ENJOY OUR SPECIAL 12  Incredible life-enhancing

“Themed Mix”

Consists of awesome paradigm-shifting Positive Prime Sessions by some of the world’s greatest teachers and experts in the areas of health & wellbeing and success & financial freedom.


1st month: Financial Mastery

To be wealthy, you must think like a wealthy person. That means using Positive Prime to develop the automatic thought habits common to all wealthy people: a focus on wealth, a belief that it’s possible for you, and a feeling that you are worthy of being wealthy.

2nd month: Health

Support your health and fitness goals with these extraordinary Sessions! Build on the momentum you created with the sessions on the Health theme mix, with even more ways to create nourishing and supportive habits. Enjoy improved health and happiness and live life to the fullest!

3rd month: Emotional Healing

Heal from the past and embrace your future! These Positive Prime sessions on the Emotional Theme mix are highly effective and a quick way to create healing energy, help you let go of the past, and help you create a positive, empowering mindset and boost your confidence and self-worth.

4th month: Business Success

This theme mix is perfect for self employed people, business owners and entrepreneurs to keep their thoughts aligned with what they want in business and life. Definitely for entrepreneurs who like to start their day with a boost of self-confidence.



5th month: Happiness

Happiness is a journey, not a destination and the sessions on the Happiness Theme Mix are your companion in this wonderful journey. These sessions will help you in your quest for happiness. Watching these session daily will definitely change your perspective on happiness.


6th month: Dream Vacations

This Theme Mix can help your manifesting powers by visualizing yourself taking your dream vacation. This will prime your mind for creating the reality you desire by activating the power of belief and positive thinking. As the law of attraction states, whatever you believe and habitually think about… that will become the reality you create for yourself.

7th month: Spirituality

 The affirmations seen on the Spiritual Theme Mixed Sessions are similar to prayers. Repeating them daily will give a spiritual bend to your mind. In this age of crass materialism, these affirmations will help you keep a balance in your life.



8th month: Personal Strengths

Personal strength isn’t something you can just stumble upon. It grows within you, often over much time and patience, and under the right circumstances. Watching the sessions on the Personal Strenght theme mix can help can drown out the negative thoughts that hold you back.


9th month: Romance

A great relationship with another person begins with a great relationship with yourself. This support kit will help you be more understanding, compassionate and forgiving, and less judgmental and insecure. This Theme mix can help enhance your relationship with yourself and in the process, build a stronger, happier bond.

10th month: Mental Power

Mental Power takes a whole different discipline than physical strength. But just like working out your muscles, you can “exercise” your mind and improve your mental fortitude. Watching this theme mix  can help rewire or remind your brain about the types of things you want to think, or attitudes you want to hold.

11th month: Leadership

 Being a leader is a tough job. Not only are you responsible for your own performance, but you are also responsible for the performance of your employees and of your organization. This theme mix will go a long way toward enhancing your leadership abilities. And since people like to follow confident and positive people, this will help you stand out among your peers as a proven leader.

12th month: Creative Excellence

Some of the biggest reasons that creativity doesn’t flow is because we either try to hard, don’t believe in ourselves, or can’t just let our imagination take over and do its work. This theme mix will help you with all of this. With consistent use they will free up your mind and instill positive thought patterns that are conductive to creativity and imagination.