Dear PositivePrimers who want to FLOURISH,

When 2020 must be THE best ever imagined – and you’re open to possibilties unfolding miraculously – please make the time to watch this…

We are VERY sorry – we had soooooooo many people tell us there was a technical glitch & folks couldn’t register…

We did post a link just before starting time in all of our Facebook groups & unfortunately MANY MANY missed…

But, we did record.

A few of the participants wrote:

Here’s the link to the replay, enjoy! 🙂

AND here’s the direct access to the special offer… it’s THE BEST VALUE promo EVER OFFERED!

Much Love,

Kim Serafini
CEO and Founder of
Positive Prime enabled by Mind Power Technology

P.S: During the class there was a momentary “glitch” – and this is the “evidence” that it fixed itself as soon as I was off Zoom… You’ll know what this image MEANS when you see me referring to the functionality…  

P.P.S: Again, reiterating – I’m sure you’ll want to forward this to others because of the LINK to the YouTube recording… It’s incredible… REALLY GOOD.