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Unlock the Secrets of Neuroscience and Positive Psychology to Prime for Flow and Optimal Performance

…in as little as three minutes per day
Positive Prime is a revolutionary happiness technology that primes your mind to begin every day with a smiling head start.

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“Thanks to Positive Prime I felt calm and confident when I strode onto the TEDx stage.”

Jackie Simmons – best-selling author, TedX Speaker, Radio Host,

“Positive Prime gets me off to a great start each day and is a wonderful boost to my mental and physical state. Overall, the sessions have helped me achieve a more positive focus and outlook in life, opening me up to amazing new opportunities, while minimising the negativity in my life.”

Michael Sepate – Director Peak Horizons Health Coaching

Are you finding it difficult to launch into your day the same way you used to?

We understand.

And for that very reason have been working for the past decade on cutting edge transformative technology, using the most compelling findings in neuroscience and positive psychology to bring you three minutes of science-backed-priming to transform your day.

And even your life.

A Positive Prime “session” is an on-ramp to your Success Highway
After only two days I’m already looking forward to using it again and how I will feel after my session. Jana Danielson – Founder Lead Pilates

What can you expect from a Positive Prime Session?
Think of it as a powerful coaching session, combined with a moving vision board that mesmerizes your neural pathways into optimising for success.

Boost Mental Health
A positive mind means negativity is nowhere to be seen

Get Results
3 minutes sessions for up to 8 hours of positivity

The future you want
Create your own sessions with the EXACT outcomes you want

Find your thoughts free-flowing throughout the day

Watch those 1%ers become 2%ers

In uncertain times, we need to prime ourselves as best we can

Coaching right now? Your clients will love you!

Create your own online vision board experience that is completely personalised for you or your clients.

Accelerate their journey to hitting goals & cultivating a growth mindset.
In one online session per day you can create lasting effects of up to 8 hours, improving your focus, health, happiness & performance.

With Logic-led technology and knowing what we know about how the brain works

Positive Prime is a no-brainer for upgrading your Performance ToolBelt and thriving in 2021.

If there was ever a time for more positivity in the world it is now…

And you can be the one to bring it.

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As a Psychologist, Positive Prime has allowed me to co-create sessions with my clients. My training and certification as a Positive Prime Professional has enhanced my effectiveness in supporting people through their change journeys.

But more than that, it has been my own “Go-To” when I need to prime my brain to feel whole, rejuvenated, and re-aligned with my own ‘best’ capacity.

Positive Prime Sessions are powerful for brain #reprogramming
Margaret Evernow – Clinical Psychologist

Coaches, Mentors, Peak Performance Trainers, Health Optimisers, Performance Coaches.

Unlock the Secrets of Neuroscience and Positive Psychology to Prime for Flow and Optimal Performance

…in as little as three minutes per day

Our team at Positive Prime have applied cutting edge, transformative technology to the most compelling findings in neuroscience and positive psychology to bring you three minutes of science-backed-magnificence to reprogram your being.

A Positive Prime “session” is an on-ramp to your success Highway

Think of it as a powerful coaching session, combined with a moving vision board that mesmerizes your neural pathways into optimising for mastery .

Developed by deep-thinkers and sharp-innovators to find you a path to success even when it feels like the chips are down.

We’ve worked with the top performers the world over:

Shape the Future.

IMAGINE a future that’s even more optimised.
With an AI powered Positive Prime Session we show you the right content based on:
Your current state of physiology.
Within the context of your day’s demands.
We propose that your mind would help you to TRHIVE in this wonderful new world, at peak performance levels with extraordinary levels of resilience.

We are heading towards this outcome, and you will be a part of the ways we embed & deliver future technologies.

Grow Your Business With Positive Prime

In just three minutes or less a day, Positive Prime can help you and your clients make positive shifts in their lives!

People who are positively primed on a daily basis ARE healthier.

They are brighter intellectually changing their disposition and approach to life.
They are more optimistic, enthusiastic, creative, confident and calm.
They’re more balanced.
This has been consistently scientifically proven & reported!

A world first tool that is proven to positively prime someone within 3 minutes with lasting effects of up to 8 hours.
A neuroscience positive technology that is affordable and easy to access, available 24/7… and you can now use it, for the benefit of your bottom line!

Your own Positive Priming Profile, rebranded to your business, promises you the opportunity to provide an elegant way to get the edge and the advantage for those you serve.

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Make money and a positive difference that’s enduring, deep and meaningful. Together with like-minded professionals let’s enjoy health, happiness, and success, whilst passionately & purposefully powering a magnificent movement.

We’re a truly great group of inspiring people making everything brighter for everyone. Cash in now with us on extremely fast-moving & popular trends with modern technology brings to life the ancient wisdom for mind, body & soul wellness. Capitalise on the rising attention of all things “brain science” and “mindfulness”.

Be Powerful

Ignite your career & life while being more powerful as you help others & give them an advanced approach to unlock their greatest potential with a scientifically researched & validated program delivered via POSITIVE PRIME.

A Better World

Dive in to find out how you could become a part of a growing group of amazing experts committed to making the world a kinder place, in which we are all focused on our strengths and we sleep with peace of mind.
We are forever appreciative of the faith people place in us to be a part of their lifestyles and we will continue to honour this rare & precious relationship.

Facilitating Change

These experts are experienced trainers, coaches, leaders, therapists, healers, social workers & personal development specialists, self-improvement speakers & authors; all of us creating spectacular & infinite possibilities.

Unique First Mover

We are all part of a Professional Community who are in a unique position with a first-mover advantage. We start the journey towards becoming a Certified Positive Prime Professional who uses Positive Prime and arriving as an Authorised Consultant working in partnership with us.