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Positive Prime is based on Positive Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Neuroscience. And because of its unique and proprietary technology formula, it will help you…

  • Reduce your anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness
  • Decrease your negative thinking and feeling patterns that will impact all aspects of your life
  • Receive all the benefits of meditation, without meditating
  • Create a deeper inner peace and level of positivity in your life that you may not have thought was possible
  • Give you inspiration, vitality and motivate you to create more success in your work and life
  • Expand your subconscious mind to help you create greater success in your relationships, finances, and career
  • Boost your positivity to achieve your goals more easily and without added stress
  • Eat healthier, increase your sleep, and feelings of having a healthier body
  • Let go of old behavior patterns and unresolved emotional issues

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Discover The Science Behind
Positive Prime

There are exciting scientific disciplines like Positive Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Neuroscience, following different pathways to discover the secrets within the human mind.

The amount of study and research shared from these disciplines is more than enough to create the most advanced technology that can help modern society improve mental, emotional, and physical health, overcome stress, depression, or anxiety.

But knowing and doing aren’t exactly the same. It takes a different kind of willingness and dedication to create that kind of technology.

Through more than two decades of research, data analysis, and practice, we gained extensive insights into how the human brain works and how can we use that knowledge to design the best method of dealing with uncontrollable negative thoughts and emotions.

We merged different psychological solutions and highly effective clinically evaluated techniques into the Positive Prime methodology that eliminates negative thinking patterns and replaces them with a healthy, positive mindset.

Case in point: I once talked to someone who had ambitious career goals, a beautiful family, and a great educational background that would make her a desirable employee for any company. She wanted so badly to get on with her life…

She wanted more freedom, higher income, and more fulfillment from daily experiences. But she hadn’t taken any concrete steps to make it happen.
When I asked why she explained that what was really holding her back was fear of failure.

Each element is proven to safely and quickly improve emotional and physical well-being and leads to peak performance and greater happiness.

Based on Latest In Neuroscience Research and Proven Positive Psychology PrinciplesPositive Prime

As a recent Harvard study led by Elinor Amit [1], an affiliate of the Psychology Department, suggests, our brains think in images. Every word we hear, read, or speak, serves only as a mediator between what we actually have in mind – primitive images. Even when we process and memorize information, our mind creates a particular image stored inside our minds.

To recall the data, first, we recreate the image in our minds and then we try to find the right words to express them verbally.

Emotions, desires, and overall attitudes generated by these images impact our behaviour, feelings, and even physical condition every second.

Discover The Science Behind
Positive Prime

In fact, 99% of the information your brain receives isn’t processed with your consciousness. Instead, it accumulates in what scientists call non-consciousness.
Your eye and brain can take in and process 11 million bits of information per second, only 40 bits of which reach your conscious awareness. The rest of the data stays inside the non-conscious mind, having a significant influence even on our most simple life choices.

Dr. Paul Scheele [3], who has been studying the mind and human potential for the last three decades, has solidified this theory with his research leading to an exciting breakthrough in human development.

The non-conscious mind is estimated to be about 30,000 times more powerful than the conscious mind.

This means even though we believe we make rational decisions, the truth is, our non-conscious brain has much more influence, controlling our automatic behaviours like habits, preferences, values, emotions.

You might guess where this goes… If you desire more control over your life, there must be a way to interact with your non-conscious mind and consciously direct its influence to your benefit.

That’s exactly what Positive Prime sessions do, exposing you to carefully phrased statements, evocative imagery, and specially designed musical background that send nurturing and empowering signals to the deep regions of your non-conscious mind, affecting your overall behaviour.

Discover The Science Behind
Positive Prime

Since the ancient era, people have known meditation practices as pathways to finding a peaceful and harmonious state of mind. According to researchers of Harvard, Yale, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [4], meditation even increases brain size. Now, as science evolves and transforms, we can offer you enhanced technology that’s deeply rooted both in ancient practices and modern science.

We can validate the efficacy of Positive Prime technology using studies and results shared by more than 200,000 people who use our sessions daily.
The main principle of visual meditations is based on visualization, mental rehearsal, and guided imagery techniques [5], helping you change how you feel by changing your focus.

This is similar to visualization exercises athletes do before tournaments. It’s a common practice among gymnasts to visualize their moves before they perform them. Visualization is a form of exercise – even though you’re not physically engaged, your brain still gets the right signals and creates a clear path to success.

According to a 2000 study [6], visualization significantly increases the success rate by providing you with additional experience and by building up confidence. While this experience isn’t real, your brain makes it real, and you feel like you will succeed because you’ve already done it inside your head.

To test it, try throwing some paper into the bin. Take ten shots without additional preparation, and then take another ten shots. But before each throw, try to imagine how you are aiming the paper, choosing the right throwing direction, and how the paper ball successfully lands inside the bin.

How Positive Prime
Uses Guided Imagery?

Instead of sitting alone with your eyes closed, practising guided imagery, with a Positive Prime session, you get a carefully curated visual and audio experience that’s based on a uniquely designed proprietary technology player.

When you watch a session, it stimulates your body’s senses, reconstructing and demonstrating certain productive habits through showing you acts of kindness, collaboration, supportive behaviour, and healthy ways of being or working.

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As a result, your mind will no longer have to struggle with analyzing the information and making the right decision. You’ll no longer have to put a lot of effort into finding the will to act on your ideas and desires. Instead, you’ll have a positive predisposition that will serve as a guide, rewiring your brain to be more open to the world, see a bigger picture, and be more objective.

With her theory of Broaden & Build, Barbara Fredrickson [7] has supported this practice by her randomized control studies, suggesting that positive emotions and experiences broaden your awareness, enabling you to be more aware and in the present. With positive emotions, you consciously notice and remember more details and process complex information easier.

As a result, your mind will no longer have to struggle with analyzing the information and making the right decision. You’ll no longer have to put a lot of effort into finding the will to act on your ideas and desires. Instead, you’ll have a positive predisposition that will serve as a guide, rewiring your brain to be more open to the world, see a bigger picture, and be more objective.

With her theory of Broaden & Build, Barbara Fredrickson [7] has supported this practice by her randomized control studies, suggesting that positive emotions and experiences broaden your awareness, enabling you to be more aware and in the present. With positive emotions, you consciously notice and remember more details and process complex information easier.

Can A 3-Minute Session Affect Your Daily Performance

According to Shawn Achor [8], the NY Times best-selling author of “Happiness Advantage”, the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive and engaged brain.

But is Positive Prime technology capable of delivering a lasting positive mindset to its users?

To accurately answer this question, we conducted a study with the Institute for Applied Positive Research founded by Michelle Gielan and Shawn Achor [9], testing the impact of a single Positive Prime session upon an end-user.

The first phase of the study was to determine if a single session could have both an immediate and lasting impact on mood and productivity.

We saw that a single 3-minute session immediately resulted in a higher positive mood, leading to a statistically significant improvement of mood 6-8 hours after initial exposure. Additionally, there was an 11% increased likelihood of reporting a positive day overall.

Then we tested explicit and implicit memory in our users and found that between 27-48% of the content was consciously remembered and was retained even an hour later.

What’s more important and exciting, a 3-minute session positively impacted the unconscious thinking patterns of users. For example, if the user an hour later was provided with certain letters like PRO____ and then asked to fill in the word, Positive Prime users were significantly more likely to find positive solutions to the task, finishing the stem with words like “protect” or “progress” instead of “problem”.

From this experiment, we can assume that a positive mind has a significant impact on behaviour, conscious decisions, and non-conscious processes.

Shawn Achor

Shawn Achor is the NY Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage and Big Potential. Shawn has worked in 50 countries with nearly half the Fortune 100 and everywhere from Camp David and Harvard to shantytowns in Zimbabwe and children’s cancer wards in Boston. After spending twelve years at Harvard University, Shawn has become one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between happiness and success. His research on happiness made the cover of Harvard Business Review,


Initial Research on Positive Prime by the Institute for Applied Positive Research led by Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan

Based upon our initial research Positive Prime has the potential to quickly and effectively positively prime an individual user to create a positive mindset that results in potential improvements to health outcomes, educational outcomes, mood, energy, stress response and business outcomes. In partnership with the Institute for Applied Positive Research founded by Michelle Gielan and Shawn Achor, we have begun testing the impact of a single Positive Prime program upon an end user. Our first study was to determine if a single program could have an impact upon mood both immediately and hours later. We were unsurprised, based on previous research, to see that a positive prime of 1.5 seconds per image for 3 minutes resulted in higher positive mood immediately, but we were impressed that there was a statistically significant improvement of mood 6 – 8 hours after initial exposure (11% increased likelihood of reporting a positive day compared to the negative and neutral Positive Prime program).

We then tested explicit (consciously aware) and implicit (similar to unconscious) memory. In short, we found that between 27-48% of the content was consciously remembered and that the content was retained even an hour later. This is good for any thought leaders who wanted an effective and efficient vehicle for delivering their content. But more exciting from a research perspective, a single 3 minute Positive Prime program positively impacted the unconscious thinking patterns of the user. For example, if the user an hour later was provided PRO_______ and then asked to fill in the word, a Positive Prime user was significantly more likely to finish the stem with a positive word like “protect” instead of “problem” (negative) or “program” neutral. This links to an entire body of research showing that when the mind is positive, a whole host of positive impacts can occur.

Our next steps are to 1) determine how multiple program for a subscribed user affects their outcomes, 2) expand beyond memory and mood to stress, energy, productivity, sales, customer service at call centers, likelihood of following up with a doctor or therapist, stress before a medical exam, performance on a standardized test, recidivism rates, etc. the list goes on and on, but we are starting with how Positive Prime impacts decision making (discounting) which has broad implications for financial planning and career advancement, and 3) how personalizing the Positive Prime experience impacts the outcomes.

Shawn’s Videos

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Replacing Self-fulfilling Prophecies
With Desired Outcomes

The way you are predisposed to your future determines what you do and how you act in the present. Expectations and beliefs you have about yourself, your capabilities, and the world around you, sometimes work as a self-fulfilling prophecy, resulting in the so-called Galathea Effect, Pygmalion Effect, or the famous Placebo effect.

The first and most important lesson we learn from scientific studies, like Paul Gilbert’s 2011 research [9], is how our mind unintentionally deceives us daily. These mental deceptions are known as cognitive distortions. They distort our perception of reality, triggering feelings of negativity and pessimism.

One of the examples is Unhappy guessing [10] – most probably, you have no idea what will happen tomorrow, but your emotions still tempt you to predict doom and gloom. The worst thing is that it can turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy, and instead of knowing that your expectation and negative attitude caused the failure, you’ll simply strengthen your unhappy guess with false proof that it was inevitable. Whether you’re worried about a job meeting, or a personal matter, your negative attitude can lower your self-esteem and guarantee a fiasco.

By being as realistic as you can, you channel the appropriate amount of energy to the situation and handle it accordingly without making things harder for yourself.

Stressing about the worst-case scenario only makes it harder to face the situation and find the solution. This makes you view the world through a negative lens which has an enormous impact on your thoughts. Thoughts are extremely powerful as they can convince us that the worst-case scenario is surely what is going to happen.

Then the self-fulfilling prophecy cycle kicks in, and you might get the actual evidence that your negative scenarios were true. Negative evidence is very similar to negative thoughts – it covers up all the other positivity existing in your life, leaving only a negative lens and making you struggle with self-worth and trusting yourself.

The solution is that instead of dwelling on negative predictions about the uncertain future, trust in yourself, and remember all the evidence where you successfully handled difficult situations. If you were able to do it once, you’ll be able to do it again.

We are extremely careful about the images we curate and the reasons why. Your mind is simultaneously relaxed and fully engaged in the moment, effortlessly integrating the positive ideas presented in each session.

As a result, each session draws forth the valuable resources within you, helping you use your intelligence to create an effective automatic response as opportunities present themselves.

The Law Of Attraction –
Positivity Births Health, Success, And Happiness

According to Neuroscience [11], there are structures in your brain called Mirror Neurons, responsible for recognizing and mirroring other’s gestures, speech patterns, or attitudes. That’s what makes you yawn when somebody yawns. And that’s also why a smile is contagious.

Even when you see a photo, your mood and thinking pattern, even your posture, might change accordingly.

To go even further, according to a famous powerhouse researcher, Dr. Amy Cuddy [12], the “Superhero Pose” – shoulders straightened, chest opened, hands on hips – actually produces hormones in your body that make you feel more powerful.

This very knowledge is also used by great negotiators. You might have heard about a technique called “Mirroring” – a process of consciously repeating words or imitating the posture of a person you’re talking to, showing them that you completely understand and know what they’re talking about.

Positive Prime sessions rely on the mirror neurons to bring carefully phrased empowering statements, gorgeous imagery, and uplifting music to your non-conscious brain. Through mirror neurons, your mind recognizes these positive signals and generates natural chemicals in your body responsible for a better emotional engagement.

This means, by being Positively Primed, you boost your brain’s capability to process information, make a better judgement, and be more productive. As a result, you get the most out of opportunities and are more likely to achieve greater success in life.

But the benefits don’t stop here. As a result, you’ll create a magnetic, worry-free personality that attracts people wherever you go. Positive Prime is a technology for anybody who wants to wake up every morning with a feeling of fulfilment, ready to pursue the life they truly desire.

Embrace The Change

The hardest and most important choice people make through a journey of personal development is the very first decision. The decision to step forward and act.

While we can provide you with every essential resource and tool to support your journey, we can’t really influence whether you accept our offer and join our community.

This choice depends entirely on your willpower and acknowledging your problems, visualizing the pathway to happiness, and deciding to act on it.

Try Positive Prime for yourself and join 200,000 people who already took their first brave step toward a life without irrational worries and unnecessary emotional burdens. It’s time to find the superhuman within you.

The Brain At Its Best Solving Issues
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