Happy Results In Fitness and Goal Achievement by DTaRelle Tullis 

Happily achieving your goals lessens the work and grind of reaching your goals. Happiness and succeeding at your goals and dreams can go hand in hand. Having a plan designed by and for you based on how you work best and what brings you joy increases your chances that you will stick with your goals and eventually achieve them. Struggle and grind are replaced by ease and joy. You will have fun and be supported by technology that’s fun, fast and easy, only 3 minutes a day to feel the effects.


Achieving goals is a transferrable skill and also sets you up for achieving goals in other areas of your life. Once you reach a goal in one area you have a model and success formula for achieving a goal in another area. We start with the goal of fitness first because you can see and feel tangible results pretty quickly. When you feel good , feel strong and feel better you will have developed the energy and stamina to put into other goals. We are often told that in order to achieve our goals and dreams that it has to be hard and takes work. We have to sacrifice and grind and it can take a long time to achieve our goals. But what if that wasn’t the case? What if we had it all wrong because we were trying to follow someone else’s model for success and happiness instead of our own? What if part of the reason we weren’t successful in achieving our goals were simple things that could easily be adjusted so that we would be more likely to accomplish our goals and dreams. You are wired for success. Success and accomplishment are as easy as singing the words to your favorite song. No one has to motivate you or inspire you to sing your favorite song. It is an enjoyable and easy process that makes you feel good and brings you joy. Achieving your goals should be the same, you should enjoy the process, experiencing success and happiness along the way.

DTaRelle Tullis

Keynote speaker, consultant

D’TaRell F. Tullis, B.S. is a national and international keynote speaker, consultant, trainer, coach and author. She speaks weekly as a Co-host on the Billionaire Mastermind Forum Broadcast sharing transformative and inspirational information. She is an approved content specialist for the state of New Jersey in Early Childhood Education, facilitated trainings for the City University of New York, Research Foundation, the Urban League of Hudson County, the British Virgin Islands and various educational and faith-based organizations. She is the author of Healthy Kids Weight Loss, the Pitter Patter Feet blog, Happy Results Coaching Program, Happy Mommy Happy Child Parent Coaching Program and Christian Women’s Fitness. D’TaRelle is a specialist in how physical movement affects and enhances the body, brain and emotions. How it builds and integrates the brain to process information and makes learning faster and easier and contributes to greater health, happiness, productivity and ease. Her expertise has been sought after by professionals, the Geriatric population, parents, Early Childhood Education, Dance and Christian and Faith Based communities. She also shows mothers how they can have Magical Miracle Mornings instead of crazy chaotic ones for themselves and their families.


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