Daily Positive Priming

This is why we serve a different subject or topic every day for 365 days

Positive Prime  is a super-fast and very-powerful “primer” for your imagination… that causes changes to occur easily & naturally! AND the more you watch & the greater the variety of Sessions you watch, the better. Positive Prime is about the actions that are elicited based upon what the RAS processes… it’s potent & profound… and it’s yours to harness.

SOME of us may have “financial worries”

If so, they can truly impact our “physical health” in a disadvantageous way… and the reaction often wreaks havoc in our personal relationships too!

We want BREAKTHROUGHS, and this tool CAN and DOES give you breakthroughs when you use it regularly!

This is YOUR TIME and the future can and will be different.

We can rewire ourselves

We could be more inclined to watch Sessions about “Financial Abundance & Prosperity” thinking we need to upgrade our mindset and delete our limiting beliefs that give us a poverty or scarcity mentality and the resulting attitude & actions…

HOWEVER… often, if we IMPROVE our “nutrition” it’s more likely we can also “withstand” the assault of the damaging chemicals produced within our bodies by fear or anxiety… SO… watching some Sessions that relate to optimal well being and our bodies’ health may be necessary.

If we’re tossing and turning awake in our beds at night because of “money issues” THEN a Sleep Session could be the KEY to help. Sleep is important and it’s hard to get when we are concerned. Feeling more vibrant in the morning after decent rest allows us all “think & act our way” to a solution & resolving the issues… AND, if we are watching a range of Sessions about harmonious relationships, romance and intimacy we may well find that we are not facing our challenges alone… and together we can achieve what we need to do.

Benefits of Watching Positive Prime


Our positively primed minds do naturally guide us with more accurate and faster decision-making


We become more motivated with intentional actions & habits when our mind is engaged to automatically steer us in the right direction, at the time, for the right reasons.


It’s one of the most personal, self-love expressions you can engage in – and it will keep you in alignment and in integrity with your mission and your enjoyment of life


By watching Positive Prime we WILL optimize the QUALITY of OUR MIND’S OCEAN… and that means the effects, outcomes & results of our actions WILL show up completely & refreshingly changed in our LIFE.

Our heart KNOWS what to do… and does it perfectly
IF we give it the “right environment” to operate within…

The right “environment” as it relates to Positive Prime – is an OCEAN with “pink icebergs”. The icebergs denote “results & achievements in our daily lives”.

The “OCEAN” of consciousness & other-than-consciousness is the millions of thoughts our minds think. It’s what our self-talk & beliefs & thinking “swims in” day in & day out – just like the AIR we breathe – The “air” is EVERYWHERE, just as the “mind’s ocean is everywhere”… It is as if we are fish in an ocean not noticing the ‘water’ that surrounds us… and the quality of our OCEAN determines how our unconscious and subconscious mind operates miraculously and allows our conscious thoughts and actions to be in alignment.

When we watch several Positive Prime Sessions – from a range of topics – regularly and consistently…

we WILL optimize the QUALITY of OUR MIND’S OCEAN…”!

And that means the effects, outcomes & results of our actions WILL show up completely & refreshingly changed in our LIFE. True transformation happens at *this level*. This tool and technology expertly facilitate that. We all need an ‘environment’ that is like an astounding clean, pure, exquisite ocean that’s PINK – in order for PINK icebergs to arise! PINK is associated with “happiness & joy”… the way a bright yellow flower that’s blossoming uplifts us…

Together, we all need to make a point of “pausing” to give ourselves the power of positive priming!

Let’s make it happen!