Dear Positive Prime Influencer 🙂

 Would you like to know – in every cell in your body – how to give yourself a 1000% boost to breaking through & getting “it” over the line…

The “it” – is living the life you are meant to… with more free time to do what’s meaningful & significant to you. Plus, reaping the rewards of extremely hard work over the past couple of years…

Super-Short, Fast & Sweet

We have been told to keep our “presentations” or workshops to under 30 mins

I PROMISE to gift you a “great class” that will feel like speed dating…

I’ll share with you – the highlights…

No backstory. No “laying the foundation” with extra knowledge. 

Cutting straight to the point.

The “best bits” as quickly as is humanly possible.


If you already know & appreciate that


& you’re familiar with and experienced in Vision or Dream Boards or Goal Setting AND –


  • you’re stuck
  • it’s just NOT FREAK’N workn’ fast enough
  • you’ve lost hope
  • you need a push
  • you’re exhausted from trying & trying
  • you’re frustrated
  • you’re angry with yourself & or the world…


It’s time.

Join me.

I’ll give you the top 5 biggest failures of a “visioning process” and why these “issues’ are limiting everyone and stopping them from reaching their goals quickly & with ease…

Again, I guarantee – it will be my fastest class.

It’s going to be live. 

Hand on heart, I’m also going to give you an opportunity that will be extended only IF your’e “there” – and it’s valued @ $1,000 real dollars. When you hear it – and it’s soooo affordable, I am confident you’ll “make it happen” (as a way of demonstrating to the Universe and showing up… as a massive-action type of person. Send an energetic message “emphatically demanding” that your wishes, goals, dreams, hopes, intentions & commitments become reality  now. 

Arrive with pen & paper.

Get ready to take action.

You’ll need to be concentrating & listening with your “whole body”…

Being present without distractions will be necessary

Do Not Waste A Minute More (on the wrong things, going in the wrong direction, for the wrongs reasons).

Show up, for yourself.

Put yourself first.

You owe it to yourself.

Perhaps you’ll hear a clue that could be THE TIPPING POINT.

Perhaps you’ll have an ah-ha that’s going to ROCK YOU.

See you on the Zoom video conference.

This will be one you’ll want to invite others to, as well… If they’re into “self-improvement & personal development” they will hear something ASTONISHING.

It’s been “hiding” forever. It’s been “missing” in ALL of the best teachings you’ve ever heard before…

Tuesday 16 April 
8pm New York, USA

& Wednesday 17 April 10am – Queensland, Australia

Pop in – it’s such a quickie !!

In just 2 days…

Much love, 

Kim Serafini
CEO and Founder of
Positive Prime enabled by Mind Power Technology

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