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Harnessing Your Change Genius Within for
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– Masterclass with Kim Serafini & Jackie Isles

Celebrating & Loving It All: Flourishing & Thriving
Being Well Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Environmentally & Sociall

Special Positive Prime Package

We have amazing retreats available on a regular basis at the beautiful Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort…

AND, yet, we know in our hearts & for a fact that 99% of those of you who REALLY would want to “retreat” with me… can’t. 1000 reasons… Budgets. Time. Fear of International Travel. Disbelief that change is actually possible. Denial that change is actually necessary… and so on & so. So, let’s do a retreat – virtually !!

So, let’s do a retreat – virtually !!

YES, this is going to be a REAL RETREAT – run like a LIVE retreat… except we’ll be doing it together ONLINE!

Not in the same physical place… but the same “energetic space”… We will be doing it all the same time!!

AND, it’s going to be a part of our Celebrating & Loving Life – ALL OF IT.

AND, we’re going to invite our family members to join us too – if they’d like to be our accountability & co-leads for creating & enjoying a FABULOUS, FIT, FORTUNATE, FUN life.

Watching a Positive Prime session results in 6-8 hours of more positive moods, attitudes and energy and teaches you to automatically think in terms of what can go right.