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Why is it so hard to achieve our goals?

Hello Positive Prime Influencer, Robert MacPhee, the former director of Training for Jack Canfield, a Founding Member of the Transformational Leadership Council, the author of the “Manifesting for Non-Gurus” book has been a partner of Positive Prime since our early...

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Revolutionary Approach to Mastering Your Thoughts…

Hi PositivePrime Influencers, This email is specifically intended for those of you who “teach / train / facilitate / speak” &, or “ coach / guide / mentor” plus those who are “Change Management Consultants” — inspiring or impacting others. If you can can see...

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“Saved” PositivePrime in Healing

Hi Positive Influencer, I want to share a story with you… that should “shock you” out of your “daze” right now & hopefully compel you to proactive “next small steps”. This is how I feel - a little blurry... ***Public Service Announcement*** seriously. BE careful,...

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“Active” Gratitude Journal

Hi Positive Influencer, You know those days (or moments in a day) when you’re just not feeling it. You want to be on fire, but you’re just like a cold & wet log struggling to be ignited… You want to be motivated, proactive & charging ahead… but you’re feeling...

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Manifestation Magnet

Hi Manifestation Magnet, I did one of my private consultations with a client - a Premium Member… who seized the moment & organised the “Do It For Me” personalisation service the other day… Over video conferencing, via Zoom… we talked about how to create a...

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Big Fat Failure – Don’t Let It Be You

Dear Positive Prime Influencer 🙂  Would you like to know - in every cell in your body - how to give yourself a 1000% boost to breaking through & getting "it" over the line... The "it" - is living the life you are meant to... with more free time to do what's...

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Do you harm yourself?

Hi Positive Prime influencer,   If you or anyone else you know harms themselves.. you may want to lean in. Here's a short (4 min) video message from Kim this morning...Here's the workshop she refers to: Enjoy watching, Positive Prime Team  

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Webinar Replay

Dear Positive Prime Influencer 🙂  If you missed the fun packed webinar we had last weekend, this is your chance to watch the recording of the webinar. During the live class, we discussed how Positive Prime gives you insights, strategies, suggestions, special secrets,...

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Vision Boards for Goals, Intentions & Dreams

Dear Positive Prime Influencer 🙂   Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr Joe Dispenza, Mike Dooley, Dr Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert… and many others who I adore & admire are aligned on the Universe's Lessons about change. We concur that we must be “comfortable" with the...

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What you don’t know can hurt you…

Dear Positive Prime Influencer 🙂   We’ve had so many people write in & raise “support tickets” about my ppps: in the last email. Thank you for showing us you care & expressing your concerns. Yes, MindPT is being shut down imminently and so this message...

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When you want to feel better…

Dear Positive Prime Influencer 🙂   When you are feeling “uptight, anxious, overwhelmed, stressed…” pause for a moment and watch a Positive Prime Session just for a few minutes.  You’ll end up feeling brighter, lighter… the tightness in your chest will ease… the...

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