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Pam Burton & Pattie Craumer believe that you may want to watch this super-exciting webinar.


I have shared the summary of the 8 evidence-backed strategies for effective & swift change. This workshop is usually 1 full day. The main points are covered in the first 30 mins.

1. Clarity
2. Flow
3. Positive Affect
4. Gratitude
5. Repetition 1000x
6. Personalise
7. Support
8. Celebrate

Plus, there were several big announcements.

Pam Burton is now the President of the Professional Division.

Pattie Craumer, as you already know is the President of the USA.

Interested in becoming a BRAIN PERFORMANCE TRAINER & PRACTITIONER? If so, you’ll be amazed at the special offer we discussed in this video:

In case you’ve missed some of our earlier newsletters in December & January & want to dig deeper for context & further your understanding – discover more information click here.

Congratulations to Gwen who won the first prize in the Positive Prime launch offer!

When you want to super-charge your Sessions and ensure they offer you a magical “advantage” for achieving your goals make sure you “edit” each one and upload your private photos to personalise it. You will need to be a Premium Member to do so, via “upgrading”. If you’d like one of our Concierge Consultants to connect with you & guide you via Zoom or over the phone let us know.

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