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Positive Prime Flow of the Week


Transform your habits, transform your life

We’re excited to launch our new Positive Prime session.

Welcome to the ‘Wisdom Series,’ where we bring to life lessons and affirmations from beloved books.

Kickstarting our series is ‘Life Lessons from Atomic Habits by James Clear.’

Positive ChangeMakers around the Globe


Our Positive Changemakers of the Week: Melinda Gates has announced a groundbreaking commitment of $1 billion aimed at empowering women’s rights and extending support to families, including initiatives for young men.

This move isn’t just about funding; it’s about opening doors, breaking barriers, and building a future where every individual has the chance to succeed. It’s about strengthening communities and nurturing the next generation of leaders.

What are your thoughts on how this could change the game for women and young men in our communities?

Something to Ponder On:


Don’t leave anything for later.
Later, the coffee gets cold.
Later, you lose interest.
Later, the day turns into night.
Later, people grow up.
Later, people grow old.
Later, life goes by.
Later, you regret not doing something…And you had a chance.


Spark of Inspiration:

Everybody knows the iconic Simon & Garfunkel song, “Hello darkness, my old friend…” but do you know the amazing story behind the first line of The Sounds of Silence?

At Columbia University, Art Garfunkel met Sandy Greenberg, bonding over music and books. Their friendship was tested when Sandy was diagnosed with severe glaucoma and faced blindness. Art refused to let Sandy face this alone, flying to Buffalo to bring him back to college and promising to be his guide.

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Did You Know?

In 2005, Rutgers researchers conducted a series of double-blind studies. Participants were given one of three gifts: a decorative candle, a fruit basket, or a floral bouquet, under the guise of thanking them for participating in a mood study. The real test was to capture their immediate reactions. Results showed that flowers uniquely induced a genuine Duchenne smile—encompassing the mouth, cheeks, and eyes. Even three days later, the flower recipients remained happier than those who received other gifts, suggesting a profound emotional impact from flowers.

Do the scents of flowers make you happy? What other smells bring you joy?

Positivity Reels to Elevate Your Spirit

Stop Negotiating Your Identity | One of the Best Motivational Speeches by Brene Brown

In a world that constantly pressures us to fit in, it’s easy to forget the importance of staying true to ourselves. Brene Brown’s insights remind us that our worth and sense of belonging shouldn’t be compromised to meet others’ expectations.

Exploring Our Strengths to Access the Flow State by Kim Serafini

Understanding and embracing our strengths not only helps us live in flow but also empowers us to overcome mental barriers and thrive.

Gentle Reminders:


May you find the strength to hold on through the tough times, trusting that better days are ahead.

And when the moment comes, may you have the wisdom to let go of what no longer serves you, making room for new opportunities and happiness.

Remember, you are capable and strong, and whatever you choose, it will lead you to your best self.

Just for Laugh:


Here’s a relatable meme to lighten the mood and make you chuckle!

Discussion Time:


Monday Motivation:


Always remember, you’re the bear-y best!

As we embark on this coming week, remember to bear-lieve in yourself!

Keep shining and be un-bear-ably brilliant.

Each step you take is a paw-sitive move towards your goals.

Stay tuned for more inspirational content next week!

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