Positive Prime Professionals

Thank you for your interest in leveraging Positive Prime for your professional purposes in a commercial sense & within a business context or organisational environment.

This page serves as an overview & foundation for our guiding principles and intends to answer the many questions we receive.

This content is designed for coaches, leaders, mentors, therapists, trainers, professional learning & development facilitators, social scientists, health & wellness business owners, teachers, authors, speakers, fitness & yoga instructors, team development specialists and people of a similar and related nature.

Questions & Answers for Professionals

Everything you need to know about the Positive Prime Professionals Program.
If you have questions that are not listed below, please contact support@positiveprime.com



What’s MY Session?

A bespoke, custom-made tailored & branded Positive Prime Session for your commercial purposes…

It’s designed to be stimulating & provoking

It’s intended to be persuasive & compelling..

 Positive Prime & your Session is a tool that AMPLIFIES YOU… it’s a tool that really helps your audience to RESONATE at a deep level with YOU…


How does My Positive Prime Session work?

Your Session (the exquisite bespoke, tailored made & customized Session) will help your clients to “absorb, retain & apply” your BEST suggestions, advice, guidance, recommendations… **

Re-read Shawn’s Efficacy Statement born from the independent & objective research study he conducted for the Oprah Winfrey OCourse we were graciously included in – https://www.positiveprime.com/happiness/)


What's special about my Positive Prime session?

Your Session will “reinforce” YOUR messages for your audience…

Your Session conveys your wisdom in a way that allows someone to “receive it” – because it’s within a Positive Prime Session…

Your Session carries your soul… It’s precious

Your Session fortifies & boosts what you say to your clients; it’s an incredible way to strengthen your key messages.



Your PositivePrime… WILL positively prime those who watch it 

~ That is healing in & of & by itself !! You’re creating the ripple effect. 

~ What a treasure you are… to the world… and to those who view Your Session. It’s a gift !! 

~ You are providing a way for their bodies to heal in the process; as they physically improve through the consequences & implications of positive priming!


What other Benefits can people get out of my session?

Your Session will help your viewers to “integrate” YOUR teachings… They’ll have your lessons really “in their super-conscious & other-than-conscious”.

~ It happens effortlessly & quickly… It happens naturally & organically.

Think ok how much MORE powerful will YOU be in your clients’ lives? What an honour, privilege & pleasure. Truly spectacular… Truly revolutionary!

INCREDIBLY: Your ‘Value” and “OFFER” will be much MORE potent… as will your support… your help… your service!


Why should I have my Session on my website?

When YOUR Session appears on your website it will DRAW your audience (viewers) – who are your clients, or potential clients to YOUR website over & over & over again as they return to watch the Session DAILY… Watch that improve your SEO… amongst other benefits!

So – when you’re building your personal brand – and you want to IGNITE YOURSELF it’s TIME to have your own Session – on your website.


Why Should I Sign up?

Positive Prime Technology is one of the BEST pathways… via an enriching & empowering Positive Prime Session that distills your genius & your compassion and transfers it to the viewer.

Let us help you & each other & then let’s help many more to create an enriching & empowering Positive Prime Session that distills their genius & compassion & transfers it to their clients.

Let’s enable others in an abundance way!


How Can I earn from Positive Prime?

When you want your clients to magnetise themselves to their desires & intentions… then you’ll want them to head over to the official PositivePrime platform and upgrade their Subscription so that they can UPLOAD and PERSONALISE — edit the Session… and build their library of addiitonal, excellent content.

Our qualified & graduate Consultants leverage PositivePrime. You can read more in the Overview (steps after completing the Certification) 

Positive Prime & You

A Session

From a “science” & “efficacy”  perspective – the neuroscience… i.e. neuroplasticity & neurogenesis… and from a “change theory perspective” about Identity & Habits… 
…..  The playing of a “Session” has at least 4 functions that it needs / must do:
1. speed up & slow down (locus of control & to bypass preventative filters that keep us stuck)
2. shuffle (re-order or associative conditioning)
3. show the viewers’ name for extra power (integrating / embedding)

4. show a personal version of the main content for ultimate power (adopting & actioning)


? You owe it your special people !!
? You’re worth & deserving…
? What you’ve got to share is IMPORTANT.
? Your significance needs to be “felt” by those viewing your Session…
? You will have your audience (clients) CONNECT with your spirit as it’s transmitted through your Session.

Internal Goal

We want to positively influence & help people all over the world… We want to make a significant difference that’s encouraging, motivating, healing, uplifting and also empowering.

To achieve that we are focused on a growing an ever expanding & increasing membership audience for PositivePrime.

To that end we really do want “free members” who encourage & refer other “free members” and we want everyone to find the experience of viewing Sessions useful… Naturally, we also want everyone to LOVE the range and quality of our special content…

Ultimately for our viability we also want the majority of those free members to proactively upgrade their subscriptions & leverage the “edit to personalise” functionality.

Quality & Depth of Content

Obviously, that means we need more AWESOME, world-class, inspiring & educational content…

We expect that higher-profile & more-influential “names” will be required to attract attention & interest & to satisfy our members’ needs.

In order to attract those more “powerful-draw-cards” – we will need a LARGER and more engaged membership base…

Organically growing – in natural ways will enhance our ability to attain “big names” to lure even more “members”…

Those members will then be exposed to the content… in our Shop.

The authors who are featured will have members from all over the world SEE their name & could be drawn to their topic…

This should “increase exposure” – and create awareness, interest & potentially new followers for those Professionals who are featured in our Shop.

To gather the audience we need continuing resources… we also need the help of our Professionals & Affiliates…

Plus we must have substantial budgets to secure more of the general public = and involve ourselves in more & more marketing efforts that convert those interested into free members, and hopefully paid subscribers…

We are “slowly” moving in the right direction for the right reasons and with the right folks… We are seeing “growth” and “improvements”.

Where possible – will you help us to spread the word as passionately as possible & as far & as wide as possible

Having said that… there’s a completely alternative approach… I’ll try to explain below…


For example, one amendment is that I do NOT want a Professional in our Professional Community to “feel” they MUST have consumers upgrade to Subscriptions in the “general public” environment of PositivePrime. I’d like that, for sure… Subscriptions are our life-blood.

The “software” & platform has a subscription that facilitates extra “functionality”, namely the EDIT button — to transform a Session into something more powerful & potent – from a change perspective.

Given we can upload photos of ourselves… it encourages an “identity” to adopt “new ideas about behaviours & habits”… and does so elegantly using the way the mind “already works”…

Therefore, the “subscription” is really what gives a user the chance to get more out of a Session…

Secondary to that… it’s a visually appealing Vision Board that a client is focused upon whilst in a positively primed state…and that should make goal attainment easier & more swift.

So – I don’t see the “UPSELL from free” as anything more than educating a client about how the mind “forms” ideas about oneself & how to make the shifts we desire in ourselves & our circumstances in graceful & subtle ways… and making those we refer to PositivePrime aware of what’s available to them…


We do need a certain number of “premium & signature” members — in order to survive & continue research & development…

Consequently, we’ll always be concentrating on increasing the numbers of subscribers & we’ll also be doing our best to serve those who do join so that they’re inclined to stay long-term…

We also need a certain number of new Professionals who want to add to the momentum & spread the world & share the power of PositivePriming – as well as their own message… So, we need affordable & accessible ways to invite Professionals with varying objectives into our fold…

Professionals are VIPs

What I want to “institute” is an ANNUAL fee, namely in the form of the Yearly VIP Subscription: so that all of our Professionals are VIP subscribers & can continue using PositivePrime, as an end-consumer, in its fullness…

** We have set the “Session creation” a ONCE OFF fee.

** We have set the “Appearance or Hosting in the Shop” as a yearly fee (with a caveat that means the fee is waived… if the Professional DOES upsell a minimum of 10 new monthly premium subscribers to the global PositivePrime community) If that’s not achieved we’ll charge $1,500 per year.

> We want the “being in the Shop” to be a real privilege that is treasured by those we feature… and it’s understood that the PR opportunity is valuable.


The PositivePrime “Player” via API is a once-off fee.   It’s a ONCE-OFF fee. 
All you have to do is maintain your VIP Subscription yearly… This “fee” will keep our Professionals in the loop – and I’d LIKE to create a way to provide “continuing professional education INSIDE that Annual FEE – so no extras!… That’s my intention. 

Selling The API Player

You’d sell the “API Player” for their website for US$300 per “container” PER YEAR – for each individual Session (plus software engineering if we need to assist & provide technical support @ $300/hr).

We’d get 50%. You’d get 50%. Again you’d invoice & get paid & then pay us.

Please be very clear with your clients that there is a US$300 per year fee for hosting & maintenance.

Getting It Done

Your Session on Your Website – We’re our own webmasters too – for our Consumer/Front end website… 
As a consequence, you’d be surprised how simple & quick & easy we’ve made sure the process is… And we’d be delighted for Mayumi to assist you as required 🙂 She can even “do it for you” – if you’d like… 
You can “see it in situ” – on a blank page – to begin with… and then decide what’s appropriate & acceptable for you… 


We now have the ability to have a Session shown on any website page – & it plays – outside of the PP membership environment… 
So your session can now be offered as a value-add/free to your audience – as you give your clients your website & they watch on YOUR website page 😉 It could be a secure page – that is not accessed by your general menu of navigation… it’s up to you 🙂 
It’s what the API Player was “built for”.
eg: Your Session is shown on one of YOUR website pages… within the player that allows it to speed up & slow down & reshuffle…

Fit for Purpose

This offer seems like a reasonable pathway for ICF coaches & other healthcare professionals who do not want to be perceived as “salesy”… 
Applies, equally indeed managers of bespoke content within businesses. “Training & Development Facilitators” will love this… 
With this option — The company’s staff members/employees or the authors’ readers or the coaches’ clients or the therapists’ patients will never be “inside the consumer PositivePrime product”… rather they’re likely to stay external / outside – not “privy to or influenced by content that may be too wooooowooooo or spiritual or ?!?!?! “ 
Naturally – the viewer of a Session outside of PositivePrime – can’t see their name appearing within the content (that requires a member’s account)… AND cannot “personalise” (that requires upgrading to become a subscriber)… but they can “consume” a message; your message within your environment… 
Your Session is served up – from our database & our server – and it still has the most essential components… 
However, from our perspective: 
We, or I — cannot expect or wish for one of our Professionals’ clients to “use” PositivePrime as a platform… which of course means that those clients do not SEE other content unless they consciously opt-in of their own accord via their own googling or via a specific recommendation… or are consciously guided by the Professional to join with their referral code.
At this moment in time – it also means that the viewers/clients do NOT have the functionality that allows for “personalising” (which is available only to paid subscribers)
*** We’re not YET at a stage that could “build-in” that functionality on others’ websites… it’s not impossible… it may happen in the future… 
One of the AIMS I have… is a larger “audience’ for ALL… that is, if Professionals do willingly introduce 100 people per year to the platform as free members – then the ENTIRE “group of Primers” are exposed to – are aware of – new names/content – and it’s awesome ‘promotional / PR / marketing / exposure” for ALL of those people who are in the Shop. 
We may have a “different fee structure” to have “Professionals” appear in the Shop or be featured… that may be an idea ot develop… 
That is — a few of our Professionals – want the EXPOSURE to a wider audience… for their own marketing purposes – so they WANT to be in our “shop” – and available to our FREE members… that’s awareness building & interest-building… 
We WILL CHARGE for this – rather handsomely – and make sure we use the funds to do fancy “advertising” to dramatically increase the numbers of free members – so it will be independent of the NEED for Professionals to do “the referring”… 


We believe in walking our talk… We also aim to ensure that we’re all “signing from the same hymn sheet, so we’re on the same page”.

We think it’s important that all of Professionals are role-models of “editing & personalising” their Sessions. Therefore, we require ALL Professionals to be “users” who view Sessions that they’ve personalised, aka “edited”.

– Through the “training” & certification process we intend to ensure that all of our Professionals come to a clear understanding as to why “personalising” makes the experience more potent & more valuable.

All Professionals must upgrade their Subscription first before beginning the journey & need to maintain their VIP or Signature Subscriptions indefinitely.

In other words, the “yearly fee” for a Professional at a minimum is a unique arrangement of a VIP Membership @ US$159.

(The prices within “Subscription Upgrade” area of PositivePrime are subject to change constantly and will reflect promotions during holidays & for other market-led reasons).


ONLY “authorised, official PositivePrime consultants approved by Kim Serafini or her appointed proxy, have the “rights” to “SELL” PositivePrime Sessions & Players & Accounts to companies or charities for commercial & internal use.

**** That’s why Certification is so important to me – in that we have approved Positive Prime Professionals introducing / implementing PositivePrime inside organisations. 

Official & Authorised Positive Prime Professional Practitioner & Consultant

If you’d like to be an Official & Authorised Positive Prime Professional Practitioner & Consultant — to corporate, organisations, institutions & business we partner with you.

In a Joint Venture sense, with you acting as an Independent Distributor & Representative, so that YOU make $$ as you leverage Positive Prime and we help to facilitate your financial success & impact…

Therefore, you agree to act as the consultant abiding by our expectations for fairness, responsibility, integrity and loyalty.

In most cases you secure the opportunity & organise the commercial arrangement directly. You have the rights to “sell” Positive Prime as “tool” and a “resource” to a client & offer to create, on their behalf a Session and provide their audience with “Editing” Accounts. For this you earn commissions. We intend for you to be an “extension” of Positive Prime.

When you engage with a client who’s agreed to have their audience (staff, retailers) Positively Primed with a bespoke/custom message :

Offering Sessions that can be used for a private (company only) audience in for a variety of purposes:

* training settings
* in facilitating & accelerating learning & development
* in culture change
* in reinforcing vision & values
* in product education… 

Selling A Positive Prime Session

You’d sell a Positive Prime Session for US$900.

We’d get 50%. You’d get 50% You’d get paid & then pay us.

After being paid we’d begin on the project of producing and publishing a Session. If the client wanted to use their own photographer to capture images that are unique to their brand, objectives and people these would need to be supplied in advance.

For additional or further Sessions for that specific client, we charge you $400. You are welcome to charge your client more, up to $2,000.

Please be very clear with your clients that this is a ONCE-OFF fee for creating & publishing.

There is a charge for “edits” and “changes” and they are possible at any time in the future. The charge to update / remove / delete / replace any aspect is a min. of $100 per hour up to a maximum of $300.


You’d charge your own fees to help them with their 200 statements. You’d get 100%. On average our consultants charge a minimum of $100 per hour and a it takes a minimum of 3 hours to write 200 statements & have them approved. It can take double or triple that time if research, needs assessment & wisdom-gathering needs to be completed.

We expect that you’d earn at least US$300 per client in establishing the account / project.

Making The Most Out Of Your Positive Prime Certification/ Training

Based upon what you learn in the Certification program & through the insights shared within our awesome, global Community of Therapists, Social Workers, Coaches, Management Consultants, Psychologists & Health Care Practitioners you’d share your knowledge with passion in “training / on-boarding / tutoring”.

You’d charge the client your own fees for “on-boarding / training / exec briefings / explaining the power of Positive Priming & how & why it works etc”.

On average our consultants charge a minimum of $100 per hour and a it takes a minimum of 3 hours to write a tailored presentation/lesson/class and deliver it to a group of up to 20 employees.

We would expect that at least 2 engagements would be secured. One for “set-up” and one for “review”.

We expect that you’d earn at least $600 per client.

On average our consultants would “repeat” this for a few groups accross various sites. So, each client should be worth more than $5,000 to you as a Positive Prime consultant.

Selling Positive Prime Subscription

You’d sell “Subscriptions” & earn 50%. This is a special offer for “groups” only.

Added, upfront is an “Account Establishment” fee irrespective of the size of the group @ $2,000 (we split 50% / 50%)

Based upon our experience, we’d highly recommend you establish “clinics” for users… and you charge the company to guide each participant through setting up their own account & personalising / editing.

In this case, we would suggest that you also charge $100 per hour & indicate that it requires at least 1 hr per user – for Q&A and Clarification & Reinforcement & Feedback + Review & Refinement. This improves compliance. This improves adherence. This improves the probably that positive results will be achieved with ease & grace & joy.

WHEN a Company wants the “entire” Account process to be white-labeled – we charge a “set up fee” and that’s a once off US$30,000 to create the “whole” process inside their intranet etc. We split that 50% / 50%.

We’d trust you and support you in “creating & delivering”.

We’d have faith in you – as an extension of “Kim Serafini” in providing “excellent understanding to users”

I hope this inspires & helps to inform your negotiations.

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