Dear Positive Prime Influencer 🙂

 Would you like to know – in every cell in your body – how to give yourself a 1000% boost to breaking through & getting “it” over the line…

The “it” – is living the life you are meant to… with more free time to do what’s meaningful & significant to you. Plus, reaping the rewards of extremely hard work over the past couple of years…

Super-Short, Fast & Sweet

We have been told to keep our “presentations” or workshops to under 30 mins

I PROMISE to gift you a “great class” that will feel like speed dating…

I’ll share with you – the highlights…

No backstory. No “laying the foundation” with extra knowledge. 

Cutting straight to the point.

The “best bits” as quickly as is humanly possible.


If you already know & appreciate that


& you’re familiar with and experienced in Vision or Dream Boards or Goal Setting AND –


  • you’re stuck
  • it’s just NOT FREAK’N workn’ fast enough
  • you’ve lost hope
  • you need a push
  • you’re exhausted from trying & trying
  • you’re frustrated
  • you’re angry with yourself & or the world…


It’s time.

Join me.

I’ll give you the top 5 biggest failures of a “visioning process” and why these “issues’ are limiting everyone and stopping them from reaching their goals quickly & with ease…

Again, I guarantee – it will be my fastest class.

Hand on heart, I’m also going to give you an opportunity that will be extended only IF you’re “there” – and it’s valued @ $1,000 real dollars. When you hear it – and it’s soooo affordable, I am confident you’ll “make it happen” (as a way of demonstrating to the Universe and showing up… as a massive-action type of person. Send an energetic message “emphatically demanding” that your wishes, goals, dreams, hopes, intentions & commitments become reality  now. 

Arrive with pen & paper.

Get ready to take action.

You’ll need to be concentrating & listening with your “whole body”…

Being present without distractions will be necessary

Do Not Waste A Minute More (on the wrong things, going in the wrong direction, for the wrongs reasons).

Show up, for yourself.

Put yourself first.

You owe it to yourself.

Perhaps you’ll hear a clue that could be THE TIPPING POINT.

Perhaps you’ll have an ah-ha that’s going to ROCK YOU.

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This will be one you’ll want to invite others to, as well… If they’re into “self-improvement & personal development” they will hear something ASTONISHING.

It’s been “hiding” forever. It’s been “missing” in ALL of the best teachings you’ve ever heard before…

Pop in – it’s such a quickie !!

In just 2 days…

Much love, 

Kim Serafini
CEO and Founder of
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