Stories We Love to Share

We’re not massive fans of the endless scroll…
In fact, Positive Prime is an antidote to a lot of modern technology that steals our attention, leaving us in those negative and sometimes nasty moods. But just this once, we’re totally cool if you take a scroll down Positive Prime Lane and check out the inspirational stories from our community. 
The real secret we share is that we all embrace Positive Prime Sessions in our own unique way. Whether that’s sharing the technology with a client to support their recovery, discovering a new morning ritual that kicks off with your personalised Sessions, or preparing to take the stage at the biggest event of your life … we use a versatile, on-demand platform for all occasions, challenges, opportunities and walks of life.  

Learn from the various challenges we have overcome and the potential futures we embrace, one thing is for sure, our members don’t just become fans of Positive Prime, they become family. We hope you will join us soon and we get to hear your story and inspiration.

Scroll down to meet a few of the Primers fam…

“After only two days I’m already looking forward to using it again and how I will feel after my session.”

Jana Danielson

“Positive Prime gets me off to a great start each day and is a wonderful boost to my mental and physical state. Overall, the sessions have helped me achieve a more positive focus and outlook in life, opening me up to amazing new opportunities, while minimising the negativity in my life.” 

Michael Sepate

“As a Psychologist, Positive Prime has allowed me to co-create #sessions with my clients. My training and certification as a Positive Prime Professional has enhanced my effectiveness in supporting people through their change journeys.

But more than that, it has been my own “Go-To” when I need to prime my brain to feel whole, rejuvenated, and re-aligned with my own ‘best’ capacity.”

Margaret Evanow

“Thanks to Positive Prime I felt calm and confident when I strode onto the TEDx stage. It was January 2021. I had been watching Positive Prime sessions for less than a month. As the group of speakers gathered for the full day of rehearsals, people who’ve known me for years commented on how calm I was.

The next day I totally rocked my talk. My “stage” was in Las Vegas and the day after the talk I started watching a session called “Positive Prosperity.” That night I rocked a machine in the casino, doubling my money. Was that just good karma?

My last day in Las Vegas, I watched the same session, went back to the same machine, and doubled my money again. Who knows? I feel happy and confident sharing my Positive Prime invitation with others. Thanks to Positive Prime I have “Positive Things” to talk about.”

Jackie Simmons

Best-selling author, TedX Speaker, Radio Host, and co-founder of the Teen Suicide Prevention Society

“Just before going to sleep one night I watched my very first Positive Prime Session. I ran it at the slowest speed and allowed the images and words to soak in. The next morning, at the moment between sleep and awakening, I witnessed with astonishment my very first thoughts of the day were of a completely different nature. They were filled with kindness, they were friendlier, even luminous! It was then I realised the power of this technology. 

The experience helped me to understand the fundamental importance of working with the ‘contents’ of my mind and the power I have to make a change. 

Positive Prime is another tool I can use to help me work through limiting beliefs and once I come to understand what my obstacles are I can choose a relevant Session to help me rewire.”

Caroline Haverkort