Dear PositivePrimers,

Wow, that was an amazing training- we had so many folks participating!

 If you were on the training, again, here’s your gift. This is a PDF copy of one of my core Positive Prime sessions. You can take it anywhere with you and enjoy reading the affirmations.

On this webinar, we introduced to you how you can “Retrain Your Brain” with Positive Prime in just 3 minutes a day. It’s a fun, neuroscience-based tech tool that also incorporates Positive Psychology & Change Management… It’s a HOT trend in “professional learning & development & also self- improvement”.

On this training I showed you how you can…

  • Simply accelerate your vision and goals in just 3 minutes a day
  • Attain a level of happiness and inner peace you might not have thought was possible
  • Dramatically shift your negative thinking and feelings in minutes, not days or weeks

 On this training we also made a couple of VERY SPECIAL OFFERS.

    Special Offer 1: Celebrating And Loving It All Package (Signature Membership & VIP Memberships mixed and merged + Online Retreat + Account Upgrade for 4 other family members or friends ) – $159 per year

    What’s included:

    • Online Retreat Program
      A real retreat via Zoom. We will discuss:
      -Week 1:Feelings & Thoughts
      -Week 2:Hydration & Sleep
      -Week 3:Nutrition and Exercise
      -Week 4:Allied, Complimentary & Alternative Philosophies,
      Approaches & Activities
      -Week 5:RAKs, Vision Boards & Gratitude Journals
    • Signature Membership
      You will receive the following benefits
      -Positive Prime Signature Subscription account
      -Editing/personalizing function (so that you can upload photos & select them into your Sessions)
      -240 Positive Prime Credits per month valued @ 2 x $19.95
      -Access to Monthly Online Masterclasses
      -Exclusive Theme mix Session which are usually 1,550 credits
      -Coaching session with Kim
      -Support documents
      -Daily micro lessons via email
    • Account Upgrade for 4 family members or friends
      We will manually execute the “upgrade” so that the family members SEE the “Edit / Personalise” button on their Player Dashboard. The family members will NOT be billed.

    Additional Bonuses If you Sign up before Sunday, January 26th @ 5pm EST

    • Live-Real-Person Concierge Service
      Positive Prime team member will help you customize your session based on your goals, objectives, desires and guide you through the personalized editing function to maximize your results.
    • 1:1 Coaching/Consulting Call with Founder/Ceo Kim Serafini
      Connect up close and personal. Experience the energy and power of a coaching/consulting call with Kim.
    • Access to the Positive Prime Private Facebook Group
      where you’ll receive inspiration, support and encouragement from other success minded people just like you.
    • Exclusive Invitation – VIP Circle
      3 intimate group calls to connect and learn the latest research in neuroscience, useful and practical tools to create meaningful change in key areas of your life.

    Special Offer 2: Positive Prime Leaders (Certification program + Your Own Positive Session + Own PP Player) – $699

    What’s included:

    • Your Own Positive Prime Session
      Your own personally customized Positive Prime Session (which is like an engaging & very sophisticated slide show). Positive Prime Session (from a scientific point of view) empower your messages and they become more impactful, and certainly more effective.
    • Positive Prime Player
      We will make an API (or Application Programming Interface) so that you can play your session outside of the Positive Prime membership environment. In your personal player, you can control the speed and music. This is great for people who would like the traffic to remain on their website.
    • Certification Included
      Positive Psychology, Neuroscience & Changing the Mind & Brain is one of the most interesting, and fastest GROWING areas of of the human potential & professional development movements at the moment. Having our world-class & loved Positive Prime Certification will be fantastic. Even more rewarding is having the knowledge for yourself to apply in your own life! It certainly adds value for coaches’ & therapists’ clients and teachers’ students.


    If you couldn’t get on the training– or couldn’t watch it— you have to check out what I’m going to give you— AND, there are time sensitive bonuses, so stay tuned until the end because you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

    Much Love,

    Kim Serafini
    CEO and Founder of
    Positive Prime

     P.S. The offer in this training will expire on Sunday, January 26th @ 5pm EST! So please watch this as soon as you can. You don’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity to manifest the life of your dreams in only 3 minutes a day. Click here to Watch the Replay

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