Barbara Fredrickson – Broaden & Build Theory

When you are watching Sessions you will notice that one of the intentions and desired outcomes is positive emotions for the viewer. There’s a precise reason why. Your minds deserve to benefit from the Broaden & Build Effect. What’s more, you will notice many images that relate and role-model micro-moments of connection for the good of your Vagus Nerve. We would recommend you read Barbara Fredrickson Ph.D.’s “Love 2.0 and investigate her work further. These two videos are essential.

Books by Barbara Fredrickson

Barbara is the author of Positivity (2009), a general-audience book that draws on her own research and that of other social scientists.  She also released a new book in January 2013, Love 2.0, which discusses the supreme emotion of love, micro-moments of connection as well as how love can affect your biological and cellular make-up over time

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