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Positive Prime Flow of the Week


Imagine holding the key to transform your reality—what would you change?

Our Positive Prime Flow of the Week is Empower Your Beliefs by Lion Goodman.

This Positive Prime session is designed to unlock your potential by reshaping your beliefs.

Positive ChangeMakers around the Globe


ChangeMaker of the Week: Governor Hogan of Maryland!

Governor Hogan has taken a historic step by issuing a massive pardon for cannabis-related convictions, clearing the records of 175,000 individuals. This bold move is aimed at correcting past injustices that disproportionately affected minority communities, offering thousands a fresh start and a brighter future.

Something to Ponder On:


Can you believe it? July is here!

As we step into this new month, let’s embrace the opportunities to nurture our well-being and growth. Take a look below at some wonderful practices to focus on this July.

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Spark of Inspiration:

In 1980, Richard watched a tennis match on TV that changed everything. A player won a significant prize—far more than he made in a year! Inspired, Richard dreamed big for his yet-to-be-born daughters. He wrote a plan to turn them into tennis stars, right from their tough neighborhood in Compton.

With no tennis knowledge and little money, Richard taught himself the game using old magazines and videos. He filled a shopping cart with used tennis balls from local clubs for his daughters to practice with. Despite the dangers of their neighborhood, where he often had to protect his girls from gangs, Richard was determined.

Years passed, and his daughters, Venus and Serena, grew into phenomenal players. They faced harsh stares and mean words at tournaments, but Richard always reminded them, “They stare because they’ve never seen such beauty and talent before.”

The hard work paid off spectacularly in 2000 when Venus won Wimbledon, proving that dreams fueled by determination could defy all odds. Their story is a testament to believing in the impossible and making it happen, inspiring anyone who hears it to dream big and fight hard

Did You Know?

Did you know that alcohol can impact your brain in several ways?

While effects like blurred vision and slurred speech are temporary, chronic heavy drinking can lead to permanent brain damage. This includes memory problems and reduced cognitive abilities that might not fully reverse even after you stop drinking.

Positivity Reels to Elevate Your Spirit

Transform Disappointment into Drive by Tony Robbins

Remember, it’s not just about the struggle of getting in; it’s the exhilaration of getting out that counts. Focus on the triumph, not the trial.

Why Older People Are Happier with Scott Galloway

Do you know why older people are happier? Watch this enlightening message from Prof. Scott Galloway. If you’re going through a tough time, remember to ‘keep on keeping on’ because the best is yet to come.

Gentle Reminders:


Start late.
Start over.
Start scared.
Start again.

No matter how far you’ve gone the wrong road, you can always turn around.

It’s never too late. Just start.

Just for Laugh:


Here’s a relatable meme to lighten the mood and make you chuckle!

Discussion Time:


Monday Motivation:


As we hop into this new week, remember that you’re absolutely ear-resistible!

Keep bouncing towards your goals with un-bunny-lievable enthusiasm, because your efforts are truly hop-tastic.

Have a wonderful week full of positive hops!

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