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Here’s a great video called “STOP CARING WHAT Other PEOPLE THINK!”

This video features Evan Carmichael, Mark Cuban, Mel Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom Bilyeu, Sam Altman, Emma Watson, Denzel Washington, Peter McKinnon, Ashley Graham & Will Ferrell.

Please watch it – and really pay attention to the language…

Our Statements become more pertinent and self-fulfilling prophecies. They’ll also create a “new foundation / background / white nose” that will help you to evolve.

The Sessions’ Positive Statements are carefully written – to rewire you in an empowering way, so that you build confidence, belief & faith in yourself. Your self-talk is cheering you on rather than criticizing you… and it becomes a powerful ally that’s MORE influential than others’ comments to you or what you hear is being said behind your back.

This is imperative. This is necessary. It’s a gift to yourself – daily!

Once you see the benefits & advantages for yourself, imagine if more young adults and teens used Positive Prime. Please share your recommendation & encourage them to add momentum to this movement.

Much Love,

Kim Serafini
CEO and Founder of
Positive Prime enabled by Mind Power Technology

P.S: Evan Carmichael talks about ONE WORD. It’s worth contemplating… Watch this to hear Oprah’s & Tony Robbins’.

What’s Yours?

I think mine is “Help”… I believe I’ve oriented my entire life around HELPING… I’ve even taken a look at the Thesaurus…

Positive Prime is a tool that offers comfort, it guides your non-conscious, and assists you… it’s nourishing.

I’ve been dedicated to lifting others up for at least 30 years (in my conscious awareness).

I think it’s why I’m so drawn to Prof. Stephen G Post’s life’s work…

When I’m mentoring or consulting – what I really do is generously provide advice & service my clients in a way that benefits them.

I feel great about myself when I’m aiding another… I’m facilitating their transformation; their success; their happiness; their deep & fulfilling satisfaction pursuing their dreams. Interestingly it sustains me.

I notice, acknowledge and draw attention to others’ HELPFUL intentions… I find that I admire & respect those kinds of people much more readily.

My life’s calling is about helping. Positive Prime is a tool that SUPPORTS.

Upon reflection, what I find fascinating is that I’m qualified & trained as a Sports Therapist after leaving my corporate career – and then literally became a helping hand as I massaged & soothed people’s souls… My “presence” became BALM for their spirits, and still is to this day, and will continue to be forever more… I say that with humility – not to impress you but to impress upon you that Evan Carmichael’s inspiration has helped me to become more self-aware… and it’s been a wonderful & enlightening process… I hope you will ponder about your ONE WORD.

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