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Manifesting in the Gap

Positive Prime helps you command the gift of manifesting in the gap. Stay in nonattachment to the outcome, upload personal photos of your goals and dreams, and allow yourself to vibrationally align with your highest good.  Believe you are a masterful manifester!

The formula behind Positive Prime

The 800 images and 200 statements in every Positive Prime session are carefully curated for impact. Personalization of images is key to creating new associations in the mind and shuffling magnifies the effect. Imagine never seeing the same exact ‘show’ – that is the Positive Prime experience.

Positive Prime is a Therapeutic Experience

As 1000 flash cards flow across your eyes and your mind relaxes into the experience, something deep is going on.  Research in progress right now is working to determine that Positive Prime is like mental and emotional therapy. 

An Exquisite Tool

Whether you are enjoying 365 days of Coaching Pearls from wise coaches around the world, or taking advantage of our Megamix ‘super’ sessions, you receive so much through a Positive Prime membership. Also, did you know we have a Professional Leaders Program?

Your Mind is Like an Iceberg

The power of an iceberg is in the ocean like your mind’s power is in the other than conscious.

Session Loading Secrets

Positive Prime shows you its logo in the middle of the screen if the internet cannot keep up with the loading of the 1000 images that comprise a session.

Put Your Umbrella Up

Consider Positive Prime as a protective field from the negative energies of others. Watching Positive Prime on slower speeds helps you practice your spiritual skills when you most need them in life.

Get Clear on Your Questions

What questions are you asking the universe that you seriously want answers for? As you become clear and let go, without judgment, the answers will flow.

A Chiropractor for your Mind

A Positive Prime session is for your mind just as a chiropractor is for your body. When you are regularly aligned in your ethereal body, your mental state is strong, bright, smart, and serving up your best life.

Why 1000 images?

To overcome the flood of negative thoughts and images you experience every day, you need to be in a state long enough for the ‘positive’ to rule. The 1000 images in a Positive Prime session are essential for that to take place.

Modulating the immune system – Super Mix Sessions

Positive Prime has been scientifically proven to take only 3 minutes to create beneficial changes that last up to 8 hours.

Release the Need to be Right

Positive Prime takes the latest in neuroscience and combines it with a vision board experience to help you accelerate the life you most desire. Learn here, join our journey, and share with others, because Positive Prime is good for everyone.

Imagine What You Want

Being in the moment with what you want, with gratitude, is the best way to bring about your dreams and desires…

A Session for Every Desire

Positive Prime has been scientifically proven to take only 3 minutes to create beneficial changes that last up to 8 hours.

Just Press Play!

It just doesn’t get any easier to get in the gap and experience the changes you want to see in your life.

Out of the Box Thinking

Creating what you want requires a positively primed mind in a high vibration.

Delivery Keys to the Universe

Divine Timing is a key to getting what you want. The universe delivers on its schedule. And key to believing in yourself is in hearing another person’s words through ‘You Are….” statements. The short video will open up new mental pathways around believing in who you are and getting what you want.

Neuroplasticity and the Powerful “Shuffle” of Positive Prime

Making new neural connections naturally happens because of your wonderful, malleable brain.

What is your Non – negotiable Dream?

Your dreams will happen if you commit to them in non – negotiable thinking and language. And you harness collaborative energy with each other’s dreams.

Know What You Want

Know with crystal clarity what you want and find images that represent that.
Take some time to find photographs of all the experiences you want to have in life.
Put them into your session, and watch what happens.

Positive Prime Leaders Share Their Wisdom

Whether our special leaders are offering their wise Coaching Pearls or their unique session, a Positive Prime subscription delivers incredible content for 365 days a year.

Tell Yourself You are the Best!

You can create any thoughts in your head and then manifest them. You respond to words and images of success, for example, before you have reached it. Consider how Mohammud Ali told himself he was the best boxer and then he became one!

Mirror Neurons create a Positive Emotional Charge

Being in a positive emotional state is like sunlight. Positive thoughts help you get what you want, increase your awareness, and open the door for you to achieve anything you want. Positive emotions change your perspective, too, so do some quantum priming today through Positive Prime.

Take Control of Your Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts run rampant through our minds every day. Imagine 30,000 of them! They take a toll on our lives, even if we needed them in the past to keep us safe. Take back control of your mind with a simple 3 minute exercise every day.

How Will You Feel?

Our brains are designed for protecting us, so Positive Prime uses a special formula to evoke positive states necessary for habit change, goal achievement, and much more.

Leveraging Positive Prime for your clients

Positive Prime is a perfect way to position yourself as a leader with a message. Create your own session and place it on your website to support your team, no matter the business you are in. Direct Sales team members really flourish with Positive Prime.

Personalizing Positive Prime sessions is a hidden gem

It’s easy to personalize with your own images. Watch this video to learn how in a few short minutes. Your Positive Prime sessions will quickly magnify your results and your enjoyment, and it takes just a few simple steps.

How to Have Your Best Positive Prime Experience

Changing the speed with our proprietary player allows you to watch a session through the lens of your conscious mind (slow) or other than conscious mind (fast). Listen for other nuggets around authors, customizing, and more.

Simply Seeing Nature Nurtures You

What if simply seeing trees or flowers nurtured healing and increased wellbeing? Your eyes are magnificent processors, and your body is such a finely tuned machine. Turn down the stress and enjoy life more.

A Tool To Move Anger Away

People who are positively primed are simply more effective at managing life, their emotions, and outcomes. Who would say no to that?

Success Stories

Double your income in only 90 days by using this tool

This Positive Prime affiliate committed to 90 days of watching Positive Prime, as a way to test if it could help her double her business in that amount of time. All you need is a growth mindset, a desire, and under 10 minutes a day. Hear what happened for Gayle after she set her challenge.

Positive Prime for a Hole in One

A teenage boy told his mom that he probably got his hole-in-one from watching Positive Prime. Because it’s so simple, fun, and effective, why not introduce it to your whole family, too? And see what everyone brings to life!

Positive Prime story by Christine Tylee

In sports, business, and in life, we are all looking for that edge that makes the difference and puts us on top. If you haven’t found that for yourself yet, then Positive Prime could be the most brilliant addition in your life right now!

The Power of Positive Prime

Making Positive Prime a daily habit may just be the best thing for your mood, attitude, sleep, and happiness, not to mention your dreams and desires. Positive Prime, in taking advantage of how your brain works, is well worth a few minutes a day.

How to supercharge time and fun

Your life isn’t like anyone else’s and neither are your dreams, experiences, or highlights. Science speaks to the importance of personalizing your affirmations, goals, and images of what you most desire. What if you saw personalizing as your greatest visual power?

Full Recordings

The Formula and Life-Changing Power of a Positive Prime Experience

Positive Prime is a masterful tool to put you in an aligned mental and emotional space. It is here, in surrender and letting go, where change takes place.

Positive Prime Vision + Goals Workshop Invitation & opportunity

Learn about Positive Prime and how to use it as a visioning tool for the changes you desire in your life.

How Positivity Flourishes Happiness & Well-Being? || Sandy Oluwek

Sandy Oluwek explains how the happiness state is all connected to positivity and improves your overall well-being. She reveals the easiest possible happiness habits to adopt that work and reverse too.

Jordan Gray: Neuroscience and Positive Psychology

Jordan Gray details how a Positive Prime session leverages neuroplasticity and biofeedback with other powerful elements to dissolve unwanted habits and live the life you truly desire.

Positive Prime Intervention by:
Nani Chesire

Nani Chesire explains how Positive Prime can be used as a positive intervention, and the benefits of the Positive Prime Tool!

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