Create A Prosperous Abundant  Future Using Positive Priming

Access Your Mind Power!

Claim The Prize & The Power of POSITIVE PRIMING

For Yourself  & Help Make It Available for Others!

Please join us to find out about how you can reap the benefits from this unique opportunity.


This is an extraordinary tool for mental health & wellness.


This enables you as you help everyone get the results they want and need.


This facilitates & supports you, so that others “feel” your passion…


The process of assisting others to edit a Session with a private collection of photos provides opportunities to further clarify the potential & possibilities for clients.


 – First Mover Advantage
– Early Bird Worms


This allows you to help others to achieve their goals with greater ease, joy, speed & natural ability…


Allow your message to resonate at a more profound level & ensure it’s integrated into the “other-than-consciousness” of your audience (clients, members, participants). The Sessions’ delivery & secret causes accelerates learning and reinforces the essence of the key & poignant suggestions, advice, recommendations, instructions & other provocative content.


You’ll feel even more fantastic, as you dramatically and powerfully change people’s lives for the better.

You are invited!

Please join us, as we hit it out of the ballpark for the

Future of Coaching, Training & Development, Mental Wellbeing,
Human Potential Evolution & Peak Performance

If you want to ‘dive in’ and learn more about the power of Positive Priming 

Watch this 2 minute video providing a short overview & introduction:

This Message is for:

Managers, Leaders, Therapists, Counselors, Coaches, Mentors, Trainers, Speakers, Authors, Network Marketing Pros, Direct Sellers, and Spa Owners, Retreat Centre Owners, Beauty Salon Owners, Health Club Owners, Wellbeing Business Owners, Charity Founders, Church Trustees, Energy Healers, Fitness Instructors & Yoga Teachers…

If you are a fellow transformational teacher, change champion, personal development devotee, enlightened entrepreneur this is most definitely a message of value for you too…

If you know anyone who considers themselves in one of the areas above, copy this website page link & share it with them…It’s a generous way to pay it forward. We’re sure they’ll want to get the news & be a part of leveraging the bargains & maximise the potential of Early Bird Timing.

We have an extraordinary opportunity for you and it’s limited & time-sensitive!

Kim Serafini’s Positive Priming Sessions are featured on Oprah’s 21 Days to a Happier Life series with Shawn Achor

We love sharing

We want you to take advantage of what we’re doing & offering for your own good & those of your audience. We want you to “make it your own too”.

Your audience could be readers, students, staff, members of an association, team or club, patients, participants in a program or clients.

We believe that Positive Prime will be one of the *next really big stories”.

**We have an awesome tool for anyone who uses it that encourages them to be their best, with their brains at their best.**

The experience of learning and changing via this neuroscientific audio-visual Session is revolutionary!

The proprietary formula used to create content & and the innovative tool designed to deliver it does ensure that anyone can upgrade, improve, grow & change in any area of their life very quickly. The process is rapid. The changes are enduring. They occur at a fundamental level – consciously, sub-consciously, unconsciously and other-than-consciously!

It's enjoyable and simple. It's also affordable and easily available.

Via this tool, that we call a Positive Prime Session (which is like an engaging & very sophisticated slide show) we can provide an infinite number of subjects & topics.

We suggest EVERYONE becomes a “user” or a member BEFORE they consider a Professional Journey with us.

When a thought leader wants to share hteir own messages & content via this method – then we engage in a Professional Relationship.

For those who want to join us in teaching & spreading the message we also have Certification

For those who want to create a business consulting we also have a Authorised Consultant Program.

For those who want to introduce & embed a Positive Prime Program within an organisation we also have an Accreditation Process.

There are many pathways to choose from.

We start by learning “What is Positive Priming? Why is it powerful? What value does it serve? How does it happen? Why do we “do it” via this tool? What are the benefits? What are the principles that underpin it’s efficacy.

Then we co-create content together to share with the world.

We can go as far as develop a “mirror” of an APP for you with YOUR branding for your audience if that appeals.

If that’s one of the end goals – then we can offer our “App” for you…

Read on to find out much more!

If you were to create your own app… how much time do you think it would take you?

If you were to create your app, that you can use in coaching or team training or as a product that you can sell along with your book as a complementary piece, how much would it cost you?

I suspect it would “drain” you of THOUSANDS of hours… and 10s of thousands of dollars… I’m sure you understand & appreciate the pain. I’ve been actively involved in this “play / game / business” for OVER 8 years… AND I’ve paid some VERY VERY hefty prices in making mistakes & learning the lessons the HARD and excruciatingly expensive way…


Imagine YOU have your own version of the “new & improved” Positive Prime  APP with your ‘wrapping’ (they call this is a *white label* opportunity) – your own branded duplicate of the Positive Prime APP, so that you connect 24/7 with your clients / guests / audience / viewers / students / members / staff / team; and that connection is empowering and meaningful…

How COOL ?!?!

It gives you a tool that you can share with others… that positively primes them… motivates them.. and reinforces your messages… that educates & inspires AND provides the physical benefits that come from having a regular Positive Priming Experience… which is “delivered” via watching a Session… that is a SESSION that is your OWN… (according to our scientifically validated & proprietary formula) reinforcing the essence of YOUR own brand duplicate of the Positive Prime App…


We can and will be offering this now…

You have a narrow window to pre-order & take this chance…

The Power In You

– harnessing the Positive Prime Platform & then choosing to advance as a Authorised Consultant

Momentum for the Movement Will Build

Make money and a positive difference that’s enduring, deep and meaningful. Together with like-minded professionals let’s enjoy health, happiness, and success, whilst passionately & purposefully powering a magnificent movement.

We’re a truly great group of inspiring people making everything brighter for everyone.

Cash in now with us on extremely fast-moving & popular trends with modern technology brings to life the ancient wisdom for mind, body & soul wellness. Capitalise on the rising attention of all things “brain science” and “mindfulness”.

Be Powerful

Ignite your career & life while being more powerful as you help others & give them an advanced approach to unlock their greatest potential with a scientifically researched & validated program delivered via POSITIVE PRIME.

A Better World

Dive in to find out how you could become a part of a growing group of amazing experts committed to making the world a kinder place, in which we are all focused on our strengths and we sleep with peace of mind…

We are forever appreciative of the faith people place in us to be a part of their lifestyles and we will continue to honour this rare & precious relationship.

Facilitating Change

These experts are experienced trainers, coaches, leaders, therapists, healers, social workers & personal development specialists, and self-improvement speakers & authors; all of us creating spectacular & infinite possibilities.

Unique First Mover

We are all part of a Professional Community who are in a unique position with a first-mover advantage. We start the journey towards becoming a Certified Positive Prime Professional who uses Positive Prime and arriving as an Authorised Consultant working in partnership with us.


We are becoming increasingly more influential in this fast-pace world of fellow “healthtech start ups” like Headspace, Calm, Happify, BetterUp…

Do you want to feature as we take the power of Positive Priming to new heights?

If you want to be a part of something that’s MUCH BIGGER than each of us and when combined, we are a force that is breath-taking to fathom…

Don’t miss this chance!

Advanced Features: Measurements & Reports

Track your Positive progress.

Contribute to one of the largest research studies in the world!

*When you create an account and complete your profile, you can unlock advanced feature in tracking and reporting the changes you feel after watching your Positive Prime Session.

You will see how you’re changing real time!!

Early Access to all the tools to grow your business
and help your clients by using Positive Prime

Laptop screen with app


Your own version branded version to support your clients.

Branded mobile and web app

Your own version branded version to support your clients.

Dashboard performance metrics

See how your team is performing and adjust your plans accordingly

Marketing Support

Get support from Kim Serafini and her marketing team

Peer and community support

See how your team is performing and adjust your plans accordingly

Positive Prime
Even Better




If you too are ready to be an early bird we would encourage you to join us for a conversation via zoom where you’ll learn more about:

The Rationale of Positive Priming

Driving this positive psychology & neuroscience program

Succeeding with this technological revolution

Becoming even more effective & efficient

Leveraging this innovation

The Professional Package: Certification

Profiting from perfect timing

Ensuring clients benefit

Getting your own app

Positioning yourself as an Authority

Boosting your brand & business

Getting Started

You’re Taken Care Of

We will teach you what you need to know & arm you with the resources necessary to confidently claim your prize – a thriving & prosperous position in this emerging industry.

As an important member of our Professional Community, you will have fun too, as we go through a step-by-step process dedicated to making the world BRIGHTER. By “brighter” we mean intellectually, with the ability to be adaptable & resilient plus creative & clever as well as “brighter” in terms of our disposition, attitude & way of showing up to shine!

  • You will learn how & why this daily exercise makes someone smarter!
  • You will learn how & why this experience changes our beliefs, attitudes & habits!


You know the feeling you have when the future seems brighter? Well, it starts with positive priming. And, what’s really exciting is that we can “get it” – in only 3 minutes a day. We can supercharge it too!

A positive prime is “something” that you do to prepare yourself. It impacts your brain & your body. It has a ripple effect. There’s a remarkable amount of fantastic research – medically, scientifically and within business case studies.

We know that if you’re a trainer, teacher, author or speaker and you share your message within a positive prime, the audience is more likely to remember and put into practice more of the insights, advice, suggestions.

Join us with this exciting and exclusive invitation. It could be the breakthrough you have been searching for.

We are looking for a select group of motivated and passionate leaders to become Ambassadors for the Power & Science of Positive Priming.

Allow yourself to imagine having a huge impact, with a first-mover advantage as you harness the exhilarating trends in the rise of this fast-paced opportunity. Take your slice of the “Tech Wealth Cake”… and ride this monumental wave in the field of wholesome wellness, mindfulness, positive psychology, neuroscience, accelerated learning, emotional intelligence.

SHORT window of opportunity

Inspire those you care about – your family, friends, team members or staff and clients.

This proven program works with any audience, in any industry or culture.

It has been embraced by corporations, universities, governments, celebrity athletes, winning sporting teams, healthcare institutions, #1 New York Times’ best-selling authors, global thought leaders, famous professional speakers, Hollywood Stars, Coaches, therapists, social workers, change management specialists and small business owners.

Empower others to overcome their biggest challenges and achieve their most ambitious goals – whilst creating an extraordinary life you love living and enjoying the income too.

You will receive self-guided, self-paced learning, Group, live + real support both online and in-person

Tools that will astound your clients

The system is designed to give you what you need to rapidly transform your life and keep the momentum going. You’ll then be perfectly positioned to really help others too.

Worldwide opportunity.

If you own a business or have a desire to, having your own Positive Prime APP that shares your message and provides help can give you immediate credibility, attract your perfect clients, and establish a foundation for multiple sources of income…

Not to mention, you can positively impact the world on a HUGE scale.

And — it’s not hard (when you know how), and you are supported by a world-class team devoted to your excellence.

Time freedom, financial freedom, and the ability to make a huge worldwide impact are available
to you.

Sound interesting?

Join us.

If you’ve truly been looking for that thing to finally unlock financial independence for you, or at the very least add an additional stream of passive income in your life,
you’ve found it.

These Experts have all worked with Kim
to co-create an extraordinary tool for transformation:
a Positive Prime Session

Jack Canfield

Multiple New York Times bestselling author, and founder Chicken Soup for the Sou

Rena Romano

Bestselling author and world-renowned speaker

David Avocado Wolfe

American entrepreneur, author, and product spokesman

Marci Shimoff

New York Times bestselling author, a world-renowned transformational teacher

Joe Vitale

Spiritual teacher best known for his appearance in the movie, The Secret, and as the author of The Attractor Factor, and Zero Limits

Will You Be Next?

Let’s make it happen – together!
Explore this exclusive program.

Positive Prime Is a Support for teams and clients in any industry

Travel & Tourism

Airline Inflight Entertainment Destination Visualization

Personal Development

Encourages positive thoughts, habits and behaviours


Accelerated Learning Platform Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Authors and Thought Leaders

Summarises Key Message
and Content

Coaches & Personal Trainers

Combined branding & service delivery training tool


Publishing Mindset of Elite athletes and Sports Professionals

Corporations & Learning

Accelerated Learning Platform plus key corporate messaging platform

Medical & Healthcare

Specific Research Based Applications

Shape The Future

IMAGINE a future that’s even more fabulous, if an AI-enabled Positive Prime Session showed you the right content given your current state of physiology, and within the context of your day’s demands. We propose that your mind would help you to TRHIVE in this wonderful new world, at peak performance levels with extraordinary (outlier) levels of resilience! We are heading towards this outcome, and you will be a part of the ways we embed & deliver future technologies….

Sessions Viewed

Positively Primed Members

Sessions Available

Contributing Experts


Begin the Professional Journey

See What’s Available:

Positive Priming Certification

is valued @ $1,997

Annual Professional Development Program

 is valued @ $1,997

Marketing & Promotional Support Package

is valued @ $997

Business Building Mentoring
is valued @ $9,997 
Annual Commercial Listing in the Main Store
is valued @ $997 
Virtual Management Dashboard & Direct Messaging Software

is valued @ $4,997

Collection of Authorised Consultant Resources
is valued @ $4,497
Your Positive Prime Session
is valued at $4,997
Your Branded App

is valued @ $15,000

API - Player For Your Website / Membership Site

is valued @ $4,997

Contact us for current pricing & “early bird action bonuses”

We have 10 different packages one that will be perfect for you.

Apply for the written guide.

Send a Message

Interested in the package but you have some more questions? We’re just an email away.

Serafini Mind Spa’s Unique Retreat in Australia in 


Please Contact Us for More Information

Because we believe in camaraderie, true connections, meaningful community taking care of ourselves (honest self-love) and masterminding together, for a fortunate few, we will HOST YOU*as a personal guest at:

Serafini Mind Spa’s Unique Retreat In Bali or Australia in September 2021

Heavenly Environment, Superb Service, Luxurious Accomodation, Fabulous Meals, VIP Transfers, Exquisite Massage, Extraordinary Spiritual Healings, Sensational Coaching & more.

*Anybody who becomes our client will go in the draw to win an “ALL EXPENSE PAID” trip to either Serafini Mind SPA in Bali or Serafini Mind SPA in Australia.

Conditions Apply: This opportunity is integrated within the affiliate program & results from Subscriptions sales.
More details are provided to Professionals

10 Signs This Is Right For You

The truth is, being at the leading edge of a movement that transforms the way we deliver messages & learn & change & help others is not right for everyone (despite what some may say!)… Being a Positive Prime Expert – as a Coach, Therapist, Author, Speaker or Consultant takes vision, courage, curiosity and an open mind and an open heart. It takes someone who is passionate about making a positive, meaningful and long-lasting contribution.

When that’s you, then this could be the ideal Professional program to participate in and help to drive. It’s a perfect stone on the pathway to making a substantial living and impact as a successful facilitator or catalyst for peak performance, joy & health.

If you say yes to what’s below then this is right for you:

Kim Serafini

Best Selling Author, International Keynote Speaker,
Executive Coach, Start-Up Consultant

Kim Serafini is an international entrepreneur, bestselling author, world-class speaker and creator of Positive Prime.

​Kim’s experiences in Change Management, her remarkable ability to engage with the world’s top executives and her passion for helping people improve their lives led to intense personal research on how our mind influences our habits and results and development of Positive Prime, a combination of the most powerful techniques proven to help people harness the power of the mind to create everything they want in their lives.

​Kim is also founder of the i am gr8ful club, a resource of positivity, gratitude and empowerment – Kim lives up to her title of The Queen of Gratitude

Right Now It’s Over to You,

It’s your perfect time…

You are reading this for a great reason. You have an important message to share with a wider audience in a way that’s truly powerful. ​ And, if you’re want to do that with the most supportive mentors, the most successful colleagues, the ultimate methodology & tool, and a global community to challenge and champion you on your rise to fame & fortune, then JUMP with hands up in the air…

Grow Your Business

With Positive prime

In just 5 minutes or less a day, Positive Prime can help you and your clients will make positive shift in their lives!

People who are positively primed on a daily basis ARE healthier… they are also brighter, intellectually & so is their disposition & their approach to life…They are more optimistic, enthusiastic, creative, confident, calm… they’re more balanced…

This has all been scientifically proven & reported – repeatedly! HOWEVER, there have NEVER BEEN any “interventions” or “tools’ like Positive Prime that ACTUALLY CAN positively prime someone within a couple of minutes and have the EFFECTS and AFFECTS LAST…for 6 hours.

NEVER, EVER have we had a “tool” that’s AFFORDABLE and easy to access… available 24/7… and you can now use it, for the benefit of your bottom line! ​

Your own Positive Priming App (i.e. the official app rebranded for you) promises you the opportunity to provide an elegant way to get the ‘edge’, the ‘advantage’ for those you serve.

Expert Reviews

Positive Prime is a technological solution that allows the “changing of the lens” to happen so easily within the human brain…to improve our health outcomes, business outcomes, educational outcomes. Positive Prime gives the user the opportunity to become primed by positive images… and the session has a positive impact on the user’s mood for 6-8 hours after watching a 3-minute session, which is extraordinary.”

-Shawn Achor, Author The Happiness Advantage and
Before Happiness


“A little priming of the mind goes a long way in guiding our thoughts, feelings and action over the course of the day. Don’t get started in the morning like a blank slate; fill your minds with Positive Prime’s uplifting images and thoughts because these will expand outwards shaping everything you do and every interaction. Priming does make a proven difference in your life and the lives of all who share in your journey. Thanks Kim!”

-Stephen G. Post, Author Why Good Things Happen To Good People


“This has changed my life. I have a passion for goal setting. Breakthrough technology has finally got us to this point. I love to pass along this innovative tool & pay it forward. It bypasses the monkey mind that wants to stop us. All you gotta do is just watch it. Positive Prime is here to stay. It helps us develop that ABSOLUTELY CERTAINLY”

-David Avocado Wolfe, Author Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future

“Kim Serafini has created a wicked smart tool with Positive Prime! She has incorporated all the best that brain sceience and positive psychology have to offer to create change in your life in three minutes a day, In a word: Awesome!.”

-Dana Wilde, Author Train Your Brain

Important elements of your positive priming tool

containing your own Sessions/Content:

The most commercially sensible & advanced options available in APP development today. You’ll be benefitting from an extremely talented team of very high calibre software engineers. The conceptualisation work is done for you. The Wireframes process is completed. The development team work on international projects for some of the TOP Fortune 500 companies. You can be sure we have world-class code created through a robust delivery methodology.

THINK GLOBAL, GO BIG - both iOS and Android

* Apple iOS is a better choice to reach a more engaged use base. Android has a broader reach, particularly in emerging markets like Asia & Africa


Designing a quality app icon typically attracts at least $2,000 but will help you stand out in the app store and on the device.


We will make an API (or Application Programming Interface) so that the APP is friendly with your website.


User Community Building, Tracking & Reporting Your clients will enter information about themselves so that meaningful data can be shared with you about their usage & changes. Providing functionality that creates personal profiles is a sophisticated aspect of Your App  


Look & Feel – Advanced User Experience and User Interface 

Customer gestures, custom buttons, and customer transition are very costly, and we believe they’re worth it! It’s not cheap being pretty and it’s even more expense to evolve. ALL of the updates & improvements necessary each year will be included in the Yearly Management Fee.


Ranking systems are complex and the most valuable insights are extremely expenses to obtain. We have done the hard work to ensure that there is a rating & review system for your app. There will also be gamification for recognition & reinforcement.


You may be keen to be generating commission from allowing access to other Positive Prime Sessions & we can “activate” the In-App Advertising to drive your customers to the Store to facilitate Purchases This is NOT “obligatory” – this is “optional” This can be “add-in” after a period of time, or made available at a certain preiod of time.


Sharing & Caring – Integration Having your users process their login via a social means as well as an Email will allow Your App to have tight integration with services like Facebook. This will help raise your profile & expand your reach.

71% of Software Development

Projects Fail

A 2015 study by Standish Group across 50,000 software projects showed that: ​

Only 29% of projects were successful
52% had major challenges.
19% Failed completely. ​

We have assumed the risks on your behalf so that we can provide a
tool that has already achieved a successful working prototype and has
have over 60,000 beta testers. You’re in SAFE HANDS.


It’s Time to Revolutionize Your Business…

Positive Prime is a revolutionary, simple, technological solution that you can offer as a tool that will differentiate you, boost profitability help bond your uniqueness to your brand, raise your profile and get the word-of-mouth working in your favour… PLUS, and most importantly help those you serve to be BRIGHTER… mentally & emotionally… driving their improved performance in a smarter way… AND this “tool” is a “value-add” solution for YOU that you can make money from if you choose.