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Please ask us questions during our presentation about our Certification program & how we inspire our Professionals with the latest & greatest to learn from the fields of Positive Psychology & Neuroscience. 

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For any questions/clarifications you can contact me directly on kim@positiveprime.com or organise a meeting via Mayumi on support@positiveprime.com… we will NOT offer “Live Certification Classes” included with a DISCOUNTED “Commercial / Professional Session” ever again!

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CRITICAL FOUNDATION — I am also of the firm opinion that it’s best to ensure everyone does a little more “research” so that they understand, for themselves, why it’s useful to Positively Prime oneself each & every day…

Start here: https://www.positiveprime.com/happiness/  

We have an entire “science” section on our website providing resources that are a facilitating deep dive into the “best of the best” — for top level positive psych & neuroscience…. https://www.positiveprime.com/the-science/ 

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