanced, Guided,
Guest Lecturers & Study Groups

Your Authority, Uniqueness & Differentiation Shines
(Valued at $15,000)
Live & Immersive Level – $9,997
The Standard, Self-Paced – cost $4,997

Discover How to Help Transform Others & Your Business With Advanced Knowledge From Our Experts

The future is here now… Applied neuroscience & positive psychology are integrated into your knowledge, skills, and talents. Set yourself apart & be ahead of the curve. Enhance what you already do with excellence as you proceed through to become qualified & authorised to represent Positive Prime Technology. Go beyond as an Official Positive Prime Consultant if you wish to introduce this to institutions, organisations & colleagues too.

Changing the Mind & Brain is one of the most interesting, and fastest GROWING areas of the human potential & professional development movements at the moment; as we are sure you’re aware…

Having our exceptional & loved Positive Prime Certification will be fantastic. Even more rewarding is gaining the knowledge for yourself to apply in your own life! Plus, it will add value for coaches’ & therapists’ clients and teachers’ students.

Only Signature members can sign up to the Leader’s Program

The Signature Subscription for Positive Prime as a personal program keeps you expansive & allows your own up-leveling. This is a yearly management and maintenance requirement for all Professionals who wish to continue with access to edits for their Professional Session and are also committed to their own personal enlightenment journey.

Membership includes ALL of the following:

Positive Prime Full Access

  • Access to all 100+ Positive Prime Sessions created by world class coaches, including Jack Canfield, Dana Wilde and Joe Vitale
  • New Sessions added weekly on topics like finding wealth, beating anxiety and discovering daily happiness
  • Personalise your experience by uploading & integrating your own photos into your Sessions

Exclusive Extras

  • A Brand New SuperMix Session added every month – SuperMixes combine multiple sessions for supercharging visual hypnosis and discovering a deeper state of Positive Priming.
  • Bonus Session Support E-Guides: including empowerment Flash Cards

Bonus Gifts

  • Positive Prime Exclusive 7 Magnificent Days of Think and Grow Rich Course
  • 6x Positive Prime Bonus Gifts from our community of coaches to empower you to have a happier and healthier life both at home and in the workplace. And more to come!
5 for the price of 1

Family & Friends Sharing - Celebrate Together

Help each other be accountable.

For your Family, Friends, and Clients: Gift a full (equal) subscription to Positive Prime by inviting up to 4 other people.


Whilst the primary account holder continues with an active subscription, those who are invited to share will have full access (ie. a free account that is a gift) therefore, there’s no charge for the 4 others related to the main account.

Activate the invitations & send to your four favourite people from within your account, even during your first 10-days on your free trial. You can all try at the same time!

Support, Education & Guidance

  • Monthly group mentoring calls with founder and creator of Positive Prime – Kim Serafini
  • Weekly micro-lessons via email – Sharing wisdom, inspiration and the most effective ways to get the best out of your Positive Prime Sessions.
  • 100s of exceptional resources to support your journey and much more.

Special Launch offer will expire on:








5 pm Pacific, December 31st, 2021

These Experts have all worked with Kim
to co-create an extraordinary tool for transformation:
a Positive Prime Session

Jack Canfield

Multiple New York Times bestselling author, and founder Chicken Soup for the Soul

Marisa Peer

Founder and creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy

Lion Goodman

Belief therapist and a
healer of the psyche

Marci Shimoff

New York Times bestselling author, a world-renowned transformational teacher

Joe Vitale

Spiritual teacher best known for his appearance in the movie, The Secret, and as the author of The Attractor Factor, and Zero Limits

Real People Like You

These Certified & Official PositivePrime Professionals have their own Session…
Rena Romano

The THRIVE Perspective ® There is always an “Upside”





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Will You Be Next?

Let’s make it happen – together!
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If you are already a Positive Prime Leader…

We have a special introductory deal for you!

Positive Prime Founding Members Privilege

Sponsored Subscriptions

Easily gift a signature Positive Prime subscription to your clients/team members/staff so they get access to all  Positive Prime sessions and the edit function.

Targeted, Tailored & Dedicated Mini-Sessions

Offer a mini-session to your clients/team members/staff… that is directly related to a particular & personal issue that is being worked on.

Only 100 Spots Left…

Our Deadline for Application: December 31, 2021 @ 5pm Pacific Time

This program is powerful because it combines cutting-edge marketing resources, experts, with a  revolutionary, simple, technological solution that you can offer as a tool that will differentiate you in the marketplace. It will also, boost profitability, help bond your uniqueness to your brand, raise your profile and get this unique word-of-mouth working in your favour… PLUS, and most importantly help those you serve to be BRIGHTER… mentally & emotionally… driving their improved performance in a smarter way… AND this “tool” is a “value-add” solution for YOU that you can make money from if you choose.

More questions, as yet unanswered? See Below:

Positive Prime Professionals: Terms & Conditions

This page lists down the terms and conditions set out for Positive Prime Professionals in publishing and delivering your Positive Prime Professional Session. This page lists down the terms Positive Prime agrees to.

Positive Prime Professionals: Overview

This page is an overview and Foundation for our guiding principles and intends to answer the many questions you have regarding the Positive Prime Professionals Program

Positive Prime Professionals: Certification

This page offers more information about the Positive Prime Certification Program. This page aims to answer many questions about the program and it shows the list of the lessons included in the Certification Program.
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