See Positive Prime in action

A Positive Prime “session” is a short audio-visual presentation – think of it as a vision board on steroids, created by great achievers and thinkers. 

See Positive Prime in action
Learn how Positive Prime gives you the power of your non-conscious mind. Listen in to Dr. Paul Scheele as he astounds you!


Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D.

Paul R. Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies, has facilitated this realization in millions of lives. He guides people to achieve extraordinary results in relationships, work, money and health. Paul is an expert on learning how to learn to tap the other 90% of your mind. He believes everyone has an inner genius just waiting to be awakened.

Paul fosters the achievement of desired outcomes and the realization of greater abundance in people’s lives. Learning how to learn through Paul’s programs enhances everything you study, including programs by other authors. His teachings are scientifically based and access the highest realms of human potential. Paul’s programs contribute the critical knowledge that makes all the difference in attaining real success in today’s ever changing and challenging world.

Dr. Paul Scheele’s Work

Paul is the developer of programs such as PhotoReading, Natural Brilliance, Genius Code, Abundance for Life, the Paraliminals, and many other courses to stimulate personal and professional success. These programs allow people to go beyond what the logical mind believes possible.