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It’s much more affordable than most people believe to have me on your side once a week or once a month!

Watch this – and if you’re keen and have some stubborn issues you’d like to overcome get in touch! If you’ve got some audacious goals – I’m PERFECTLY positioned to help!


My “client list” includes speakers, authors, coaches, small business owners, famous actors, CEOs, Mothers in overwhelm – and they are American, Canadian, English, Irish, Scottish, Australian, New Zealanders, Singaporeans, French, Swedish & Emirate… and the list goes on & on. They live ALL over the world… We connect via phone – it’s simple & easy.


You deserve it.

You’re worthy of it.

You’d love it.

Imagine YOU being at YOUR best !!

Given I’m also a qualified “Sports Therapist” – I will also include some “health & well being” hacks / tips / hints / suggestions & advice…

Given that I reached the VERY TOP of the ladder in some of the world’s LARGEST international corporate companies – I can also help you to strategically & politically navigate your career…

Given that I’ve just been officially selected as a Speaker for a special TED Talk event in Monte-Carlo – I can also help you to aspire to perform in places like the Opera House…

It’s always a journey.

I’m loving, yet tough and will shake you up if that’s in your interests. Even though I’m provocative to stretch you out of a lull or comfort zone, I am respectful, gentle, fair & reasonable.

AND, if you’re up for it – I also incorporate energy healing. Trust me, my spirituality is certainly KEY to what I’ve achieved & will be achieving… but the HIGHLIGHTS of my 20s & 30s were accomplished with NO connection or recognition of anything spiritual – in fact I was ANTE… I relate to everyone no matter where they are on the spectrum!

I believe we all OWE it to ourselves to seek guidance, support, assistance, encouragement & advice. We have to be willing to ASK for HELP. It’s an investment that could have a ripple effect that gives you sooooo much in return.

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Make it happen. Connect with Me. Organise your Appointment.

I will sincerely look forward to spending time with you!


Kim Serafini
CEO and Founder of
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