Living Well by Jackie Isles

Living Well by Jackie Isles

Living Well by Jackie Isles

Happiness has a direct influence on your health. Activate your inner smile, and joyfully embrace healthful lifestyle habits!


This breakthrough technology is based on neuroscience.
It’s not meditation, hypnosis, or anything like mindfulness…
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Happiness has a direct influence on your health, and your health has an influence on your happiness. This powerful session by Jackie Isles will activate your inner smile, so that you effortlessly and joyfully embrace healthful lifestyle habits. As you embrace excellent nutrition, stress reduction, exercise and sleep, you will start to feel and look great – and that will make your inner (and outer) smile even bigger! Health is your greatest treasure. Be HealthyHappy NOW!

Jackie Isles

Health Coach

Jackie Isles, a woman who wears many hats; Shes a mum of 2 , a Holistic Nurse Consultant, Lifestyle Consultant, Health Coach, Reiki Master and a Blue Diamond Essential Oil Educator . She is passionate about empowering women of all ages to stand in their confidence, to walk in their highest vision, to be brave, to kick old stories to the curb and to embrace and create their dream life for themselves and their families. “You are never too old nor too late to shine bright “

Your benefits for watching this session:

It Will Change Your Mindset

No matter what kind of day you’re having, you will feel better after you watch this session. It was designed to help you – Calm Down, Relax, & Enjoy your day.

It’s Simple & Easy

This session is a simple, inspiring, and convenient way to transform your mindset and habits. It will become your go-to tool anytime you need to be uplifted, motivated, inspired, and supported in whatever is happening in your life.

It’s Fast – Watch in 15 Minutes or Less

This is a proven short audio-visual presentation that has carefully curated graphics and photos to help inspire your conscious and unconscious mind.

The Technology is Grounded in Neuroscience & Psychology

This session will use your mind’s capability to its fullest and help you transition to a desired positive mental state.

You Will Love Our Video Player

This session is unique because our player gives you the ability to speed it up or slow it down without distorting the audio or video.

You will notice some immediate results

This session will give you a quicker way to change your thoughts, emotions and help you live a happier, healthier life in 15 minutes or less a day.

It’s not just a video or movie

This session is unique because of the quality of the images, phrases, and audio. It improves your conscious and subconscious mind using techniques grounded in cuttinge-edge neuroscience and positive psychology.

Join the World’s Most Successful People

The World’s Most Successful and Influential Authors, Coaches & Leaders Who Train Their Minds Using This Remarkable Breakthrough in Science and Technology

Jack Canfield

Multiple New York Times bestselling author, and founder Chicken Soup for the Soul

Kim Sarafini

Founder and CEO of Positive Prime

Shawn Achor

CEO of Good Think Inc

Brand New Approach

This brand new approach will help millions of people live their lives to the fullest. The scale of the Positive Prime solution is unimaginable.

Dr. Robi LudwigDr. Robi Ludwig
— Psychotherapist & Award Winning Report

Creates change in your life in 3 minutes a day

Kim Serafini has created a wicked smart tool with Positive Prime! She has incorporated all the best that brain science and positive psychology have to offer to create change in your life in three minutes a day. In a word: Awesome!

Dana WildeDana Wilde
— Bestselling Author, Brain Trainer, Speaker & Host

I Was Hooked

From the minute I was introduced to Positive Prime, the solid principles of neuroscience and positive psychology as its foundation were evident. I was hooked. It put the powerful ability of these fields right where it belongs: in the hands of clients.

Dr. Diane SheltonsDr. Diane Sheltons
— Author, Brain Trainer & Host

A Masterful Practice

A masterful practice that shows you how to relieve stress and obtain the mindset for success faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Shawn AchorShawn Achor
— Bestselling Author & Speaker

Recommend Positive Prime

I recommend Positive Prime to all my clients. It takes meditation, positive affirmations, and the use of a vision board to a whole different level of mastery and motivation

Sherry GabaSherry Gaba
— Psychotherapist, Life Coach & Author

Changed My Life

This has changed my life. I have a passion for goal setting. Breakthrough technology has finally got us to this point. I love to pass along this innovative tool & pay it forward, It bypasses the monkey mind that wants to stop us. All you gotta do is just watch it!

David WolfeDavid Wolfe
— Author, Spokesman & Influencer

Opening Me Up To Amazing New Opportunities

Positive Prime gets me off to a great start each day and is a wonderful boost to my mental and physical state. Overall, the sessions have helped me achieve a more positive focus and outlook in life, opening me up to amazing new opportunities.

Michael SepateMichael Sepate
— Director of Peak Horizons Health Coaching & Hypnosis

I Need To Prime My Brain

My training and certification as a Positive Prime Professional has enhanced my effectiveness in supporting people through their change journeys.

Margaret EvanowMargaret Evanow
— Premier Quantum Psychologist

Surrendering & Letting Go by Kim Serafini

Surrendering & Letting Go by Kim Serafini

Surrendering & Letting Go by Kim Serafini

This session by Kim Serafini will help you master th art of surrendering and letting go.


Control is simply an illusion. Life will flow how it will. We want things to go a certain way so badly and we think we have to ‘fight tooth and nail’ in order to have things be the way we want them to be. However, when you try so hard for something and fight against the current, you are pushing away the very thing that you want! This session by Kim Serafini will help you master th art of surrendering and letting go.


Kim Serafini

Kim Serafini is a CEO, health & edu-tech company founder, much-loved executive coach & business advisor, international entrepreneur, inventor of Lithos Therapy, bestselling author, world-class keynote speaker, angel investor, Principal Positive Prime Consultant, and most importantly the creator of Positive Prime. She is also the owner of Serafini Mind Spa – an exclusive retreat on Australia’s Sunshine Coast in the state of Queensland.


Conscious Recovery by Sherry Gaba

Conscious Recovery by Sherry Gaba

Conscious Recovery by Sherry Gaba

There is not just one way to conquer your habits and addictions. This session with Sherry Gaba, gives you another serene and peaceful path for your journey of recovery. 

This session will help you clarify what is underneath your addictions so you can get to the root of your problems. You can change your life story at anytime. Anyone, no matter where they are, has the power to meet seemingly insurmountable odds to transform their life.


If you suffer from any addiction – you are not alone!
Do you feel stuck with self-sabotaging behaviors that are slowing killing everything that’s good in your life?
Do you wake up every morning paralyzed with guilt and shame telling yourself maybe tomorrow it will get better… but it never does?
Do you feel frozen with fear over the truth about your behaviors?

I’ve seen firsthand the terrible grip that addition can place on someone’s life.
It can leave you living in fear, lies, and feeling totally powerless to the addiction… whether it’s food, gambling, debting, sex, the internet or alcohol.

This session will help you clarify what is underneath your addictions so you can get to the root of your problems. You can change your life story at anytime. Anyone, no matter where they are, has the power to meet seemingly insurmountable odds to transform their life.

 Are you ready to heal and take back your life?
I’ll give you the exact steps you need to use to take back your life from not only your addictions but help you find purpose in your life once again.
I am here to help you feel confident and happy again, form positive beliefs and habits, and BUILD a powerful new life that’s full of peace, love and happiness…

Sherry Gaba, LCSW

Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Transformation Coach, Author of The Law of Sobriety: Attracting Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery, Telesummit host, and Expert on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab. With over twenty years of experience as a clinician, and a graduate of USC specializing in addictions, relationships, co-dependency, trauma, parenting, divorce and single parenting, she is currently serving as a private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients. Sherry is the author of the ground-breaking and award-winning book, The Law of Sobriety: Attracting Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery. Sherry writes for Deepak Chopra’s INTENT Blog, on BeliefNet, the number one spirituality site on the web, and for Counselor Magazine online as well her own BLOG.

Finding Hope by Kathy Wilbur

Finding Hope by Kathy Wilbur

Finding Hope by Kathy Wilbur 

Finding your hope Positive Prime Session is about finding hope along your life journey especially when life is filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. This session will empower you to create a life filled with hope, excitement and move you toward seeing hope in each new day for creating the life of your dreams.


Have the ups and downs, twists and turns of life caused you to question or lose hope? This session’s positive affirmations and uplifting statements are inviting you to look into your heart and engage your own unique inner strength to take a leap of faith and live in hope. Hope matters and will help carry you into your amazing future. We all experience life’s challenges but emotional hurt from years of abuse hung on. I went looking for a way to move forward. I believe hope was always there waiting for me. Hopeful thoughts and behaviors propel everyone toward well-being and success. It does not depend on IQ or income level. Hope can be learned and I believe that is the purpose of this session. Hope is like oxygen and we thrive with even the smallest beginning of hope. Make it grow and flourish no matter what your past held for you. Hope almost always involves a leap of faith. Hope comes with a whole rush of plans for moving toward the future. It’s already there in your heart like it was mine.

Kathy Wilbur

Mary Kay Consultant

Kathy Wilbur experienced years of abuse as a child and it carried over into her future marriage. Somehow a ray of hope that she could make a difference for another woman or man encouraged her to write The Color of Hope and how Mary Kay changed her life.(to be published in 2020) . She has had a successful leadership career in Mary Kay Cosmetics where she earned 13 cars and 7 diamond rings but most importantly found hope, encouragement and a space to thrive. She found the mission to tell her story to help others create a life of possibilities and hope because hope can be shared. Imagine how many lives could be changed.

Transcending Trauma by Dr. Diane Shelton

Transcending Trauma by Dr. Diane Shelton

Transcending Trauma by
Dr. Diane Shelton


The journey of healing after a traumatic experience can be long, take twists and turns, and can leave you feeling alone in the process. This session has been created with the very words and sentiments of others who have been on the same journey and is a gift to ‘pay it forward’ for yours.


When something traumatic happens in life, it can feel like everything needs to be redefined, like nothing is familiar and you have no control in life.  While you might not have had any control over the event, you CAN control how you respond and that is a key factor in the journey to transcend the experience.  Hope is essential in the process, which can also be hard to grasp in this situation.  The journey can be long, take unexpected turns and feel like you’re all alone, too.  But you aren’t.  You have this session, which is built on the words and experiences of others who have transcended trauma, who bring you a ‘virtual’ personal partner in each viewing to cheer you on and support you every step of the way.  Healing your mind is a contribution to a healthier world, and that world has just paid it forward to help you.

Diane Shelton

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Diane Shelton, is a clinical psychologist licensed in several states in the US. Her 20 years of experience has spanned an array of settings: community mental health centers, prisons and jails, colleges and universities, inpatient treatment centers, group and individual private practices. This continuum of settings, where humans are at their best and their worst, has been very informative and influential in Diane’s life and she is grateful for every opportunity. In addition to Diane’s clinical work, she has also been an educator, trainer and consultant to groups and organizations, and she has had the privilege to mentor future generations of healers. Diane’s philosophy is basic. If each of us takes responsibility to work on handling whatever ‘stuff’ we might have (impatience, defensiveness, anxiety, poor communication skills, whatever it might be), not only will that improve that individual, but the people around him or her, and we all benefit from that. Diane believes that Positive Prime is an avenue by which we can accomplish this; it is a powerful tool and she is excited to see the impact it will have.

Healing Hurt by Dr. Aimée V. Sanchez, Ph.D.

Healing Hurt by Dr. Aimée V. Sanchez, Ph.D.

Healing Hurt by Dr. Aimée V. Sanchez, Ph.D.

The neurophyisiological approach to addressing your pain from the past so that you can be healed and released to experience real abundance and fulfillment in your future. This Positive Prime session created by Dr. Aimee V. Sanchez, Ph.D., gives you a new approach to healing hurt.


Have you been hurt? Do you still remember the pain from your past?

Many of us have suffered abuse, physical or emotional abuse. Many of these abuses have left lasting emotional effects. Without attention to our need to heal, many of us may continue to experience feelings of fear, shame, guilt, blame, self judgement; or, overwhelming desires to be perfect.

Eventually these emotional areas leave us feeling stuck and lacking in our ability to fully realize or attain financial, professional, and personal abundance.

Healing is the single most powerful way to enhance the quality of your life and relationships. This Positive Prime session created by Dr. Aimée V. Sanchez, Ph.D., will open your heart and your mind to unleashing the true power of abundance by understanding the importance of processing through past and current hurts. Also, it will elevate your view of yourself, increase courage and love for yourself, and, teach you how to care for your own healing needs. As a result of this session, you will learn that healing is a natural and universal response to every human’s desire for love, acceptance and worthiness. Also, you will become more compassionate and understanding, and in so doing, enhance every interaction with others.

Watch this, process the pain, and, feel lighter as a result of watching the Positive Prime session.

Dr. Aimee Sanchez

Psychologist, Neuropsychologis

Dr. Aimée V. Sanchez, Ph.D., is a Neuropsychologist, OD Expert, Author, and Executive Coach. She has dedicated more than 20 years of her career to studying, understanding, and creating solutions to assist high achievers with attaining fast, life transforming results that help them to reach their maximum potential. Her business is geared towards serving women high achievers (and interested men) in business and in life by utilizing key strategies (rooted in neuroscience principles) to achieve mastery in mindset, rewire their brains, improve communication, enrich relationships, and, eventually create a legacy of sustainable wealth, happiness, and life fulfillment. She is an award winning best selling author, her best selling books include Disrupt the Status Quo: Living and Leading from Your Success Zone; and, Success Starts Today, authored with Chicken Soup for the Soul creator Jack Canfield which also earned her an Editor’s Choice Award for her contribution. Her work has been featured on FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, USA Today, A/E & Bravo, and Wallstreet Journal.