Are you looking for a way through the darkness and into the light?

Wherever you find yourself right now, in this moment, we can help you transform your thoughts from Struggle to Peace of Mind with science-backed Positive Prime Sessions

…in as little as THREE MINUTES per day
Positive Prime is a revolutionary happiness based technology used by thousands ‘around the world’ as a one way ticket to a positive mindset.

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“In those moments that I am feeling anxious or wonky, a quick session with Positive Prime helps me release those feelings and step into feeling better quicker”


me release those feelings and step into feeling better quicker” Kelly
“I live with chronic depression and anxiety. Positive Prime assists me to better handle my daily struggle.”


“Positive Prime has made a huge impact on my life and the life of my patients. Just one session enhances my day, making me more focused, calm, grounded and ready to take on life’s challenges. For me personally, it has reduced my anxiety, improved my sleep and given me the confidence to achieve goals in all areas of my life.”

Dr Catherine

Are you struggling to communicate like you used to in these uncertain times?

Positive Priming can give you back your confidence and more with Sessions tailored for how you want to feel.

Ten years in the making, our technology motivates and triggers a more abundant mindset and focus in just 3 minutes through an audio-visual experience for the senses.

It’s easy to train your brain into a state of flow and be fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment.
But in all honesty, sometimes we just need a pick-me-up.

And that’s what we’re famous for.

“Since I started watching daily Positive Prime Sessions my children have commented that my mood has improved.” Walter

And we don’t want you to think this is as ground-breaking as it sounds, until you’ve tried it for yourself.

That’s why we offer you a risk-free 10 day free trial of Positive Prime, giving you access to Professionally led sessions, from world renowned coaches across wide-ranging topics…

Or you can create your very own sessions with your own personal images and audio.

Step one is really to make you feel better.
When we get there, everybody wins.

And step two, and the real magic of Positive Prime is the opportunity to Manifest the life of your dreams.

Because Positive Prime is waking up our subconscious to the potential we all inherently have as human beings, which has unfortunately been drummed out of us by the things we are surrounded by – media, health crises’, the increasing incidence of poor mental health practice in the workplace.

And it’s not our fault, we just need some better support to find the Positives in our lives.

So how do we do it?

By putting the Positives in front us every day (with our personalised sessions) you will be activating something called the Reticular Activating System or the RAS, which sounds cooler 😉

Like when you adopt a puppy dog, you start to see puppies everywhere you go.

This means that when you look at positivity, you will start to seek out positivity everywhere you go!

And the kicker is that this Positivity will actually be attracted to you.

“Positive Prime helped my son and I get the house we wanted when we needed it most. I embedded a picture of it in a Session and then there we were signing the papers.”


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Finally, technology you will never feel shame or guilt about using. Because the moment you commit to a Positive Prime Session, is the Moment your mind and heart start to come alive.

What can you expect from a Positive Prime Session?
Think of it as a powerful personal coaching session, combined with a moving vision board that transforms your mind into Positivity as your baseline.

Boost Mental Health

A positive mind means negativity can’t get a look in

Get Results

3 minutes sessions for up to 8 hours of positivity – Why we recommend morning sessions

The future you want

Create your own sessions with the EXACT outcomes you want


Find your thoughts free-flowing throughout the day


Watch those 1%ers become 2%ers


In uncertain times, we need to prime ourselves as best we can

😀 Smile

Well technically it’s called the Duchenne Smile, but because we’re proudly Australian owned, we like to shorten everything 😉

A D Smile is an expression that signals you are truly happy. You know the kind that those babies seem to have on tap.
They occur because the major muscles lift in the corners of your mouth at the same time. They lift your cheeks and crinkle your eyes at the corners.

Think Grandma when you would walk in the door at her house.
They represent beautiful feelings.
Whether that’s joy, inspiration, excitement, great curiosity, contentment, love, connection, happiness, joy, positivity.

All of the things we associate with being Positive.
Then D calls on his friend M to explain the rest of the equation.

M or M-Rons are Mirror Neurons, you would have noticed this with those cheeky contagious yawns that get about.

The reason we yawn when others do are our Mirror Neurons firing.

You could think of Positive Prime being like a smiling toddler walking into Grandma’s house.

You’ve got D Smile meeting M-Ron and it’s not the next big pop-duo, it’s your mind aligning to a life of positivity.
This is Positive Prime….

“After only two days I’m already looking forward to using it again and how I will feel after my session.”


From Low to Go

Our Positive Prime sessions also add in real-time feedback. For us to drive anxiety away we need to be honest about where we are at and then how we feel after we’ve had a Positive Prime Session.

Lucky for you, this is inbuilt into the platform! We ask you how you feel before and after each session. This allows you to have immediate feedback on your progress your journey toward finding the light in your life on the regular.