Positive Priming
For Personal Use

Positive Prime has been scientifically proven to take only 3 minutes to create beneficial changes that last up to 8 hours.

Priming the mind is achieving a cognitive, positive state that improves performance, focus, health a, d happiness. When we are positively primed we feel better & do better.

Positive Prime facilitates this brain-body state by presenting to a viewer a collection of empowering messages and images in what is a called a Session. These are carefully curated, organized, timed and are naturally engaging to watch.

Neuroscientific performance & productivity enhancements
Improved mental health & wellbeing
Positive change management
Accelerated learning & development

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What is Positive Prime?

A Positive Prime “session” is a short audio-visual presentation – think of it as a vision board on steroids, created by great achievers and thinkers. 

Please watch the Positive Priming for Performance, Passion & Purpose Webinar to learn much more about Positive Prime from our founder and CEO, Kim Serafini


What Makes Positive Prime So Effective?

Each session is a revolutionary new way of integrating new ideas directly into your other-than-conscious mind – the source of your self-talk, outlook, choices and actions. Bypassing the conscious mind’s conditioned filters means effective, positive change that automates success, wellness and happiness.

Hurry Up! Say YES to Success!!!

Each session is a revolutionary new way of integrating new ideas directly into your other-than-This is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to FAST TRACK your success & happiness!


Create a powerful shift in your thinking without any effort


It’s fast, easy, effective and convenient. Just press play!

Have fun while creating a winning mindset!

A transformational app designed for the busy on-the-go person

Choose a Plan that Works for You

Need help choosing a plan or subscribing? Email us at mayumi@postiveprime.com


12 Sessions Mega Bundle

Most Affordable Bundle
  • Buy 12 Positive Prime Sessions of your choice for only $50
  • Ability to personalize by adding your own photos, statements and goals
  • Get Themed Session
  • Daily bite lesson via email
  • Free Meditation Video
  • Group Session
  •  – 1 group session per month
  •  Complimentary Pass To the Annual Positive Prime Celebration event


Curious about Positive Prime? See the most frequently asked questions about Positive Prime, how to get started and what to expect.

How do I access my Positive Prime sessions?

Individual Expert Positive Prime Sessions are customizable with your own images and affirmations. That’s where the exponential power is… Therefore, these aspects of functionality can be provided only via our server, not as a downloadable video as it’s very advanced and sophisticated… and are generated by the technology that is housed within our website. 

I can't see the videos

The best way to view the videos is with Safari or Google Chrome.  If you experience problems with blackscreen or background music, please relog in to your account. 

Should I watch the full length (long version) Positive Prime Session on Speed 1?

Played at its normal speed, the standard Positive Prime Session is an hour-long video and you’re strongly encouraged to watch it for an hour each day for 100 days.


How do I log in? / I can't Log in

Click the login button in the top right corner of the website. Enter your email address and password. If you can’t remember your log in details please email support@positiveprime.com

My internet speed is SLOW, what can I do?

Our empowerment tools and resources, such as our coaching via video or Positive Prime Sessions” requires FAST INTERNET SPEEDS. If you have a ‘slow connection speed’ please be EXTRA patient. 

How do I cancel or change my PayPal payments?

Please log in to your Positive Prime account then go to settings. 

Click the button that says “cancel Susbcription”

If you can’t see this button on your account please email support@positiveprime.com


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What People Are Saying

“I LOVE Positive Prime – an app that brings positive psychology, technology and the science of the brain together!”


Author of “The Money Keys”

“Positive Prime sessions are fantastic tools to help deepen and actualize the mindset shifts you are striving for.”


Scholar, Educator &.Coach Founder: The Supreme Love Project

The gifts and talents we bring to the world are as varied and wonderful as each one of us.  So, my bespoke Positive Prime session, The Mosaic Effect Positive Prime, has specifically opened people up to looking at who they really are and embracing it more fully.  Priming my clients’ minds around the unique way they make their difference in the world through work and in life has shown me that we can change how we think about ourselves.   We may just need some subconscious support with Mind Power Technology’s Positive Prime.  I love it and my clients do, too!


Entrepreneur, business strategist, and Founder of Mosaic Effect

I can’t put into words how excited I was to see the opportunity to have my VERY OWN Positive Priming App! As a Health & Wellness Consultant my number one focus is helping my clients create sustainable transformation in their life. This is a difficult task for many reasons. However, I know that Positive Prime sessions gives my clients that extra boost to quickly and effectively help them succeed in ways that they haven’t been able to in the past.  Knowing the power of Positive Priming and to be able to have a leading edge tool with my own sessions and branding was an opportunity I couldn’t afford to pass up.  I looked into creating an app for my business and quickly found out how incredibly prohibitive it was for me as a solopreneur! There is no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to “success-proof” this experience worth over $1M for next to nothing in comparison to going at it solo.


Health & Wellness Consultant

Kim’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to your happiness and success!

We are so confident that Positive Prime works that we’re pleased to offer an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee! We invite you to use Positive Prime powered by Mind Power Technology at no risk whatsoever. Engage fully in the process every day for at least 30 days to see how powerful this program can be. If you are not fully delighted with the experience, simply speak with Kim personally (via Skype online) at the end of the month and we will cheerfully refund your payment – every penny. Don’t postpone your massive success by a year or more … sign up now to ensure you’re in the right place, at the right time now.

I guarantee you’ll be blown away with the results! We are committed to your happiness and success! We are so confident that Mind Power Technology works that we’re pleased to offer an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Experience MindBlowing Results In as Little as 3 Minutes a Day!

As little as 3 minutes a day watching a Positive Prime sessions results in 6-8 hours of more positive moods, attitudes and energy and teaches you to automatically think in terms of what can go right. This leads to naturally taking the kinds of actions aligned with your goals, for accelerated success!

For Personal Use

Join Positive Prime today and get your free session, so you can be happier, more confident and achieve your goals! As little as 3 minutes a day watching a Positive Prime session results in 6-8 hours of more positive moods, attitudes and energy and teaches you to automatically think in terms of what can go right.

For Professional

Join a movement to change the way we deliver messages and help others. This could be the ideal Professional program to participate in making a substantial living and impact as a successful facilitator or catalyst for peak performance, joy & health.



For Workplace

Positive Prime is an affordable and practical vehicle for the journey to optimizing full potential, performance at the highest levels, productivity that produces profits and a higher level of fun, fulfillment and freedom; ultimately training your mind so that you’re positively primed.


The Best System for

 “Real Life Success & Mind-Powered Manifestation on Supercharge”

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