Find And Live Your Soul’s Calling by Shivany Gonell

You are committed to living a deeply fulfilling life and part of enjoying that is knowing why you were put on this earth! Move forward to the life you were destined to live. It’s possible! And you deserve it. Here’s to the joy of being YOU!



Are you yearning to make a difference in the world? Do you know deep down that you can be so much bigger in the expression that is uniquely YOU?
Are you ready to stop feeling STUCK and confused about what to do with your life and how to monetize your Divine Gifts?
Are you ready to be in love with your work, in love with your partner and grateful every day for the abundance that pours into your life?
Living your Soul’s calling starts with remembering the truth of who you are. Connect to your Divine nature and create the life you love.

Shivany Gonell

Shivany Gonell is s a highly sought-after LifeMastery coach, energy healer, inspirational speaker, co-author of “The Book of Inspiration for Women by Women” and has been featured on Self Discovery Radio and New Human Living. As a Transformational expert that bridges humanity and Divinity, Shivany is devoted to being an “example” of boundless creative capacity for inspiration, empowerment and beauty. . Shivany’s mastery in helping women find and live their Soul’s calling has guided her to apply the Akashic records as a grounded tool in order to get information on who you are at Soul level. What makes her unique and effective is that she combines her clarity with deep intuition and compassion. Her consummate skill in identifying core blocks and dysfunctional patterns results from having freed herself of limiting beliefs. Today, Shivany blends different modalities into effective strategies to unlock our human potential. When she is not on Skype assisting her international clients to fulfill their dreams, she can be seen frolicking on the beach with her dog Bodhi in Far North Queensland, Australia.


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