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Happiness has a direct influence on your health. Activate your inner smile, and joyfully embrace healthful lifestyle habits!


This breakthrough technology is based on neuroscience.
It’s not meditation, hypnosis, or anything like mindfulness…
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Happiness has a direct influence on your health, and your health has an influence on your happiness. This powerful session by Jackie Isles will activate your inner smile, so that you effortlessly and joyfully embrace healthful lifestyle habits. As you embrace excellent nutrition, stress reduction, exercise and sleep, you will start to feel and look great – and that will make your inner (and outer) smile even bigger! Health is your greatest treasure. Be HealthyHappy NOW!

Jackie Isles

Health Coach

Jackie Isles, a woman who wears many hats; Shes a mum of 2 , a Holistic Nurse Consultant, Lifestyle Consultant, Health Coach, Reiki Master and a Blue Diamond Essential Oil Educator . She is passionate about empowering women of all ages to stand in their confidence, to walk in their highest vision, to be brave, to kick old stories to the curb and to embrace and create their dream life for themselves and their families. “You are never too old nor too late to shine bright “

Your benefits for watching this session:

It Will Change Your Mindset

No matter what kind of day you’re having, you will feel better after you watch this session. It was designed to help you – Calm Down, Relax, & Enjoy your day.

It’s Simple & Easy

This session is a simple, inspiring, and convenient way to transform your mindset and habits. It will become your go-to tool anytime you need to be uplifted, motivated, inspired, and supported in whatever is happening in your life.

It’s Fast – Watch in 15 Minutes or Less

This is a proven short audio-visual presentation that has carefully curated graphics and photos to help inspire your conscious and unconscious mind.

The Technology is Grounded in Neuroscience & Psychology

This session will use your mind’s capability to its fullest and help you transition to a desired positive mental state.

You Will Love Our Video Player

This session is unique because our player gives you the ability to speed it up or slow it down without distorting the audio or video.

You will notice some immediate results

This session will give you a quicker way to change your thoughts, emotions and help you live a happier, healthier life in 15 minutes or less a day.

It’s not just a video or movie

This session is unique because of the quality of the images, phrases, and audio. It improves your conscious and subconscious mind using techniques grounded in cuttinge-edge neuroscience and positive psychology.

Join the World’s Most Successful People

The World’s Most Successful and Influential Authors, Coaches & Leaders Who Train Their Minds Using This Remarkable Breakthrough in Science and Technology

Jack Canfield

Multiple New York Times bestselling author, and founder Chicken Soup for the Soul

Kim Sarafini

Founder and CEO of Positive Prime

Shawn Achor

CEO of Good Think Inc

Brand New Approach

This brand new approach will help millions of people live their lives to the fullest. The scale of the Positive Prime solution is unimaginable.

Dr. Robi LudwigDr. Robi Ludwig
— Psychotherapist & Award Winning Report

Creates change in your life in 3 minutes a day

Kim Serafini has created a wicked smart tool with Positive Prime! She has incorporated all the best that brain science and positive psychology have to offer to create change in your life in three minutes a day. In a word: Awesome!

Dana WildeDana Wilde
— Bestselling Author, Brain Trainer, Speaker & Host

I Was Hooked

From the minute I was introduced to Positive Prime, the solid principles of neuroscience and positive psychology as its foundation were evident. I was hooked. It put the powerful ability of these fields right where it belongs: in the hands of clients.

Dr. Diane SheltonsDr. Diane Sheltons
— Author, Brain Trainer & Host

A Masterful Practice

A masterful practice that shows you how to relieve stress and obtain the mindset for success faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Shawn AchorShawn Achor
— Bestselling Author & Speaker

Recommend Positive Prime

I recommend Positive Prime to all my clients. It takes meditation, positive affirmations, and the use of a vision board to a whole different level of mastery and motivation

Sherry GabaSherry Gaba
— Psychotherapist, Life Coach & Author

Changed My Life

This has changed my life. I have a passion for goal setting. Breakthrough technology has finally got us to this point. I love to pass along this innovative tool & pay it forward, It bypasses the monkey mind that wants to stop us. All you gotta do is just watch it!

David WolfeDavid Wolfe
— Author, Spokesman & Influencer

Opening Me Up To Amazing New Opportunities

Positive Prime gets me off to a great start each day and is a wonderful boost to my mental and physical state. Overall, the sessions have helped me achieve a more positive focus and outlook in life, opening me up to amazing new opportunities.

Michael SepateMichael Sepate
— Director of Peak Horizons Health Coaching & Hypnosis

I Need To Prime My Brain

My training and certification as a Positive Prime Professional has enhanced my effectiveness in supporting people through their change journeys.

Margaret EvanowMargaret Evanow
— Premier Quantum Psychologist

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