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For U.S:
Date: June 22nd, Monday
Time: 8:00pm EST, 5;00pm PST

For Australia:
Date: June 23rd, Tuesday
Time: 10:00am Brisbane Time

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Due to extra security – we are required “double-opt-in” for Zoom links so that we can protect our presenters & our participants. Unfortunately, as it’s regrettable to go the “extra step” but we believe in this day & age of “internet villians” we MUST “make it safer” and this is recommended.

Please forgive us… and we’re sorry for any inconvenience. We are grateful for your efforts.

We believe that LIVE, in-person audiences are the most powerful & there’s energy healing that’s enhanced by “real-time togetherness”.

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We are excited to share this wonderful space & time with you! We’re sure we will all benefit in positive ways!


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Being Happier
Positive Prime Session by Kim Serafini

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