Neuroscientific performance & productivity enhancements
Improved mental health & wellbeing
Positive change management
Accelerated learning & development

4-in-1 popular tool
Positive Prime: Brighter & Better

Positive Prime has been scientifically proven to take only 3 minutes to create beneficial changes that last up to 8 hours.

Priming the mind is achieving a cognitive, positive state that improves performance, focus, health a, d happiness. When we are positively primed we feel better & do better.


Positive Prime facilitates this brain-body state by presenting to a viewer a collection of empowering messages and images in what is a called a Session. These are carefully curated, organized, timed and are naturally engaging to watch.
Positive Priming is a revolutionary new way of integrating new beliefs into your mind and cultivating the mindset and habits of happiness and success.

Traditional personal growth programs often fail to produce the desired results because they require time, effort and discipline. Positive Prime is the new wave in personal change:

  Effortless through technology
Based on latest in neuroscience research and proven positive psychology principles
   Fun and engaging “bite-sized” lessons
   Convenient mobile app
   Fast and enduring results

About Us

We are a small, passionate global team with diverse backgrounds united in a common mission: “Change the world by helping people live happier and more meaningful lives.” We live and breathe natural and healthy ways that make us brighter & better.

You can find us spending time staring at the trees and ocean, just as much as our screens, which motivates us to higher level of inspiration at our parent company (Mind Power Technology) headquarters in Australia’s regional paradise called The Sunshine Coast. We appreciate receiving warm & encouraging vibes from all of our members & participants around the world.

We have expanded beyond caring for individuals in a consumer context and now also offer Positive Prime programs to Businesses for their Change, Culture, Learning & HR programs. We are also devoted to extending our very successful Professional program for Coaches, Therapists, Trainers, Speakers, Authors and other Influencers & Authorities.

Positive Prime is ready for our valued community to share even further, farther & faster than our spectacular rise to date.

Why we exist

There’s so much exciting, profound and truly extraordinary scientific research being shared from the fields of positive psychology and neuroscience that is to our advantage, and yet often we can’t do anything with it in a practical and affordable sense. Most of these fresh & amazing insights would address all sorts of serious challenges that stop us from REALLY LIVING life or those problems dim us down to our detriment.

We can help with issues like feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, overwhelm, frustration or even anxiety & depression. We can even have an enormous impact on divorce and chronic disease (they don’t go hand-in-hand!)… But the best results from academia are rarely even known about – let alone usable, for everyday people. Some of the most influential ideas are still secreted away by the powerful Fortune 100 companies who have consultants with answers that we could all enjoy.

So, we believe that applying evidence-based techniques to positive change is not only for the privileged few in large organizations and institutions. It is for EVERYONE, you & us included. We are also confident that it is about making it fun, simple, easy and effective for real people with real lives who want to achieve their greatest potential while making a significant difference in the process.

Now that over 100,000 people have raved about a “Session” experience we know you can do it whilst you’re on the loo, before a team meeting, slipping off to sleep with your lover, sitting on the beach, waiting and waiting and waiting in that airport lounge for a delayed flight and over a stimulating morning coffee.

A Positive Prime Session is for anywhere, anytime and for anything where “feeling better” would be helpful and desirable. We know that EVEN when you don’t feel like it – do it anyway! IT WORKS. (click here to read a statement about the research – we did to prove that it really does work.)

Our journey thus far has been fascinating. We’ve been growing & improving ourselves. We’ve been listening to feedback and trying even harder & smarter. We are so grateful you’re joining us to create even more momentum in this movement.

Our Promise

To deliver the best and most pure, ethical, honest, sincere, and most genuine goodness that’s as up-to-date, valuable, accurate and relatable as possible for you to thrive at work and also be super-healthy.

Our Vision

To facilitate a generous community of over 10,000,000 powerful people who become rays of sunshine, jumping for joy. The intention is for each person to be positively primed, and therefore become active influencers creating an astonishing ripple effect that impacts 10x the number of folks with their brighter dispositions & beautiful brains.

To facilitate a generous community of over 10,000,000 powerful people who become rays of sunshine, jumping for joy. The intention is for each person to be positively primed, and therefore become active influencers creating an astonishing ripple effect that impacts 10x the number of folks with their brighter disposition & beautiful brains.


Kim Serafini

CEO and Founder

Kim Serafini is a CEO, health & edu-tech company founder, much-loved executive coach & business advisor, international entrepreneur, inventor of Lithos Therapy, bestselling author, world-class keynote speaker, angel investor, Principal Positive Prime Consultant, and most importantly the creator of Mind Power Technology.

Read More About Kim

Kim’s experiences in international corporate management consulting in the field of leadership, culture, and change, plus her private coaching has led her down this path. A remarkable ability to engage with the world’s top executives, sporting and entertainment stars and her passion for helping people improve their lives makes her client list read like the who’s who.

She is intensely curious, loves learning and is driven to help us all harness the innate potency of our minds. She has researched, studied & investigated how our perceptions, experiences, knowledge and brain function influences our thoughts, behaviors, habits, and results. Given how instrumental our minds are, she is even more focused on how to influence our mind (this marvelous, magnificent & now-not-so-mysterious aspect of ourselves) given the advances and understanding from the field of neuroscience.

Her career and business pursuits have involved filming interviews with many of the world’s highest profile business leaders, acclaimed scientists and the most famous self-help gurus to confirm the right approaches, models, methods and techniques to employ towards personal and professional transformation. The synthesis of which is Positive Prime.

Devoted to helping others make significant, long-lasting, rapid & successful changes she is committed to continuing innovating and leading with advanced technologies.

Approachable, distinctly insightful, warm and willing to serve, Kim is available for a simple coaching session, advisory & consulting work as one of the world’s leaders in the Science of Positive Priming, keynote addresses, training workshops, participating in research and forums with other thought leaders, self-help gurus, and international health or edu-tech company founders.

Kim has lived and worked in over 5 regions of the world including the UK, Europe, USA, Australia & Asia. She has enthusiastically visited 22 countries and many U.S. states. She LOVES traveling, exploring new cultures and ideas while affectionately sharing her philosophy of positivity… living up to her title of The Queen of Gratitude.


Kim has been interviewed and featured frequently magazines and newspapers. Here are few glimpses of the same:


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Listen in and learn from her many beautiful, wise and insightful stories which will inspire, motivate and move you to heights you never dreamt possible. Kim is deeply committed to helping you to JUMP over the hurdles keeping you from experiencing a truly fulfilled life.