Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Positive Prime?

It is a simple, inspiring, and convenient way to transform your mindset and habits. Positive Prime will become your go-to tool anytime you need to be uplifted, motivated, inspired, encouraged, and supported in any goal you have! Oh, and the technology is grounded in Neuroscience and the principles of Positive Psychology.

It’s designed to help you reprogram your subconscious mind to think positively and proactively. Positive Prime was created with most powerfully curated emotional visions, affirmations and music.

Check out this video of Kim Serafini, our founder, explaining Positive Prime:

Q: How does Positive Prime work?

Each session helps you use your mind’s capability to its fullest and transition to your desired positive mental state. Positive Prime is like meditation but simpler. Instead of choosing the long and complicated way people master meditation practices, we use modern technologies to simplify and enhance your experience.

Simply enjoy a 3-minute visual meditation session, based on relaxation techniques like visualization and guided imagery. You are invited to visualize positive, peaceful settings from a beautiful beach or a serene meadow to personalized images – selected by you – that bring you joy.

Immediately after you sign up and log in to the Positive Prime platform, you get access to our library of carefully designed and curated visual and audio materials that enable you to choose, create, and personalize any session to maximize your experience.

Each session helps you use your mind’s capability to its fullest and helps you transition to the positive mental state you desire.

Watching a 3-minute session a day is all you need to achieve up to 8 hours of focus, relaxation, and productivity. 

By making this a habit, you’ll significantly improve your mental and physical health, resulting in a better all-round life experience and even achieving your big audacious goals.

Q: What is a Positive Prime “Session?”

A Positive Prime “session” is a short audio-visual presentation that has carefully designed and curated visual and audio to help inspire and reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind to think positively and proactively.

It’s almost like a vision board with amazing photos and phrases on steroids. Sessions have been created by high achievers and leaders like Jack Canfield, Shawn Achor, Paul Sheele, Joe Vitale, and many more experts and thinkers. 

Q: How is Positive Prime different from meditation or other mindset-type apps?

The biggest difference is that you can watch a Positive Prime session in 3 – 5 minutes a day and start to notice some immediate results.

You don’t have to spend 20 – 25 minutes meditating, much less learning how to meditate if you’re a beginner. It’s actually simpler than meditating.

We created Positive Prime specifically to give you a faster way to change your thoughts, emotions and help you live a happier, healthier life.

Q: What device can I use to get started?

Easy! Grab your preferred device, get comfortable and log in to our platform.

Watch Positive Prime in the privacy of your home, office or anywhere you want – just 3 minutes a day.

We strongly recommend avoiding distractions like music, television, or social media while watching a session.

Q: How difficult is the technology to learn?

It’s super simple. Once you log in on the device of your choice, you will be taken to your dashboard.

You will see a welcome video that will help you navigate easily.  There will be a list of categories on the left.

Each category is filled with several different sessions by experts that are available for you to watch.

Our tech team made this as easy for you as possible so you can get started right away. And if you ever have any questions, our amazing customer care team is happy to help – 

Q: Is Positive Prime based on science?

We believe most people give up and decide to ignore their issues because they don’t have a credible backed-by-science solution that’s also very easy to follow.

After realizing that traditional stress-relief or mindfulness solutions weren’t sufficient and accessible for everybody, we decided to gather data from highly effective neuroscientific, cognitive and positive psychology methods.

By creating worldwide access to our technology, we enable millions of people to achieve mental harmony. For more information check out more on the science here.

Q: When will I see the first results?

Immediately after you watch your first session, you’ll notice changes in your mood, energy, and focus.

Go on with your day with the positivity gained from your first 3-minute session, and observe your daily tasks to see the difference between your previous experiences and your super-charged, positively primed state.

After finishing a 10-day trial, you’ll know everything about how Positive Prime works to decide whether you want to implement this technology in your life.

Try out Positive Prime for yourself and notice the difference – Get Started Here.

Q: What’s the frequency that I need to watch a Positive Prime session for the most benefit?

You simply need to watch one session for as little as 3 minutes a day.  If you want to supercharge yourself, you could watch a video once you wake and one before you go to sleep. There are also many other features to watch. For example, you can speed sessions up or slow them down. There are many benefits to your subconscious mind when you speed up a session.

Because of our expert technology, the music in the session will always stay at the same speed. It’s just the video that speeds up. Also, your conscious mind will want to read everything on the screen, which is totally fine when you first start. Keep in mind. Your subconscious will achieve the same results or greater when it’s at a faster speed because it can take in much more than your conscious mind. 

Q: What’s the best speed to watch a session?

Each session as a speed gage at the bottom. When you’re first starting out, we recommend that you watch it between sweep 1 – 3. Once you get used to watching it at that speed, gradually start to play your sessions at a faster speed.

You can also set a time limit to watch each session. We recommend going at your own pace.

The more you watch, the better you will feel. We recommend at least once a day. Our members tell us they watch it for at least 3 – 5 minutes in the morning and before bed to get the best results.   

Q: Is Positive Prime just a video or short movie?

Nope. When you choose a session you will be watching is a very sophisticated video of highly curated photos, phrases, and music.

And if you decided you like a session and want to watch it repeatedly each day (We highly encourage that!), every time you watch it, the photos and phrases will be in a different order. That’s done on purpose because of the sophistication in our technology.

The goal is to help your subconscious brain and give you the best possible day-to-day and cumulative results from watching sessions.

Q: How can you guarantee the results?

Working closely with scientists, we trust in numbers and statistics. Over 200,000 people have used Positive Prime, and studies show a significant enhancement in their productivity, energy, and physical health.

According to studies, on average, a person who regularly uses Positive Prime benefits from 31% more productivity, 25% greater performance, and 23% more energy. As a result, they significantly improve their career life, enjoying a 40% higher chance to receive a promotion or 37% higher sales.

Furthermore, our ongoing research suggests a 39% improvement in health, 50% lower chance of heart disease, and 23% lower stress levels.

Q: Does Positive Prime work for everyone?

Positive Prime is on a mission to create a simple and effective pathway to success and happiness that’s accessible to everyone around the globe.

While anybody could benefit from implementing Positive Prime sessions in their daily life, people with a precise goal in mind would notice results most clearly.

For example, those who want to boost their career life and receive a promotion, start a successful business, or have a simple goal like finding the motivation to lose weight and get in shape, will find it easier to achieve desired results much faster.

Most importantly, Positive Prime is a great choice for life and performance coaches who want to bring change to not only in their lives but also their clients.

Q: Can I design my own Positive Prime session?

When you sign up for a free trial you will be able to start adding your own personal photos into any of the sessions you watch straight away.

This supercharges the experience and is one of the best features of our Positive Prime Membership.

If you would like to become a contributing Author, like Jack Canfield, Dana Wilde, or Marissa Pier, and completely design your own session, please check out this page for more information about how that works.

The price for this WILL go up in the coming months as we add and change some of our programs.

Q: How much does Positive Prime cost?

We love this question because it’s always an opportunity to help expand your mindset. Positive Prime is not a cost. This is an INVESTMENT in yourself and in what we created with Positive Prime.

It’s a unique tool that will help you change your thoughts, mindset and your feelings. Plus, by doing this it will help you achieve your financial, health, wellness, and business goals. (And it will help you achieve it even if you don’t have goals!)

Why not try out a 10-day Free Trial followed by a monthly subscription plan of $19. Or you can join our annual plan for just $199.

If you are ready join thousands of other Positive Primers and take a positive step now to a better you, a better outlook on life then Get Started here.

Q: I need some technical help please?

If you’re already a member – use this link to login. And use your login details.

If you’re having issues watching a session, it’s mostly due to your internet speed. 

1. If there are interruptions — We’d suggest that do SLOW down the speed all the way to 1 or 2, as the FIRST step in streamlining your experience.

2. When there are “glitches” or “internet connection problems” — IF you have only 3 – 5 minutes to watch a PositivePrime Session, you are better off watching it on Speed 2 or 3, and then simply pressing Dashboard to exit or closing the browser” — when you want to – rather than watching all the way to the end on a faster speed…

If you need any other help –  we’re here for you – happy to help you! Please reach out to our Customer Care Team –

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