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Positive Prime Flow of the Week


To all the incredible caregivers out there, remember: taking care of yourself is just as important as the care you give to others.

Our Positive Prime Flow for this week is dedicated to this very message.


Caring for the Caregiver: Caring for Self by Donna Harmony-Jones is a Positive Prime session that reminds you to nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

Whether you’re a professional caregiver or looking after a loved one, this session is designed to help you find balance and ensure you’re giving yourself the care you truly deserve.

Positive ChangeMakers around the Globe


Our Positive Changemakers of the Week: Professor Jon Pokorski and the UC San Diego Research Team

They’ve come up with a cool new kind of plastic that can break down in just about five months if left in compost. It’s made by adding special bacteria to a common type of plastic used in things like shoes and memory foam cushions. This smart tweak means the plastic can decompose on its own without needing extra help, which is great news for our planet!

Something to Ponder On:


When you hit a mental block, try stepping outside.

The open space can spark a surge of inspiration, giving your thoughts room to wander and grow. Plus, the added benefits of vitamin D, a boost to your immune system, and a rush of endorphins can all help rejuvenate your body and mind.

So, whenever you feel overwhelmed, remember that a little fresh air might just be the space your ideas need to flourish.

Spark of Inspiration:

Life isn’t just about waiting for the next big thing.

Don’t waste your single years longing for love, your workdays dreaming of promotions, or family time wishing for more. These things will come when they’re meant to. Meanwhile, enjoy what’s right in front of you.

I’m not saying don’t strive to be better. As you work towards personal growth and set future goals, remember not to overlook the joys and lessons embedded in the present.

Remember, your present isn’t just a stepping stone; it’s the foundation of your future. Cherish it, and you’ll build a life full of memories you’ll love looking back on.

Did You Know?

Despite its popularity, typical farm-raised chicken may not be as healthy as we think. Fed on a diet high in grains and antibiotics, these chickens have more omega-6 fatty acids, which can promote inflammation, and less of the beneficial omega-3s and nutrients compared to their pasture-raised counterparts.

Meanwhile, grass-fed beef, richer in nutrients and lower in harmful fats, might just be the better option. Studies show no clear link between saturated fat in grass-fed beef and heart disease.

Click here to read more about this.

Positivity Reels to Elevate Your Spirit

The TRUTH about jealousy by Mel Robbins

Jealousy isn’t just a negative emotion—it’s a roadmap to your desires! Mel Robbins teaches us to use jealousy as a signal, not a setback. It highlights what we truly want by showing us where we aim our attention.

Neuroscience & Flow – Happiness, Health & Community – FREE workshop in Noosa

Join us in Noosa for an exciting exploration into the latest neuroscience research from the Brain Computer Interface Lab at the University of Technology Sydney. Discover how simple it is to achieve a healthy flow state with the DIY formula I’ve developed, backed by decades in wellness and positive psychology.

Gentle Reminders:


Every challenge faced, every goal reached, and every obstacle overcome carves out a stronger, wiser, more resilient version of ourselves.

Let’s cherish our journeys and the incredible growth that comes with them. Because in the end, the greatest prize we can win is becoming the best version of ourselves.

Just for Laugh:


Here’s a relatable meme to lighten the mood and make you chuckle!

Discussion Time:


Monday Motivation:


Just remember, you’re not just special, you’re ewe-nique!

Sheep happens, but with your wooly resilience and steadfast spirit, no hurdle is too high or field too vast. Let’s keep trotting forward, showing the world just how strong and courageous you are.

Let’s leap to success and herd away challenges, making every step count on our journey to greatness! You’re truly one of a kind—never forget that!

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