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Do you have a BIG change you want to make in your life? Heath? Money? Relationships? Is there something that really just HAS TO change?

FACT: It is absolutely possible to more quickly and easily create the lasting results you most desire in your life, and my friend Robert MacPhee has developed a profoundly simple way help you do it.

Robert is the creator of the Excellent Decisions Transformational Process. For more than 20 years he’s had the chance to work with and learn from the most brilliant speakers, authors, teachers and trainers in the personal and professional development world, and he has offered to include our community in the launch of his brand new Excellent Decisions Mastery Course, which is a distillation of the very best of everything he has learned.If you do have a DREAM as “big” – please allow me to coach you… (Contact me here

Robert is the former Director of Training for Jack Canfield, a Founding Member and former Executive Director of the Transformational Leadership Council, a co-founder of the Southern California Association of Transformational Leaders and the Author of the Manifesting for Non-Gurus book and partner journal. His new Excellent Decisions Mastery Course is an in depth exploration of all five stages of the Excellent Decisions Transformational Process:

Can you imagine how different your life would be if you achieved mastery in all of these areas? THAT is the promise of the Excellent Decisions Mastery Course.

The Excellent Decisions Mastery Course currently includes:

  • Unlimited access to eight in-depth on-line course modules
  • Interactive and experiential exercises to deepen your learning
  • Two one-on-one laser coaching sessions with Robert MacPhee
  • 90 days of Membership in the Excellent Decisions Community
  • Access to the Excellent Decisions “Positive Prime”
  • Session Signed hardcover copies of Robert MacPhee’s book and partner journal

The Excellent Decisions Mastery Course comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you complete the course and your coaching sessions and you are not completely satisfied with the value you receive, you receive a full refund of your course fees.

Robert’s Excellent Decisions approach focuses on helping people make decisions based on vision and values rather than stress and pressure. The result of doing that is that you will THRIVE – achieve at a very high level and be truly happy. 

    I have known Robert for years. He is incredibly knowledgeable and well connected, he is a brilliant coach and facilitator, and he is committed to the success of his clients. I have seen over and over again that he practices the principles he teaches in both his personal and professional life. I will be participating in this course myself and I encourage you to join me by CLICKING HERE

    To your success!

    Kim Serafini
    CEO and Founder of
    Positive Prime enabled by Mind Power Technology

    P.S. Still not sure? Maybe you’d like to try a taste of the course for yourself before you decide… The first stage of Robert’s Excellent Decisions Transformational Process is “Awareness”. One of the things he believes is critical to be aware of is what he calls the “Dynamics of Change”. This means knowing exactly what happens, physically, mentally and emotionally, when we decide it’s time to make a BIG change. CLICK HERE to get access to a free video that explains the Dynamics of Change model that Robert uses to help people get started in the course. 

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